2021 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries - Hips 1-416
Friday, October 22: Selling Hips 1-215
Saturday, October 23: Selling Hips 216-416
Each session begins at 10 a.m.

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since August 4, 2021.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Youdocabo Filly You Know You Do Cabo Meadowbrook Farm, Agent    
2     Calliesfirstflight Filly Tellitlikeitis Calabresa Hanover Integrity Stables    
3     Dreaminthosedreams Colt Always A Virgin Campanile Shady Lane Meadows    
4     Smokarilla Filly Tellitlikeitis Cam's Dreamer Brookview Farms, Agent for Joe Helmuth    
5     Jesmach Crownroyal Gelding Always A Virgin Can'ttakeitwithyou Straight A Stable, Agent for Harvey Fry    
6     Wanna Be Filly Luck Be With You Sals Rockin Misty Lyndar Stables    
7     Hot Lava Colt Always A Virgin Carobbean Pacetry Black Creek Farm    
8     Strong In The Face Filly Rockin Image No Respect In Law Stables    
9     Cruisin Juke Colt Tellitlikeitis Cat Race Integrity Stables    
10     Sister Sally Filly Rockin Image Caviart Cara Yoder Standardbreds    
11     Yangzi Colt Class Included Celebrity Faith Jeff Jones, Agent    
12     Brookview Dancer Filly Dover Dan Celebrity Kandy Brookview Farms    
13     Limited Brilliance Filly JK Endofanera Tia Maria Hanover Lyndar Stables    
14     Classic Tell Colt Tellitlikeitis Dinah Classic Victory Hill Farm    
15     Sure Do Filly You Know You Do Challax Hanover John Bontrager    
16     Bluebird Pharaoh Colt Helpisontheway Changed It All Bluebird Meadows    
17     Modern Q Filly Always A Virgin Maeve Q In Law Stables    
18     Fleeting Flivver Filly Check Six Cheap N Easy In Law Stables    
19     Fuel Injector Filly Always A Virgin Straight Fuel In Law Stables    
20     Dani Bella Filly Dover Dan Ciao Bela Homestead Acres, Agent    
21     David Allan Whoa Colt Tellitlikeitis Cinnamon Girl Wilt Standardbreds    
22     Corona Baby Filly Always A Virgin Circus Of Power Integrity Stables    
23     Classicknowitall Filly You Know You Do Classic Filly Aron Bontrager    
24     Possessed You Colt You Know You Do Classical Betty Homestead Acres, Agent    
25     Rose's Virgin OUT Colt Always A Virgin Classy Lane Rose Yoder Standardbreds, Agent for Hidden Acres Stable  
26     Swanpandemic Colt Swan In A Million Tiffy Chapel Ridge Farm    
27     M M's Tony Colt Tellitlikeitis Climate Hanover Integrity Stables, Agent for Mervin J. Miller    
28     Jalen Is Cool Colt Tellitlikeitis Cool Kid Hanover Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for John Lengacher Jr    
29     Watch This Tell Colt Tellitlikeitis Watch N Be Watched Victory Hill Farm    
30     Secure Deposit Filly Swan For All CR Dixie Chick Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent    
31     Spunky Jill Filly Dover Dan Cuddle Punk Aron Bontrager    
32     Head Of The Class Colt Dover Dan Cum Laude Hall Black Creek Farm    
33     Liberal Lies Colt JK Endofanera Dame Truth Victory Hill Farm, Agent    
34     Dynamic Muscle Colt Muscle Massive Dancing Dynamite Double R Farm    
35     Major Dance Moves OUT Colt Major Athens Dancininthepines Hoosier Standardbred Farm  
36     Ponda Canaveral Colt Helpisontheway Dandelion Dust Pond A Acres    
37     Justluckingforyou Filly Luck Be With You Dandy's Jewel Lloyd Wittmer    
38     Bluebird Graf Filly Always A Virgin Day Lily Hanover Bluebird Meadows    
39     M C Rockin Linc Colt Rockin Image De Vins Girl Yoder Standardbreds    
40     McQueen Bea OUT Filly Tellitlikeitis Della Bea Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent  
41     DJ's Sazerac Colt Rockin Image Delta Dawn Hanover Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Ernest Graber    
42     Dash Of Luck Colt Helpisontheway Demons N Diamonds Luckiana Farm    
43     DC Nuttella Filly Dover Dan J M Annie Oakwood Farms, Agent    
44     Woodside Geico Gelding Swan For All Diamond Peak Woodside Farm    
45     Whiskey Bender Colt You Know You Do Whisk Hanover Wilt Standardbreds    
46     Meadowbrook Krista Filly Tellitlikeitis Diamond Tiara Meadowbrook Farm    
47     Tell Me I'm Fast Colt Tellitlikeitis Alwaysinthfastlane Victory Hill Farm    
48     Royal JK Colt JK Endofanera Diorama K.E.M. Standardbreds    
49     Way Overdue Colt JK Endofanera Do It To It Pond A Acres, Agent for Abraham Miller    
50     Firstofanera Filly JK Endofanera Do Me First Victory Hill Farm, Agent    
51     Bourbon Blaze Colt Helpisontheway Bourbon Belle Black Creek Farm, Agent for Little E LLC    
52     Always Good Colt Always A Virgin Do Me Good Victory Hill Farm, Agent    
53     Deebo Addai Filly Always A Virgin Doc's Diva Luckiana Farm    
54     Don't Cry Deena Filly Dover Dan Don't Cry Debbie RND Standardbreds    
55     Rusneversleeps Colt Luck Be With You Doo Wee Rusty Black Creek Farm    
56     JN First Time Colt Always A Virgin Dragon Damsel Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Nate Miller & Justin Yoder    
57     ABC Colt Check Six Dragon Moon Sunrise Farm & Frontier Farms    
58     Ponda Dream Filly Helpisontheway Dream Act Pond A Acres    
59     Cinderlane Shark Colt Shadyshark Hanover Dreamlikeme Ivy Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Tom Gerdeman & Terry Burdue    
