2018 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries - Hips 1-374
Friday, October 19 & Saturday, October 20 - Sessions both days begin at 10 a.m.

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since July 31, 2018.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Rock The Treasure Colt Rockin Image Halle Go Lightly RND Standardbreds    
2     Skyway Bebop Filly Guccio Broadway Line Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
3     Steady Stick Colt Big Stick Lindy Holdersteady Black Creek Farm    
4     Bring On The Show Colt Bring On The Beach Electric Showcase Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
5     Francium Filly Time To Roll White Jade Legacy Lane Farm    
6     Turbo Power Colt Riggins Iam Total For Real Chapel Ridge Farm    
7     Homada Colt Whom Shall I Fear Hit Girl RND Standardbreds, Agent for Leon Bontrager    
8     Family Recipe Colt Always A Virgin Tia Maria Hanover Lyndar Stables    
9     Rolling Regal Filly Time To Roll In Regal Attire Maple Lane Farm, Agent    
10     What Did I Say Gelding Tellitlikeitis Hoosier Vacation Alvin E. Walther    
11     Gotit Colt Straight Shooting Ifuwantitcumngetit K.E.M. Standardbreds    
12     Truluck Sheeba D Filly Swan For All Incredulous Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Dean Miller    
13     Frontier Rollo Colt Time To Roll Incredible Dodger Newfound Stables    
14     Beach Boy's Desire Colt Real Desire Infinite Desire David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
15     Always Dunnrite Filly Always A Virgin Wilfully Dunnrite In Law Stables    
16     Dancing Lady Filly Rockin Image Iowa Hanover Homestead Acres    
17     IPO Em N Lynn Filly Pilgrims Chuckie IPO Blue Chip Rollin Acres    
18     Swans Little Jesse Gelding Swan For All Jessie Ann Paul R. Lengacher    
19     Royal Venture Filly Whom Shall I Fear It's Your Deal RND Standardbreds    
20     Ivanna Ivy Filly Jeremes Jet Iva Miracle Ivy Lane Farm    
21     Fear The Cheetah Colt Whom Shall I Fear Jolie Blue Chip Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
22     Skyway Igotthis Filly Tellitlikeitis I've Got A Feeling Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
23     Classy Prince Colt Class Included Iveyleagueprincess Black Creek Farm, Agent for Walter Hilty    
24     Genie Rockwell Filly Always A Virgin Norma Rockwell Double R Farm , Agent for Glen Hershberger    
25     Meadowbrook Alayna Filly Swan For All Seeking A Dream Meadowbrook Farm    
26     Jillmissedapill Filly Rockin Image Jamie Sue Legacy Lane Farm    
27     LRD Tilly Mae Filly Jailhouse Jesse Lady Ridge Legacy Lane Farm, Agent    
28     Mamama Moonshine OUT Filly Rockin Image JK Cameo RND Standardbreds  
29     Rock Swan Filly Swan For All Jolly Jessica Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
30     High Impression Colt Rockin Image Happy Becky Double R Farm    
31     Katiesfamousfilly Filly Mr. Cantab Katie Hall Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
32     Time To Beat Filly Time To Roll Dance With Me Dee Double R Farm , Agent for Sam Lambright    
33     Tellit Like A Pro Filly Tellitlikeitis Laughing Pro Swiss Boarding Farm LLC, Agent    
34     Vel Miss Flight Filly Panspacificflight Pipecreek Wendy Schwartz Boarding Farm    
35     Woodside Datendiva Filly Guccio Cantabs Chorine Woodside Farm    
36     Skyway Laser Colt Time To Roll Lightning Elaine Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
37     Fox Valley Mondo Colt Time To Roll Hot Shot Michelle Walker Standardbreds    
38     Skyway Trooper Colt Always A Virgin Touched By Ted Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
39     Fox Valley Chrome Colt Time To Roll Kimmy Walker Standardbreds    
40     Epic Poetry OUT Filly Real Desire Lima Calliope Schwartz Board Farm  
41     KZ's Sweethart Filly Rockin Image KZ Beach Girl Newfound Stables    
42     Woodside Dee Lady Filly Guccio Lady Blitz Woodside Farm    
