2023 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries
Yearlings Sired by Swan For All

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since July 31, 2023.

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Hip Name Sex Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
22     Bluebird Missy Filly Sassy Lynnly Bluebird Meadows    
23     Rhyme Thyme Filly Saucy Wilt Standardbred    
38     Bluebird Marsha Filly She's All Magic Bluebird Meadows    
48     Skyway Gigi Filly Skyway Jaylo Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
49     McLady Of Hearts Filly Myrna Myrna Luckiana Farm    
51     Jimmy Jackpot Colt Flashfire Wilt Standardbred    
54     Dr Jase T Colt Southwind Storm In Law Stables    
57     Brookview Fire Gelding Squeals Of Delight Brookview Farms    
62     Brookview Felix Gelding Stonebridge Peace Brookview Farms    
69     Swan Future Colt Canoli Oakwood Farms    
77     Swanwayoranother Colt Talkin Tootsie Black Creek Farm    
85     Trouble Shooter Colt The Magic Of Paris Integrity Stables    
95     Mellanie Swan Filly Tupelo Honey Eden Standardbreds    
96     Gold Paige Filly Turn The Paige Lyndar Stables, Agent for Purple Martin Acres    
98     BJ Jolene Filly Tymal Hurricane Woodside Farm, Agent    
104     Unknown Author Colt Rose Run Rae In Law Stables    
112     High Speed Swan Colt Aunt Susie Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
123     Swan For the Win OUT Filly Winning Double Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent, Raised at Price Valley Farm Munfordville, KY
124     Swan Jefe Colt Your Majestic In Law Stables    
130     Starlitfranknstein Colt A Southern Lily RND Standardbreds, Agent for Starlit Stables    
132     Swan Bon Jovi Colt Adagio Ruddick Stables, Agent    
134     Ponda Bear Colt Magic Lindy Pond A Acres    
143     Foal Throttle Filly Ameliosi Legacy Lane Farm    
145     Ferrante Colt Anaffairtoremember Black Creek Farm    
149     Ultimate Fantasy Filly Midnight Fantasy Wilt Standardbred    
154     Ponda Jewel Filly Aperfectcrystal Pond A Acres    
155     VR Swanman Colt Miss Mayflower Oakwood Farms, Agent    
162     Swanda Adventure Filly Flower Power Ruddick Stables, Agent    
170     Faith N All Filly Belive N Faith In Law Stables    
186     Alrighty Then Filly Flowers N Dreams Wilt Standardbred    
189     Swan Alec Colt Grammy Winner Oakwood Farms    
196     Bellsforall Colt Cathedral Belle Legacy Lane Farm    
204     Ponda Swan Colt Chelsea's Chance Pond A Acres    
206     Rita's Revenge Colt Churita Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
232     Prevailing Swan Colt Devine Hanover Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
235     Swan Imagination Colt Divine Image Oakwood Farms    
245     Wonforthemoney Gelding Earls Miss Muffit In Law Stables, Agent    
261     Swan King Colt Sophia Lia Integrity Stables, Agent for Clearview Stables    
272     Swan For Foxy Colt Foxy Zette Oakwood Farms    
283     Haven Lane Duke Colt Golden Muscle Meadowbrook Farm, Agent    
288     Gladiator Colt Graceful Amy Integrity Stables    
289     Swan Jewel Filly Karen Hanover Oakwood Farms    
299     Updawg Filly Uptown Classic In Law Stables    
308     Thiswansaysitall Filly Igotsomethingtosay Integrity Stables    
315     Meadowbrook Dio Filly J As Ayd Meadowbrook Farm    
320     Premier Echo Point Filly Jayport Echo Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Premier Acres    
330     Swan Kade Colt Free Wheeling Oakwood Farms    
335     Martz Seven Filly La Mirada Rollin Acres & Martz Creek Farm    
337     Unlimited Salary Filly Sparkle Plenty Double R Farm    
349     Lovers Lane Filly Lovely Jan Double R Farm    
353     Well Dressed Swan Filly Magic Feeling Oakwood Farms    
360     Ponda Bugatti Colt Much Fanfare Pond A Acres    
370     Swan Temple OUT Filly Temple Of Heaven Oakwood Farms
372     A Sher Bet Filly Miss Rosary Legacy Lane Farm    
387     Swan Sweet Lady Filly My Lady Lindy Pond A Acres, Agent    
404     Glacier Springs Filly Passionate Miss Rollin Acres, Agent for White Pine Farms    
408     Classical Jane Filly Class Angel Mast Standardbreds