60     Nurse Rhonda Filly Helpisontheway Earl's Miss Muffit In Law Stables, Agent    
61     Weight Sled Colt Muscle Massive Slider Hanover Donald R Longfellow    
62     Rockin The Bay Colt Rockin Image EE Bay Chapel Ridge Farm    
63     Tell's On A Roll Filly Tellitlikeitis Have Rock Will Roll Victory Hill Farm    
64     Some More Grace Colt Luck Be With You Sunflower Luckiana Farm    
65     Epic Touch Filly You Know You Do Epic Smash Misty Ridge Stables LLC    
66     Morehelpforjosh Gelding Helpisontheway Everything N More Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Dan Lengacher    
67     Image Of A Beach Filly Rockin Image Exotic Beach Yoder Standardbreds    
68     Check Fair Voltage Filly Check Six Fair Voltage Paul R. Lengacher    
69     Beauty N Grace Filly Tellitlikeitis Safta Perry Victory Hill Farm    
70     Ponda Forever Filly Luck Be With You Fancy Miss Pond A Acres    
71     Brookview Dice Colt Tellitlikeitis Fashion Virtue Brookview Farms    
72     Swan American Colt Swan In A Million Ms American Muscle Oakwood Farms    
73     Fast N Class Filly Muscle Massive First Avenue Integrity Stables    
74     Flashy Swan Filly Swan For All Flashfire Wilt Standardbreds    
75     Always Floating Colt Always A Virgin Float On By Straight A Stable, Agent for Larry Miller Jr.    
76     Swan Sweet Ride Filly Swan In A Million Flora Rollin Acres    
77     Check Me Colt Check Six Well Excuuuse Me Luckiana Farm    
78     Acheckfortheladys Colt Check Six For The Ladies N Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
79     Foxy It Is Filly Tellitlikeitis Fox Valley Backoff In Law Stables    
80     Brookview Dream Colt Crescent Fashion Fox Valley Click Brookview Farms    
81     Undone Colt JK Endofanera Fox Valley Monika Legacy Lane Farm    
82     Lighting Streak Colt Always A Virgin Fox Valley Sloan In Law Stables    
83     Swan Kenzie Filly Swan For All Free Wheeling Oakwood Farms    
84     Galley's Delight Filly Tellitlikeitis Galley Wench Black Creek Farm, Agent for Dave Mast    
85     Seek Peace Filly Luck Be With You Summer N Sand Luckiana Farm    
86     Topville Grandvirg Colt Always A Virgin Glass In The Sand Topville Acres    
87     Massive Effort Colt Muscle Massive Glide n Seek Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Equine Acres    
88     Royal Tell Filly Tellitlikeitis GT Miss Royal Victory Hill Farm    
89     Swan Appeal Filly Swan For All Global Appeal Homestead Acres    
90     Just Rosa's Luck Filly Luck Be With You Goddess's Rosa Misty Ridge Stables LLC    
91     Incomparablevirgin Colt Always A Virgin Goin Broke Maple Lane Farm, Agent for Nathan Eicher    
92     Bluebird Armoni Filly Helpisontheway Goosebump Hanover Bluebird Meadows    
93     Checkerswithgrandpa Colt Check Six Gordjus Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
94     Gen R Rater Gelding Muscle Massive GS Grasshopper Integrity Stables    
95     Powerful Tell Colt Tellitlikeitis Cosmic Grace Victory Hill Farm    
96     JK Black Gold Colt JK Endofanera Shesa Bragn Dragon Sunrise Farm & Frontier Farms    
97     Skyway Goliath Colt JK Endofanera Gymnast Hanover Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
98     Raw Honey Filly JK Endofanera Happy Becky Double R Farm    
99     Happy Swan Filly Swan For All Happy Place Wilt Standardbreds    
100     Hard To Tell Filly Tellitlikeitis Hard To Desire Maple Lane Farm, Agent for Nathan Eicher    
101     Mister Matt Colt Tellitlikeitis Olivia Marie Jeff Jones    
102     Always Has Avirgin Colt Always A Virgin Has An Attitude Paul R. Lengacher    
103     Know Stopping Now Colt You Know You Do Aunt Susie Victory Hill Farm    
104     Swan's Fury Filly Swan For All Hera's Fury Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Raberville Farms    
105     Always In Flight Filly Always A Virgin Hex Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Equine Acres    
106     Helpishere Colt Helpisontheway High Heels Hanover Maple Lane Farm    
107     Kanita Filly You Know You Do Hiker Hanover Oakwood Farms    
108     Eyesonme Colt Swan For All Homepage Meadowbrook Farm    
109     Swanforalltwo Colt Swan For All Wide Load Lyndar Stables, Agent    
110     Show Me A Million Colt Swan In A Million Horseshowmom Oakwood Farms, Agent for Perry Coblentz    
111     JK Always Wins Colt JK Endofanera House Always Wins Legacy Lane Farm, Agent    
112     Rockin Ruthie Filly Rockin Image Hurricane Tinia Brookview Farms, Agent for Joe Helmuth    
113     Love Ever After Filly Swan For All I Luv Blackhawk Red Luckiana Farm    
114     Rockinforreal Colt Rockin Image Iam Total For Real Chapel Ridge Farm    
115     Ideal The Deck Colt Rockin Image Idalid Hanover Homestead Acres, Agent for Freeman Miller Jr    
116     Rocky's Delight Colt Rockin Image Ideal A Little Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Equine Acres    
117     Plan To Tell Filly Tellitlikeitis Ideal Plan Double R Farm, Agent for Nissley Farms    
118     Retireatsix Gelding Check Six In Regal Attire Maple Lane Farm, Agent for Marlin Graber    
119     Be A Light Colt Rockin Image In The Dark Ruddick Stables LLC, Agent for In The Dark Racing LLC, Raised at Meadowcreek Farm Lebanon KY    