43     Swan Bomb Filly Swan For All Tilly Bomb Straight A Stable, Agent for Jonas Schlabach    
44     Alwaysrememberme Filly Always A Virgin L Dees Lourdes Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Serenity Stables    
45     Meadowbrook Rhonda Filly Always A Virgin Lady Lakers Meadowbrook Farm    
46     Hired Luck Filly Tellitlikeitis Lady Luck Killean In Law Stables    
47     Classy Kinda Luv Filly Class Included Grooveykindaluv Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
48     Whisk Em Colt Jailhouse Jesse Whisk Hanover Wilt Standardbred    
49     Miss Might Linda Filly Jailhouse Jesse Lady Scorpion Boss Hoss Stables, Faron Parr, Agent for JNM Stables    
50     Starlit Thiswanday Colt Swan For All Love Detective Oakwood Farms, Agent for Starlit Stables    
51     Swan After All Colt Swan For All Lady Jane Hall Double R Farm , Agent for Glen Hershberger    
52     Fist Fighter Colt Mr. Cantab Lady Sorro In Law Stables    
53     Rockin Rambo Colt Rockin Image Ladybones Homestead Acres    
54     Chocolate Milk Colt Time To Roll Yeahyoureright In Law Stables    
55     Skyway Leda Filly Always A Virgin Lindwood Rosa Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
56     Maple Lane Image Gelding Rockin Image Lioninthetree Maple Lane Farm    
57     Leave And Roll Colt Time To Roll Lyons Puddin Pie Luckiana Farm    
58     Bathnbody Filly Mr. Cantab Body Surfing In Law Stables    
59     Spiced Apple Filly Swan For All Myherbal T Hanover Mast Standardbreds    
60     Bluebird Deacon Colt Swan For All Little Revenue Bluebird Meadows    
61     Ketchup With Me Colt Mr. Cantab Maevey Gravy University of Illinois    
62     Helen Filly Whom Shall I Fear Temple Of Heaven Oakwood Farms    
63     Teach Me To Dougie Colt Guccio Little River Dance Ruddick Stables, Agent    
64     Stellar BB Colt Rockin Image Yankee Pankee BB Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
65     Swancooltreat Colt Swan For All Naked Lyrick Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Ernest Graber    
66     Bluebird Love Filly Rockin Image Love You Always Bluebird Meadows    
67     Heartland Dandy Colt Time To Roll Cole Lossal Jeff Jones, Agent for Glen Bauman    
68     Hoosier Classic Filly Whom Shall I Fear Many Happy Returns Sunset Stables    
69     Flagman Colt Guccio Magic Lindy Pond A Acres    
70     Toesinthewater Colt Always A Virgin Magic Moments Shady Lane Meadows    
71     Velvet Joy OUT Filly Always A Virgin Marks Mindy David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
72     Rockin Odds Colt Rockin Image Odds On J P Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Silver Linden Farms    
73     Bella Magnifica Filly Guccio Majic Trend Black Creek Farm & Hickory Hollow Stables    
74     Flirtin In Class Filly Whom Shall I Fear Market The Class Chapel Ridge Farm    
75     Midnite Jesse Colt Jailhouse Jesse Meet Me At Midnite Misty Ridge Stables LLC    
76     Swanvita Grace Filly Swan For All Matina Vita Maple Lane Farm, Agent    
77     Martini Days Filly Guccio Matter Of Days Pond A Acres    
78     Frontier Rocknbeat Colt Rockin Image Get That Cheese Newfound Stables    
79     Fox Valley Hustler Colt Time To Roll Panfastic Walker Standardbreds    
80     Beach Wine Colt Rockin Image May Wine Blue Chip RND Standardbreds    
81     Megabucks Filly Swan For All Megavite RND Standardbreds    
82     Ohtani Colt Tellitlikeitis Wimple Hanover Freedom Hill Farms    
83     Skyway Marlo Colt Rockin Image Megawatt Blue Chip Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
84     Bridge To Heaven Filly Jailhouse Jesse Bridge To Nowhere Wilt Standardbred    
85     Sapphire Love Chip Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip So Long My Love Luckiana Farm    
86     O She's Magic Filly Always A Virgin Sand Pleasure In Law Stables    
87     Hoosier Celebrity Colt Rockin Image Miss Sparta In Law Stables    
88     Sunset Alex OUT Colt Always A Virgin Miss Sweetness Sunset Acres    
