2022 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries
Yearlings Consigned by Bluebird Meadows

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since July 31, 2023.

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Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Pedigree Video
13     Premier Allaboutme* Filly Pastor Stephen Loyalty Hanover    
22     Bluebird Missy Filly Swan For All Sassy Lynnly    
26     Bluebird Emma Filly JK Endofanera Sealark Hanover    
35     Bluebird Shiela Filly Helpisontheway My Sweet Shiela    
38     Bluebird Marsha Filly Swan For All She's All Magic    
43     Bluebird Justintime Filly Don't Let'em She's So Fancy    
50     Volander Tilly* Filly Pastor Stephen Soho DK    
61     Bluebird Kendel Colt Pastor Stephen Stellar Kemp    
73     Premier Fine Wine* Filly Capt Midnight If I Didn't Dream    
90     Flight To Broadway* Colt Pilot Discretion Ticket To Broadway    
109     Bluebird Earlybird Filly JK Endofanera Virgin Girl    
136     Bluebird Malone Colt Rockin Image All About The Pace    
139     She Is Gracefull* Filly Capt Midnight Always By Grace    
148     Bluebird History Colt JK Endofanera Angels Touch    
156     Bluebird Matrix Colt Capt Midnight Artiawitchtoyou    
165     Don'tbatheme* Filly Don't Let'em Bathnbody    
171     Premier Mayflower* Filly Capt Midnight Bella Girl Hanover    
180     Bluebird PDQ Filly Capt Midnight Bluebird Love    
206     Rita's Revenge* Colt Swan For All Churita    
240     Premier X Caliber* Colt Pilot Discretion Doveroto    
241     JN Rockin Damsel* Filly Rockin Image Dragon Damsel    
246     Don't Tell Doc* Filly Don't Let'em East To Cincy    
274     Don't Scare Easy* Filly Don't Let'em Frenzie De Vie    
286     Captainofthehour* Colt Capt Midnight Gordjus    
307     Premier Margarita* Filly Capt Midnight Purity    
313     San Antonio Sunset* Filly Always A Virgin Iva Miracle    
320     Premier Echo Point* Filly Swan For All Jayport Echo    
339     Bluebird Ladychuck Colt Pilot Discretion Laurie's Lucky Lady    
344     Bluebird Pastor Colt Pastor Stephen Litle Revenue    
346     Pastor Mason* Colt Pastor Stephen Lola DeVie    
348     Bluebird Dynasty Colt JK Endofanera Love You Always    
350     Premier Risingstar* OUT Colt Capt Midnight Royal Terror
365     JN Capt Ofthenight* Colt Capt Midnight Mctravisty    
386     Bluebird Lola Filly Pilot Discretion My Command To You    
388     Bluebird Shadie Filly Capt Midnight Sha Delight    
* Indicates Agent yearling