120     Dodger's Sunset Filly Tellitlikeitis Incredible Dodger Newfound Stables    
121     Princess Image Filly Rockin Image V C Asteroid David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
122     Governor JK Colt JK Endofanera Iowa Hanover Homestead Acres, Agent    
123     Dshine Justintime Colt Helpisontheway Ipo Blue Chip Rollin Acres    
124     It's A Thriller Colt Check Six It's A Miracle Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
125     Sweet Iva Filly Check Six Iva Miracle Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
126     Meadowbrook Nora Filly Muscle Massive J A's Ayd Meadowbrook Farm    
127     Swan Fancy Filly Swan For All Fashion Voyager Oakwood Farms    
128     Woodside Gusher Colt Dover Dan Jailhouse Diva Woodside Farm    
129     Naturdays Filly Helpisontheway Windsongmusclelady Rangetop Stables, Agent for Silver Star Stable    
130     Starlit Swan Song Gelding Swan For All Don't Miss A Tweet RND Standardbreds, Agent for Starlit Stables    
131     West Edge West Colt JK Endofanera JK Musicofthenite West Edge Acres    
132     Lost In Luck Filly Luck Be With You BB Rocks Chapel Ridge Farm    
133     Ascent Colt Swan For All Jupiter Rising Straight A Stable, Agent for Jonas Schlabach    
134     Swantime Atbandcmp Filly Swan For All Just A Valley Gal Ruddick Stables LLC, Agent    
135     Bridge To Triumph Colt Swan For All Bridge To Nowhere Wilt Standardbreds    
136     GD Dream On Filly Always A Virgin Kayla's Dream Yoder Standardbreds    
137     Dreams On The Way Gelding Helpisontheway Kendra Hanover Sunset Stables LLC, Agent    
138     Don't Look Ethell OUT Filly Helpisontheway Keystone Boca Oakwood Farms, Agent    
139     Kruise On Dover Colt Dover Dan Keystone Sadie Integrity Stables    
140     Pristine Beach Filly Always A Virgin Keystone Wanda Black Creek Farm, Agent & Northern Lane Farm    
141     Starlit Kissin JK Gelding JK Endofanera Kiss N Play RND Standardbreds, Agent for Starlit Stables    
142     Starontheway Colt Helpisontheway L Dees Bliss Maple Lane Farm, Agent for Nathan Eicher    
143     M I Rockin Colt Rockin Image L Dees Journey Sunset Stables LLC    
144     Harvisontheway Gelding Helpisontheway La Boheme Shady Lane Meadows    
145     Rollin Smoke Gelding Tellitlikeitis La Fiesta Shady Lane Meadows    
146     Lieutenant Waja Colt Always A Virgin Lady Bones Homestead Acres, Agent    
147     Meadowbrook Jodie Filly Always A Virgin Lady Lakers Meadowbrook Farm    
148     Pearl's On The Way Filly Rockin Image Lady Luck Killean Topville Acres, Agent    
149     Swanya Filly Swan For All Tanya's Legacy In Law Stables    
150     Rockin Pharoh Colt Rockin Image Lady Orb Rollin Acres, Agent for Michael Schmucker    
151     Downhome Punch Colt Muscle Massive Ladylike Volo Double R Farm    
152     Six In One Colt Check Six Lady's Delight Black Creek Farm    
153     Poetic Glory Filly Always A Virgin She's Glorious In Law Stables    
154     Check In Process Filly Check Six Legal Process Luckiana Farm    
155     Sassy Reagan Filly Dover Dan Libby's Glider Pond A Acres, Agent for Daniel Graber    
156     Skyway Legend Colt Rockin Image Life's Advance Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
157     Meadowbrook Kara Filly Swan For All Lima Charisma Meadowbrook Farm    
158     Bluebird Revival Colt Swan For All Little Revenue Bluebird Meadows    
159     Swan's Flight Filly Swan For All Lolly Pike Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
160     Bluebird Affection Filly Check Six Love You Always Bluebird Meadows    
161     Prevailing Beaut Filly JK Endofanera Lucky Amy Homestead Acres    
162     Bourbon Courage Colt You Know You Do Luv U All Peninsula Farm Inc.    
163     Skyway Makenna Filly Rockin Image Macarena Mama Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
164     Shake Me Loose Filly Always A Virgin Sand Pleasure In Law Stables    
165     Swandrethegoliath Colt Swan For All Magic Babe Chapel Ridge Farm    
166     Justoveryonder Filly Swan In A Million Magic Queen Shady Lane Meadows    
167     Miss Dovetail Filly Dover Dan Magic Tail Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
168     Count A Million OUT Colt Swan In A Million Make It Count Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Hillside Farms    
169     Smart Alley Cat Filly Rockin Image Makena Cat In Law Stables    
170     Full Strength Colt Helpisontheway Mamasbrokenheart Peninsula Farm Inc.    
171     Youknowyoudid Filly You Know You Do Mamie's Nightmare Shady Lane Meadows    