89     Lullaby Baby Filly Real Desire Miss Lucy O Ivy Lane Farm    
90     Topville Muscle Colt Guccio Miss Tequila Topville Acres    
91     Beach Master Colt Bring On The Beach Miss Yankee Doodle Homestead Acres    
92     Mr. Wisconsin Colt Guccio Missy Hall Allan Yutzy, Agent, Agent    
93     Tre Rose OUT Colt Guccio Scented Roses Black Creek Farm & Hickory Hollow Stables  
94     Medical Image Filly Rockin Image Modern Medicine Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent    
95     Exconvict Colt Jailhouse Jesse Moira Hall John M. Bontrager Jr    
96     Roll ON BB Gelding Time To Roll Move On BB Maple Lane Farm    
97     Always Mona Filly Always A Virgin Mona Mona Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent    
98     Rockin American Colt Rockin Image American Ginger David Wayne Yoder    
99     Bluebird Rocky Colt Guccio My Command To You Bluebird Meadows    
100     Rockinsweetvictory Colt Rockin Image Sweet Electric Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
101     Somefuninthesun Gelding Panther Hanover Summer N Sand Luckiana Farm    
102     High Gear No Fear Colt Whom Shall I Fear Flower Bouquet Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
103     Blue Brat Express Colt Bluto Mystical Brat Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Andrew Eicher    
104     Donttellmetosmile Filly Tellitlikeitis Can't Quit Smiling Cornerstone Stock Farm    
105     Jailhouse Wishes Colt Jailhouse Jesse Mystical Wishes Schwartz Boarding Farm    
106     Rigginstopflight Colt Riggins Next Flight Up Shady Lane Meadows    
107     Silver Synergy Filly Rockin Image Synergy Seelster Homestead Acres    
108     Rockin Rachel Filly Rockin Image Mytical Gypsy Oakwood Farms    
109     Honest Liar Colt Rockin Image Nashville Blues Legacy Lane Farm    
110     Bluto Ridge Colt Bluto NF Royal Ridge Maple Lane Farm, Agent    
111     Nassau Desire Colt Real Desire Nassau Loop Homestead Acres    
112     Netties Girl Filly Guccio Northern Daisy Lone Star Stables    
113     Swan Legacy Colt Swan For All Ladylike Volo Double R Farm    
114     Swan Mark Colt Swan For All Little Rigs Oakwood Farms    
115     Alwayschasnthdream Colt Always A Virgin Notjustaprettyface Homestead Acres    
116     Lovable Manners Filly Swan For All Nun Of That Slabach Bros Standardbreds, Agent for Mervin J. Miller    
117     Bay B Longlegs Filly Swan For All North Bay Cornerstone Stock Farm    
118     Bluebird Nitelife Filly Rockin Image Ole Miss Bluebird Meadows    
119     End All Be All Colt Guccio Omnipotent Black Creek Farm, Hickory Hollow Stables & Lester Beechy    
120     Vel See Em Panther OUT Colt Panther Hanover Pansference Schwartz Boarding Farm    
121     Skyway Tinacious Filly Swan For All The Magic Of Paris Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
122     Beach Bum BB Filly Bring On The Beach On Your Feet BB Shady Lane Meadows    
123     Orphantino Filly Valentino Orphan Annie Rockstar Meadows , Agent for Noah Graber    
124     Fear No Man Colt Whom Shall I Fear Peace To The World Black Creek Farm, Agent for Delmar Wagler    
125     Topville Ooh La La OUT Filly Rockin Image Our Sophia Topville Acres  
126     Carolyns Pride Filly Always A Virgin Overwhelming Lyndar Stables , Agent for Maynard Bontrager    
127     Always A Tough Guy Colt Always A Virgin CDS Girl Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
128     Hazel Dell Filly Rockin Image Treasure The Best Walker Standardbreds , Agent    
129     Fox Valley Kauai Filly Time To Roll Pacific Sister K Walker Standardbreds    
130     Rockin Your World Filly Rockin Image Pandemonious Wilt Standardbred    
131     Queen's Chuckie OUT colt Pilgrims Chuckie Queen Mum Lyndar Stables , Agent  
132     Paris In Time Filly Time To Roll Paris Viking Boss Hoss Stables, Faron Parr    
133     Always Patsy Filly Always A Virgin Patsy's Luck David Wayne Yoder    