172     Ponda Puff Colt Luck Be With You Mandy's Mattjesty Pond A Acres    
173     Lorenzo Gelding You Know You Do Manhattan Miss In Law Stables, Agent    
174     Help Page Colt Helpisontheway Many Happy Returns Sunset Stables LLC    
175     Mark This Swan Colt Swan In A Million Market The Class Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Fashion Hill Farm    
176     Haven Lane Milan Colt Swan In A Million Massmanian Devil Meadowbrook Farm, Agent    
177     Ponda Express Colt You Know You Do Matter Of Days Pond A Acres    
178     Memorial May Filly Swan In A Million Mayberry Pond A Acres, Agent    
179     Mcardleonavirg Filly Always A Virgin Mcardle Direct Integrity Stables    
180     Let's Go JK OUT Colt JK Endofanera Glitter Rocks Victory Hill Farm    
181     Melissa's Rockinit Filly Rockin Image Melissa's Fancy Rockstar Meadows    
182     Mercy Rock OUT Colt Rockin Image MercyMercyMercy Maple Lane Farm, Agent    
183     Amour Trinity Filly You Know You Do Midgard Supremacy Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Daystar Stables    
184     Midnight Dreams Filly Helpisontheway Midnight Fantasy Wilt Standardbreds    
185     Swan Brittany Filly Swan For All Yoga Oakwood Farms    
186     Skyway Sweet JK Colt JK Endofanera Miss Sweetness Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
187     Topville Masterboy Colt You Know You Do Miss Tequila Topville Acres    
188     Table For Four Filly Odds On Equuleus Miswave Hanover Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
189     Moon Ryder Colt Swan For All Monday Nite Integrity Stables    
190     Rocketon The Way Colt Helpisontheway Moon Rocket Luckiana Farm    
191     Milliondollardream Filly Swan In A Million Motown Dream Girl Chapel Ridge Farm    
192     Mr Leland's Flyer Colt Rockin Image Mr Lelands Filly Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
193     Swan Rose OUT Filly Swan In A Million Dewtiful Lass Oakwood Farms  
194     Helpineedsomebody Filly Helpisontheway Muscle Baby Doll Black Creek Farm    
195     Reckless Reviver Colt Swan In A Million Muscle Up Hazel Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Ernest Graber    
196     Bluebird Commando Gelding Muscle Massive My Command To You Bluebird Meadows    
197     Mr Goodtime Colt Dover Dan My Lady Lindy Pond A Acres, Agent    
198     Swan For Babe Colt Swan In A Million My Lovely Babe Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Raberville Farms    
199     Bluebird Nick Gelding You Know You Do My Sweet Shiela Bluebird Meadows    
200     Tell's Beach Place Colt Tellitlikeitis Myplaceonthebeach Victory Hill Farm    
201     Mystic Melissa Filly Tellitlikeitis Mystic Karissa Integrity Stables    
202     Highland Windsong Filly Tellitlikeitis Mystical MJ In Law Stables, Agent    
203     Ponda Solution Filly Helpisontheway Mystical Starlight Pond A Acres    
204     Ponda Treasure Filly Always A Virgin Mystical Treasure Pond A Acres    
205     Nassau Princess Filly Real Desire Nassau Loop Chapel Ridge Farm    
206     Charming Six Colt Check Six Nevada Bluechip Shady Lane Meadows, Agent for Wilbur Lengacher    
207     Spirited Case Filly Always A Virgin Case Solved In Law Stables    
208     Mychecksrcountless Colt Check Six Nominal Hanover Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Edwin Schwartz    
209     Joker Rockwell Colt JK Endofanera Nora Rockwell Double R Farm, Agent for Glen Hershberger    
210     Miss Chum Churm Filly Swan In A Million Northern Courtney Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Lucas Graber    
211     M M's Pleasure Filly Swan For All Nunsense Integrity Stables, Agent for Mervin J. Miller    
212     Jesmach On Target Gelding Muscle Massive Oakiedokie Hanover Straight A Stable, Agent for Harvey Fry    
213     Heart Throttle Colt Always A Virgin Odds On Adventure In Law Stables    
214     Little Jolena Filly Always A Virgin Odds On Alpha Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Platnium Stables    
215     Golden Swan Filly Swan For All Tresbien Volo Jeff Jones, Agent    
216     Here We Go BB Filly Tellitlikeitis U Reeka BB Victory Hill Farm    
217     Topville Our Dream Filly Check Six Our Sophia Topville Acres    
218     Meadowbrook Rose Filly You Know You Do Out Of Luck Meadowbrook Farm    
219     Botta Bing Filly Swan In A Million Outback Kristy Double R Farm, Agent for Nissley Farms    
220     Energy Source Colt Swan For All Patty La Paige Lyndar Stables, Agent for Purple Martin Stable    
221     Meadowbrook Strike Colt Swan In A Million Paystobea Mean Girl Meadowbrook Farm    
222     Closed Deal Colt Swan For All Peaceful Dreams Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
223     J K Fortune Colt JK Endofanera Penny's Fortune Shady Lane Meadows, Agent for Wilbur Lengacher    
224     Swan's Dude Colt Swan For All Petticoat Affair Black Creek Farm, Agent    
225     Vel What A Star Colt Tellitlikeitis Pipecreek Star Schwartz Boarding Farm    
226     I Can Only Wynn Filly JK Endofanera Play At Wynn Swiss Boarding Farm LLC, Agent    
227     Smartz Colt Swan In A Million Playoff Volo Martz Creek Farm    
228     Polk's Image Filly Rockin Image Polk Dot Hanover Black Creek Farm, Agent for Dave Mast    
229     Ponda Jet Colt Dover Dan Pondas Lucky Lady Pond A Acres    
230     Kruisin Kristen Filly Tellitlikeitis Portia Blue Chip In Law Stables    
231     Miss Bliss Filly Dover Dan Posterity Black Creek Farm    
232     Swan's Olympic Win Filly Swan For All Celebrity Olympia Victory Hill Farm    
233     Swan Tesla Filly Swan For All Temple Of Heaven Oakwood Farms    
234     Borninahailstorm Filly Check Six Princess Of Rock Triple J Stables    
235     Pro Gem Filly Check Six Promiss Again Yoder Standardbreds, Agent for Walnut Ridge    
236     Premier Rocker Colt Rockin Image Purity Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Premier Acres    
237     Knight Of Dream Colt Swan In A Million Queen Mum Meadowbrook Farm, Agent    
238     Mrs Melania Filly Swan For All Quick Credit Peninsula Farm Inc.    
239     Sweet Granita Filly Check Six R Journey Together Homestead Acres    
240     Rays Of A Million Colt Swan In A Million Raysofgrace De Vie Lyndar Stables, Agent    
241     Paycheck Colt Check Six RD Rocknroll Rockstar Meadows, Agent for John Graber    
242     Epic Muscle Colt Muscle Massive Red Rose Swan Lyndar Stables, Agent for Purple Martin Stable    
243     Finally Friday OUT Colt Tellitlikeitis Antigua Hanover Swiss Boarding Farm LLC    
244     Rolypoly Jolie Filly Check Six Rendezvous Hanover Integrity Stables    
245     Ten Count Filly Helpisontheway Ringside Lauryn Black Creek Farm    
246     Here Is Help Colt Helpisontheway Rocher Kemp Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Aquillas Stoltzfus    
247     Rollin Rosie Filly JK Endofanera Rock N Roll Baby Newfound Stables    
248     Skyway Regina Filly JK Endofanera Rock On By Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
249     Skyway Ruby Filly Luck Be With You Rockin Reese Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
250     Raylan Colt Check Six Rockin Rum Springa Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
251     GD Flex Gelding Dover Dan Flirt The Issue Yoder Standardbreds    
252     Lipstick Lori Filly You Know You Do Cheetah Hall In Law Stables    
253     R Royinamillion Colt Swan In A Million Royal Apple Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Ray Raber    
254     Air Ride Colt Luck Be With You Ruby Delight Freedom Hill Farms    
255     Rusty's Help Filly Helpisontheway Rusty's Twizzted T Lloyd Wittmer    
256     Safeintheharbor Filly Rockin Image Safe From Harm Chapel Ridge Farm    
257     Always Amazing Colt Always A Virgin Electric Sparkle Victory Hill Farm    
258     Facing The Giants Colt Rockin Image Balinska Hanover Lyndar Stables    
259     Lucky Cora Filly Luck Be With You Sam's Shuffle Maple Lane Farm, Agent    
260     Swan Invasion Colt Swan For All Chardonnay Nay In Law Stables    
261     LA Rockin Shania Filly Rockin Image Sapphire Martini Topville Acres, Agent    
262     Big Secret Agent Colt Tellitlikeitis Scarlet Freedom Hill Farms    
263     Sea Surfer Filly You Know You Do Seaside Breeze Mast Standardbred    
264     Bobmarshal Colt Always A Virgin Secluded Beach Straight A Stable    
265     Classical Friskie Filly Always A Virgin Sectionline Friskie Homestead Acres    
266     Long Dan Colt Dover Dan Seducer Hall Misty Ridge Stables LLC, Agent for Maumee River Stables    
267     Senorita Suzie Filly Dover Dan Senorita Glide Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent    
268     Swan Factor Colt Swan For All You're So Fine Rollin Acres    
269     Captain Theo Colt Helpisontheway Setubal Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for John Lengacher Jr    
270     Bluebird Graffiti Colt Check Six Sha Delight Bluebird Meadows    
271     Topville Swift Dan Colt Dover Dan Shaken Not Stirred Topville Acres    
272     Always Shaky Filly Always A Virgin Shaky Hanover Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Wagler Farms    