134     All Shook Up OUT colt I Can Only Imagine R Ciao Baby Sunrise Farm  
135     Island Of The Sea Colt Always A Virgin Trinity Islands Legacy Lane Farm, Agent    
136     Grace Rocks Filly Rockin Image Cosmic Grace Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
137     Rockinlikeastar Filly Rockin Image Seashell Hanover Rockstar Meadows    
138     Summer Air Filly Swan For All Raysofgrace De Vie Pond A Acres, Agent    
139     Vel Let's Roll Filly Time To Roll Keep It Fair Schwartz Boarding Farm    
140     Ponda Nation Filly Riggins Ponda's Destiny Pond A Acres    
141     Amos H Jesse Gelding Jailhouse Jesse Rockabye Glory John M. Bontrager Jr, Agent for Aron Bontrager    
142     Alwaysrockwithroll Filly Always A Virgin Have Rock Will Roll Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
143     Jayna Cash Filly Time To Roll Portia Blue Chip In Law Stables    
144     Swan Champ Colt Swan For All Precisionist Oakwood Farms    
145     Skyway Raine Filly Time To Roll Roses For Mom Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
146     Pretzel Party Filly Mr. Cantab Pretzel Hanover Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
147     Call Me Garlic Filly Always A Virgin Psychotic Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent for Mystical Marker Farm    
148     Love Always Filly Always A Virgin Savannas Love Chapel Ridge Farm & David Schwartz    
149     Swiss Rocket Colt Rockin Image Antigua Hanover Swiss Boarding Farm LLC    
150     Big Stuff Gelding Time To Roll Pulse A Minute Maple Lane Farm    
151     Pure Image Filly Rockin Image Pure Diamond Homestead Acres, Agent    
152     Meadowbrook Rusty Colt Swan For All J As Ayd Meadowbrook Farm    
153     Turbo Express Colt Rockin Image R Journey Together Homestead Acres    
154     Precious Matt Colt Real Desire Real Delight Swiss Boarding Farm LLC, Agent for Willie R. Schwartz    
155     Jakes First Class Colt Time To Roll Rebid Lyndar Stables , Agent for Lyle Bontrager    
156     Justanothermiki Colt Always A Virgin Artsy Princess Homestead Acres    
157     Timeformarty Colt Time To Roll Sexy Kim Ernest G. Bontrager    
158     Red's Image Filly Rockin Image Red S Black Creek Farm, Agent for Hickory Hollow Stables    
159     Slick N Sassy Filly Mr. Cantab Reigning Chip Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
160     Martyr Filly Swan For All Religulous Black Creek Farm & Lester Beechy    
161     The Attack Rig Colt Riggins She Can Attack David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
162     Swan Fashion Filly Swan For All Fashion Voyager Oakwood Farms    
163     Girl Does Rock Filly Rockin Image Rip Rockin Lady Newfound Stables    
164     Georgereallyrocks Gelding Real Desire Rock Concert Woodside Farm, Agent    
165     Shimmy's Blazer Colt Bluto Shimmygirl Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
166     Tellemhowtorock Filly Tellitlikeitis Rock Goddess Rangetop Stables    
167     Sammonsletsroll Colt Time To Roll Sunflower Luckiana Farm    
168     Fantastic Show Colt Riggins Show Faith Pond A Acres, Agent    
169     Rockn Roll Virgin Filly Always A Virgin Rock N Roll Baby Newfound Stables    
170     You Look Good Filly Tellitlikeitis Rock With Delight Walker Standardbreds    
171     South Bronx Babe Filly Time To Roll South Beach Babe Schwartz Boarding Farm    
172     Miss Bagels Filly Valentino Rocks N Bagels Rockstar Meadows , Agent for Double EE Meadows    
173     Roll With Time OUT Colt Time To Roll Roknrol Bluegrass Black Creek Farm, Agent for Hickory Hollow Stables    
174     Skyway Schwarber Colt Always A Virgin Southwind Matrix Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
175     Always Majestic Colt Always A Virgin Rosagatha Bluebird Meadows    
176     LA Saffron Filly Always A Virgin Sapphire Martini Topville Acres , Agent    
177     Lookintomyeyes Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Speedy Sign Slabach Bros Standardbreds, Agent    
178     Always At Rio Filly Always A Virgin Scarlet Freedom Hill Farms    
179     Lady Tress Filly Bluto Score One For Chip Pond A Acres, Agent for Abraham Miller    
180     Townline Jated Gelding Riggins St Jated Strike Townline Stables    
181     Always A Cruisin Filly Always A Virgin Sea Cruise Hanover Sunset Stables    
182     Hauln Swan Filly Swan For All Hauln Fanny Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent    
183     Foxy Jess Gelding Jailhouse Jesse Stone Cold Fox Schmucker Farms LLC    
184     Sunshinendaisies Filly Whom Shall I Fear Gold Mine Ambrosio Homestead Acres, Agent for Ernie Hochstetler    
185     Miss Megastar Filly Valentino Second Term Rockstar Meadows    
186     Maggie Filly Always A Virgin Straight Fuel In Law Stables    
187     Abeautifulswan Filly Swan For All Shes A Buckeye Chapel Ridge Farm    
188     He's Rockin Hot Colt Rockin Image Shes So Hot Wilt Standardbred    
189     Hannah On The Virg Filly Always A Virgin Sukura John M. Bontrager Jr, Agent for Aron Bontrager    
190     Rocker Stellar Colt Rockin Image She's Stella Rollin Acres    
191     Real Caesar OUT Colt Real Desire Shezarealcaesar Schwartz Board Farm  
192     Queen Margherita Filly Guccio Swan Lady Black Creek Farm    
193     Laramie Colt Swan For All Sister Sammy K.E.M. Standardbreds    
194     Cherry Dip Filly Cherry Hill Park SJ's Valentine Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
195     Pop Secret Colt Pilgrims Chuckie Lodgepole Pine Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Ernest Graber    
196     President Sam Colt Panther Hanover Presidential Payne Luckiana Farm    
197     Awesome Cotton Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Some Cotton Swiss Boarding Farm LLC    
198     Feel The Freedom Filly Whom Shall I Fear Tymal Tatiana RND Standardbreds    
199     JD's Queen Lori Filly Panspacificflight Southwind Diana Jacob L. Miller    
200     Rockin Jamanji OUT Colt Rockin Image Southwind Jumanji Hoosier Standardbred Farm  
201     Viva's Jesse Gelding Jailhouse Jesse Tymal Viva Schmucker Farms LLC    
202     Just Wanna Roll Colt Time To Roll Sportstown Legacy Rockstar Meadows    
203     Johnny Ringo Colt Rockin Image Star Keeper In Law Stables    
204     Lillian Rose Filly Time To Roll Up Front Sharon Swiss Boarding Farm LLC    
205     Alwayswasalwayswil Gelding Always A Virgin Stylin Seelster In Law Stables    
206     Swanway Glider Gelding Swan For All Subway Series Rockstar Meadows , Agent for Noah Graber    
207     Stylingtino Filly Valentino Vegas Style Rockstar Meadows    
208     Southernoperation Colt Cherry Hill Park Summer In The City Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for J R Stoll    
209     Rockin April Filly Tellitlikeitis Miss Liz Oakwood Farms    
210     Jesmach Veronica Filly Rockin Image Vitameatavegamin Straight A Stable, Agent for Harvey E. Fry    
211     Radiantrosie Filly Always A Virgin Rock Me Santilli Luckiana Farm    
212     Afraid Not OUT Colt Whom Shall I Fear Teagan John M. Bontrager Jr    
213     Jailbreak Jess Filly Jailhouse Jesse Wanda Hanover Black Creek Farm    
214     Frontier's Image Colt Rockin Image The Face Of Love Newfound Stables    
215     Sunset Secret Colt Always A Virgin Things Left Unsaid Sunset Acres    
216     Come On With It Colt Tellitlikeitis Intelligence Homestead Acres, Agent for Ernie Hochstetler    
217     Classic Country Filly Rockin Image BC's Jesse Lyndar Stables    
218     Artistic Virgin Filly Always A Virgin Timeless Artist Black Creek Farm, Agent for Maumee River Stables    
219     Miss Poppi Filly Tellitlikeitis Miss Big Hanover Freedom Hill Farms    
220     Topville Cruiser Colt Rockin Image Topville Celerity Topville Acres    
221     Fox Valley Conquer Colt Time To Roll Tosca Hanover Walker Standardbreds    
222     Pilgrim's Bubba OUT Colt Pilgrims Chuckie Winning Blade Flacco Family Farms, LLC    