273     Let's Go Jude Colt JK Endofanera Latest Design In Law Stables    
274     JKNR Harvest Moon Filly Tellitlikeitis Guarding The Gold Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
275     Orpha's Image Filly Rockin Image Shooters Orphan Maple Lane Farm, Agent    
276     Myrockinyears Colt Rockin Image Shootouthelights Shady Lane Meadows    
277     GW Hawk Colt Luck Be With You Show Faith Pond A Acres, Agent    
278     Woodside Grace Filly Swan For All Silvia Woodside Farm    
279     Swan Last Sassy Filly Swan For All Simply Sassy Oakwood Farms, Agent    
280     Alwaysanun Filly Always A Virgin Singit Like Aretha Legacy Lane Farm    
281     Awesome Beach Filly Rockin Image Skinnydip Hanover Rockstar Meadows    
282     Starlit Rockstar Gelding Rockin Image Sky Fulla Star RND Standardbreds, Agent for Starlit Stables    
283     Skyway Fearless Colt Whom Shall I Fear Skyway Jaylo Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
284     DD Emmitt Colt Dover Dan Earl's Susie Q Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
285     Some Happy Pacer Colt Check Six So Long My Love Luckiana Farm    
286     Tellittoella Filly Tellitlikeitis Some Cotton Swiss Boarding Farm LLC    
287     Max Freeze Colt Swan For All Antsy Dancey Double R Farm    
288     Topville Somebeach Colt Rockin Image Somewhere Fameous Topville Acres    
289     West Coast Giggles Filly Odds On Equuleus Southwest Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
290     JD's Queen Bethany Filly Luck Be With You Southwind Diana Maple Lane Farm, Agent    
291     Check One Filly Check Six Southwind Jumanji Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
292     Swanderful Pearls Filly Swan For All Southwind Pearls Black Creek Farm    
293     Speed Minded Colt Luck Be With You Southwind Trini Luckiana Farm    
294     Big Boy Dover Colt Dover Dan Speedy Edie Double R Farm, Agent for Nissley Farms    
295     Brookview Dewey Colt Crescent Fashion Drinksonthehouse Brookview Farms    
296     Lucianne Filly Check Six St Helena Straight A Stable    
297     Swan Gone Filly Swan For All Boots Worthy Swiss Boarding Farm LLC    
298     Why Not Now Colt Always A Virgin Star Of The Show In Law Stables    
299     Base Stealer Colt Rockin Image Star Perfect Peninsula Farm Inc.    
300     Knight Rage Colt Helpisontheway Step On It Rangetop Stables, Agent for Silver Star Stable    
301     Brookview Dance Colt Dover Dan Stonebridge Peace Brookview Farms    
302     Always Be Stormunn Colt Always A Virgin Stormunn Misty Ridge Stables LLC    
303     Stella Rose Filly Dover Dan Rose Run Rae In Law Stables    
304     Rockinjoann Filly Rockin Image Street Party Shady Lane Meadows    
305     Walktowardthefire Colt Helpisontheway Strong Tea Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Single G Stable    
306     Growin Grace Filly Check Six Ghost Runner Luckiana Farm    
307     Claycrest Blizzard Filly Muscle Massive Sun Devil Hanover Homestead Acres, Agent    
308     Every Day Dan Colt Dover Dan Emerald Bling Luckiana Farm    
309     High Horse Colt Crescent Fashion Swan Yankee Chapel Ridge Farm    
310     Hetolditlikeitwas Colt Tellitlikeitis Fancy Desire Victory Hill Farm    
311     Ponda Executive Colt Check Six Sweetnsinful Pond A Acres    
312     Mach Seelster Colt Check Six Synergy Seelster Homestead Acres    
313     Talk Show Host Colt Dover Dan Talkin Tootsie Black Creek Farm    
314     Townline Thunder Gelding Luck Be With You Tallulah Hanover Yoder Standardbreds, Agent    
315     Tellitlikealady Filly Tellitlikeitis Lady Mystique In Law Stables    
316     Jasmine Filly Helpisontheway Big Wheel Oakwood Farms    
317     Tactic Magic Filly Muscle Massive The Magic Of Paris Integrity Stables    
318     The Grace Card Filly Always A Virgin Where Are We Lyndar Stables    
319     Rocky Virg Gelding Always A Virgin Thewayulooktonight Maple Lane Farm    
320     Swan Nike Filly Swan For All Celebrity Nike Lyndar Stables    
321     Classy Swan Colt Swan In A Million Classy Volo Chapel Ridge Farm    
322     CN Mynextmillion Colt Swan In A Million Toot Sweet Oakwood Farms, Agent    
323     Topville Classical Colt Always A Virgin Topville Cadillac Topville Acres    
324     Single Barrel Colt Rockin Image Topville Celerity Topville Acres    
325     Woodside Grenade Colt You Know You Do Topville Martini Woodside Farm    
326     Helpoftheseason Filly Helpisontheway Torches Star Black Creek Farm, Agent for Ben Wittmer Jr.    
327     Val Victorian Filly Real Desire Town Feather Freedom Hill Farms    
328     Diane Emily Filly Rockin Image Townes Party Girl Victory Hill Farm, Agent    
329     M M's Taylor Colt Swan For All Trading Places Integrity Stables, Agent for Mervin J. Miller    
330     Silvershoe Halie Filly Rockin Image Harlow Hall Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
331     Beautiful Image Filly Rockin Image True Beauty Rockstar Meadows    
332     Black Sheep Filly Always A Virgin Twin B Heartland In Law Stables    
333     PA Pretty Filly Dover Dan Tymal Lux Peninsula Farm Inc., Agent for Mahantongo Farms    
334     Hopeyoudo Filly You Know You Do Tymal Tatiana RND Standardbreds    
335     Canyouhearmenow Filly Always A Virgin Tyra Shady Lane Meadows    
336     BB's Bossman Colt Tellitlikeitis U R It BB Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Ernest Graber    
337     Tell Me Please Filly Tellitlikeitis Meetme At Harvey's Victory Hill Farm    
338     Six Diamonds Colt Check Six Umygeorgia Hanover Rockstar Meadows    
339     Rockmemamma Filly Rockin Image Under Her Spell Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Mervin Graber    
340     Cruiser's Image Colt Rockin Image Up Front Cruiser David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
341     Fanfoss Filly Rockin Image Up Front Kellie Jo Legacy Lane Farm    
342     Captain Six Gelding Check Six Infinite Desire David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
343     Woodside Gambler OUT Colt Swan For All Vegliantino Woodside Farm  
344     Rockin Velocity Colt Rockin Image Velocity Vespa Misty Ridge Stables LLC    
345     Country Cutie Filly Helpisontheway Very Dark Pond A Acres, Agent    
346     Wanda's Wonder Filly Dover Dan Wanda Hanover Black Creek Farm    
347     Presence Of Tell Colt Tellitlikeitis Power Of Presence Victory Hill Farm    
348     Tellingonanun Filly Tellitlikeitis Flying Nun Luckiana Farm    
349     Western Luck OUT Gelding Luck Be With You Western Kit Pond A Acres, Agent    
350     Personal Note Filly Always A Virgin Art Critic Lyndar Stables    
351     Premier Akeeper Filly Odds On Equuleus Kaitlyn Akeeper Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Premier Acres    
352     Rockin Vic Colt Rockin Image Honeys Luck Lyndar Stables, Agent for Maynard Bontrager    
353     Ponda Chase Colt Swan For All Wildflower Pond A Acres    
354     JN Wild Flight Colt Tellitlikeitis Wildflower Hanover Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Nate Miller    
355     Gettem Griggs Colt Rockin Image Wind Squall Rockstar Meadows    
356     Jingle'slittlelady Filly Luck Be With You Jinglejanglejingle Rangetop Stables, Agent for Silver Star Stable    
357     Latina's Lady Filly Rockin Image Wise Latina Rockstar Meadows    
358     Brookview Darius Colt Swan For All Witty's Winner Brookview Farms    
359     KP's Rockin Cody Colt Rockin Image Yankee Icon Meadowbrook Farm, Agent    
360     Luckisontheway Colt Luck Be With You Yield To Me Maple Lane Farm    
361     Swan Carla Filly Swan For All Precisionist Oakwood Farms    
362     Pink Ruby Filly Shadyshark Hanover Cruisin In Pink Rollin Acres, Agent for Michael Schmucker    
363     Hilltop Big Boy Colt Helpisontheway Zorgwijk Nova Black Creek Farm, Agent for K. Muhlenkamp & L. Christner    
364     Martz Urene Filly Check Six A And G's Finest Martz Creek Farm    
365     Six Again Colt Check Six A Plus Black Creek Farm, Agent for Conquest Acres LP    
366     Glory's Dandy Colt Dover Dan ABC Glory Oakwood Farms, Agent for Perry Coblentz    
367     Three O'clock Rock Gelding Rockin Image Active Lady RND Standardbreds    
368     Genghis Swan Colt Swan For All Adagio Ruddick Stables LLC, Agent    