223     Skyway Kramer Colt Swan For All Keystone Sadie Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
224     Fox Valley Bangin' Colt Time To Roll Tyler Too Walker Standardbreds    
225     JR Desire Colt Real Desire Winspirational Swiss Boarding Farm LLC, Agent for JAC Farms    
226     BB Bugatti Colt Rockin Image U R It BB Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Ernest Graber    
227     Rockinscience Colt Rockin Image Secluded Beach Straight A Stable    
228     My House Colt Rockin Image Best Boss Legacy Lane Farm    
229     I'd Rather Be Red Filly Swan For All Ultimate Red In Law Stables , Agent    
230     Swan Again Colt Swan For All Ever A Lady Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
231     Nosy Filly Mr. Cantab Writtenonthewind Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent    
232     Classy And Elegant OUT Filly Class Included Up Andover It Black Creek Farm, Agent for Mary Helen Brock    
233     Winona Ivy Filly Always A Virgin We Be American Ivy Lane Farm    
234     Heir For Swan Colt Swan For All Yankee Kelsie Ruddick Stables, Agent    
235     Always B Jollie Colt Always A Virgin Keystone Maddie Yoder Standardbreds    
236     Whatsamata Pilgrim Colt Pilgrims Chuckie Whatasamata Hanover Flacco Family Farms, LLC    
237     Ladysbigswan Gelding Swan For All Lady Saint LLML, LLC    
238     Loose Leotard Colt Always A Virgin Highlandopheliaroc Legacy Lane Farm    
239     Virg It Is Filly Always A Virgin Gottogetoutmore Newfound Stables    
240     Silverstar's Flash Colt Real Desire Wildflower Hanover Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
241     Rockin Panout Colt Rockin Image Will Panout In Law Stables    
242     Always Windy Colt Always A Virgin Wind Squall RND Standardbreds    
243     Determined Swan Colt Swan For All All Drama Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
244     WW Swan Star Gelding Swan For All Lost In Lindy Land Rollin Acres    
245     Meadowbrook Jake Colt Rockin Image Windsong Jacoba Meadowbrook Farm, Agent    
246     Loveable Fury Filly Whom Shall I Fear Lovely Jan Double R Farm    
247     Block Rocker Colt Rockin Image Yes We Did Homestead Acres    
248     Lakeview Park Colt Cherry Hill Park All Night Hall Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Norman Raber    
249     Rose Run Vision Filly Time To Roll A And G's Finest Swiss Boarding Farm LLC, Agent for Martz Creek Farm    
250     Topville Amazing Colt Rockin Image A Fiesty Affair Topville Acres    
251     McQwik Gelding Tellitlikeitis A Loskoz Bluegrass Homestead Acres    
252     Fear This Chip Colt Whom Shall I Fear Charms Chip Black Creek Farm, Agent for Delmar Wagler    
253     Roll With Delight Filly Time To Roll Angel From Above David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
254     Typesetter OUT Colt Guccio ABC Bay Bee Black Creek Farm & Hickory Hollow Stables  
255     Zoey's Charm Filly Always A Virgin Abriella Freedom Hill Farms    
256     Miss Schenkel Filly Guccio Ackbro Ms Perfect Pond A Acres    
257     Arroya's Dance Filly Riggins Arroya Blue Chip Maple Lane Farm    
258     Bob's Troy Colt Swan For All After Jesse Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent for Mystical Marker Farm    
259     Allthewaymae Filly Always A Virgin My Girl Maddie David Wayne Yoder    
260     Andover Hill Colt Guccio Andover Babe Black Creek Farm & Maumee River Stables    
261     Captain Keen OUT Colt Always A Virgin DG's Straightflush David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
262     Trustfund Tycoon Colt Swan For All Bankers Girl Misty Ridge Stables & Black Creek Farm    
263     Fox Valley Allure Filly Time To Roll Anything You Ask Walker Standardbreds    
264     Atania Filly Jailhouse Jesse Atia Straight A Stable    
265     Bountiful Brittney Filly Swan For All Aucune Hanover David Wayne Yoder    
266     Rockin Business Colt Rockin Image Bettor Business Lloyd Wittmer    
267     Brookview Angel Filly Time To Roll Babylon Sister Brookview Farms    
268     Havana Ooh Nana Filly Guccio Bailey's Wish Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent for James Bafia    
269     Explosive Swan Filly Swan For All Bambino Explosion Sunset Stables    
270     Good Image Colt Rockin Image Do Me Good Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent for Engle Equine,LLC    
271     Swanton Soup Colt Swan For All Big Z Credit Ruddick Stables, Agent    
272     Quality In Motion Filly Jailhouse Jesse Glide N Seek Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Equine Acres    
273     Lisa Fern Filly Always A Virgin Honeys Luck Lyndar Stables , Agent for Maynard Bontrager    
274     More Beer For Jr Gelding Tellitlikeitis Beer Goggles John M. Bontrager Jr, Agent for Aron Bontrager    
275     Blue Desire Filly Real Desire Blue Nile Legacy Lane Farm, Agent    
276     Meetmeatdwr Gelding Mr. Cantab Beldame Hanover Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for J R Stoll    
277     Back Road Kiss Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Biggirlurbeautiful Chapel Ridge Farm    
278     Skyway Bambino Filly Always A Virgin Bikini Beach Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
279     Rockin Honor Filly Rockin Image Do Me Honor Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent for Engle Equine,LLC    
280     Buddysnvirgins Colt Always A Virgin Blue Starlett Luckiana Farm    
281     Skyway Ballet OUT Filly Time To Roll Blazing Blaire Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
282     Eternal Bliss Filly Riggins Blissfull Romance Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for David Schwartz    
283     Latest Rock Colt Rockin Image Latest Design In Law Stables    
284     Hoosier Tizzy Filly Time To Roll Bluebird Tizzy Swiss Boarding Farm LLC, Agent    
285     Townline Big Rigs Colt Riggins Breathtaking Townline Stables    
286     Fantasy Eclipse Gelding Bluto Merry Legs Hanover Brookview Farms    
287     Sweet Talkin Gypsy Filly Tellitlikeitis Bristol Lake Misty Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent    
288     Rockin Diva Filly Rockin Image Btwnyurheartnmine Silver Stone Farm    
289     Mr. Courage Colt Always A Virgin Fashion Mystery In Law Stables    
290     Rockin The Chrome Colt Rockin Image By All Means Rebecca A. Lustig    
291     Skyway Bella Filly Time To Roll Buckle Bunni Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
292     Italian Beauty Filly Guccio C C Jennifer P Black Creek Farm    
293     Fox Valley Rollin Colt Time To Roll C Suzabelle Walker Standardbreds    
294     Rockin In The Wind Filly Rockin Image Campanile Hanover Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent    
295     Candy's Desire OUT Filly Real Desire Candy N Apples Schwartz Board Farm  
296     Wenistopdreaming Colt Rockin Image Cam's Dreamer Shady Lane Meadows    
297     Myrichdaughter Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Myrichmothernlaw Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for John L. Miller    
298     Ultimate Rocket Gelding Rockin Image Carnivalocity Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Equine Acres    
299     Woodside D Class Colt Class Included Celebrity Faith Woodside Farm    
300     Forever Muv Filly Rockin Image Forever Cam Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent for Walnut Hall Stock Farm    
301     Iwasbornaruninkind Colt Whom Shall I Fear Mamiesnightmare Shady Lane Meadows    
302     Bluebird Keepsake Filly Swan For All Changed It All Bluebird Meadows    
303     Meadowbrook Chip Colt Whom Shall I Fear Chips Goddess Meadowbrook Farm    
304     Tropical Tracey Filly Always A Virgin Christine's Return David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
305     Carly's Charm Filly Guccio Ciao Bela Luckiana Farm    
306     Prime Time Jesse Colt Jailhouse Jesse Chillinghim Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent for Dudley R. Thompson    