369     Vel Steven Go Colt Stevensville Aglaia Schwartz Boarding Farm    
370     Energy King Colt Swan For All Ajessia Lyndar Stables, Agent for Purple Martin Stable    
371     Bluebird Alibi Filly Always A Virgin Alibi Seelster Bluebird Meadows    
372     Topville Alltheway Filly Helpisontheway All Set Let's Go Topville Acres    
373     Muscleness Filly Muscle Massive All Time Favorite Black Creek Farm, Agent    
374     Skyway Automatic Colt Luck Be With You Allamerican Mobile Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
375     Woodside Gazelle Filly You Know You Do Always Be Closing Woodside Farm    
376     Sweet Tell Filly Tellitlikeitis Sweet Electric Victory Hill Farm    
377     Unforgettable Filly Helpisontheway Anaffairtoremember Black Creek Farm    
378     Woodside Gunner Colt JK Endofanera Angel Or Terror Woodside Farm    
379     Anna Jo Filly Always A Virgin Anna D Homestead Acres, Agent for Freeman Miller Jr    
380     Helphasarrived Colt Helpisontheway Reigning Black Swan Oakwood Farms, Agent    
381     Taster's Choice Colt Swan For All Something Spicy Double R Farm, Agent    
382     JT's Blaze Colt JK Endofanera Apple Tart Hanover Homestead Acres    
383     Darcy Rose Filly Helpisontheway April Rose Misty Ridge Stables LLC    
384     Jesmach Admiral Gelding Dover Dan Ariel Fashion Straight A Stable, Agent for Harvey Fry    
385     Proven Point Filly Always A Virgin Thesleazyprincess Lyndar Stables    
386     Art Imitation OUT Colt Always A Virgin Art Frenzy Misty Ridge Stables LLC  
387     Riesling Filly JK Endofanera Artha Rae Legacy Lane Farm    
388     Ear Rings Filly You Know You Do Ashlake Lyndar Stables, Agent for Purple Martin Stable    
389     Wish Upon A Tell Filly Tellitlikeitis Onawish Hanover Victory Hill Farm    
390     Midnight Image Colt Rockin Image Ava Destruction Rangetop Stables    
391     BJ's Little Angel Filly Luck Be With You B J's Sunrise Pond A Acres    
392     Brookview Dixie Filly Check Six Babylon Sister Brookview Farms    
393     Empire Builder Colt Muscle Massive Captain Megan Lyndar Stables, Agent for Purple Martin Stable    
394     Explosion Ontheway Colt Helpisontheway Bambino Explosion Sunset Stables LLC    
395     Awesome Rock Gelding Always A Virgin Banderosa Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
396     You Do Know Colt You Know You Do Barmaid Mast Standardbred    
397     Joyful Shark Colt Shadyshark Hanover Joyful Western Chapel Ridge Farm    
398     Wired Too Well OUT Colt Always A Virgin BC's Jesse Lyndar Stables  
399     Buetifull Swan Filly Swan In A Million Beat The Bue Oakwood Farms, Agent for Countryside Farms    
400     Everso Ezy Filly Muscle Massive Bella Palazzo Lyndar Stables, Agent for Purple Martin Stable    
401     Bell's Image Filly Rockin Image Bells Are Ringing David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
402     Undisturbed OUT Filly Always A Virgin Best Boss Legacy Lane Farm  
403     Business Check Colt Check Six Bettor Business Lloyd Wittmer    
404     JK Imalive Colt JK Endofanera Bettor Kiss Candy Woodside Farm, Agent for Devon Schrock    
405     Easy Check Colt Check Six Bettor Thoughts Rockstar Meadows, Agent for James Graber    
406     Tellitsabigboy Colt Tellitlikeitis Miss Liz Oakwood Farms    
407     Bluebird Uno Gelding You Know You Do Bluebird Command Bluebird Meadows    
408     Swans Queenie Filly Swan In A Million Bluebird Kidsqueen Martz Creek Farm    
409     Martz Jailbird Filly Jailhouse Jesse Bluebird Swandrful Martz Creek Farm    
410     Luckiestmanalive Colt Luck Be With You Bo Tox Hanover Black Creek Farm    
411     Surfing For A Million OUT Colt Swan In A Million Body Surfing Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Nathan Eicher  
412     Bookworm Filly Always A Virgin Bookie Integrity Stables    
413     Aloysius Dream OUT Filly Luck Be With You Breathtaking Chapel Ridge Farm  
414     Brookview Diamond Colt Swan In A Million Broadway Victory Brookview Farms    
415     Be Bop Becky Filly Rockin Image Brown Magic Woman Integrity Stables    
416     Beaches Lady Luck Filly Luck Be With You Burning Beaches Misty Ridge Stables LLC