307     Double A Chrome Colt Whom Shall I Fear Lyrical G Double A Acres    
308     My Place Rocks Colt Rockin Image Myplaceonthebeach Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
309     Rollinlkastar Filly Time To Roll Phyleon Rockstar Meadows    
310     Cruisin Virgin Colt Always A Virgin Cruisin In Pink Rollin Acres, Agent for Michael Schmucker    
311     Fox Valley Amie Filly Time To Roll Fox Valley Amelia Walker Standardbreds    
312     Classical Knight Gelding Swan For All Keep It Classy Double R Farm    
313     Miss Smead Filly Guccio Cum Laude Hall Pond A Acres    
314     Custom Molly Filly Cherry Hill Park Custom Model Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
315     Woodside Daisy Pie Filly Guccio Cutie Pie Woodside Farm    
316     Captain Ted Colt Whom Shall I Fear Dandelion Dust Pond A Acres    
317     Tsunamiontheshore Colt Bring On The Beach Dandy's Jewel Lloyd Wittmer    
318     Bluebird Demarini Colt Always A Virgin Day Lily Hanover Bluebird Meadows    
319     On An Assignment Filly Guccio Daylon Mission Black Creek Farm    
320     Moose Is Loose Colt Time To Roll Deferred Comp Boss Hoss Stables, Faron Parr    
321     Elite Five Filly Always A Virgin Desert Flower Homestead Acres    
322     Mr Mojo Rising Colt Time To Roll Fox Valley Estella Walker Standardbreds    
323     GD Braden's Choice Gelding Always A Virgin Delightful Party Yoder Standardbreds    
324     Designs Desire Filly Real Desire Design Two Scoot Maple Lane Farm    
325     DeSwanslittlelorie Filly Swan For All Devoutly Hanover LLML, LLC    
326     Meadowbrook Tina Filly Rockin Image Diamond Tiara Meadowbrook Farm    
327     Always First Colt Always A Virgin Do Me First Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent for Engle Equine,LLC    
328     Dynamic Fear Filly Whom Shall I Fear Dynamic Lavec Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Willis Raber    
329     Don't Test Me Filly Rockin Image Don't Sugar Me In Law Stables , Agent    
330     Brigotto Colt Bluto Dream Act Pond A Acres    
331     Durango Ivy Gelding Always A Virgin Dropitlikeitshot Ivy Lane Farm    
332     Fox Valley Sheldon Colt Time To Roll Duncans Sister Walker Standardbreds    
333     Captain Classic Colt Rockin Image Fox Valley Monika Legacy Lane Farm    
334     Easton Ivy Gelding Swan For All Earl's Susie Q Ivy Lane Farm    
335     Swans Darling Filly Swan For All Earl's Dixie Darlin Double R Farm , Agent for Glen Hershberger & Sam Lambright    
336     Fear This Muffit Filly Whom Shall I Fear Earls Miss Muffit In Law Stables , Agent    
337     PM Acres Balistics Filly Guccio Ecstatic Meadowbrook Farm, Agent for Marlin E. Eash    
338     Like A Peach Filly Tellitlikeitis Peachy Yankee Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
339     Fox Valley Stunner Filly Time To Roll Epona Walker Standardbreds    
340     Evil's Firecracker Filly Guccio Evil Cnivel Cornerstone Stock Farm    
341     Pondalicious Filly Net Ten EOM Fancy Miss Pond A Acres    
342     Just Like Fire Colt Jailhouse Jesse Glide Sally Glide In Law Stables , Agent    
343     Miss Eldorado Filly Big Stick Lindy Em El Cash Pond A Acres    
344     Bluebird Maserati Filly Whom Shall I Fear Fancy The Look Bluebird Meadows    
345     Livinonlove Filly Rockin Image Farewell Streams Chapel Ridge Farm    
346     Reviewer's Chip Gelding Cherry Hill Park Reviewer Oakwood Farms, Agent for Lester Knepp    
347     Royal Rocks Colt Rockin Image GT Miss Royal Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
348     Woodside Dasher Gelding Always A Virgin Filly Buster Woodside Farm    
349     Finaltab Swan OUT Filly Swan For All Final Tab Hanover Maple Lane Farm  
350     Woodside Doctorjim Colt Guccio Fireworks Hanover Woodside Farm    
351     Power Of Tell Colt Tellitlikeitis Power of Presence Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
352     Cominghomeinstyle Filly Jailhouse Jesse Explosive Style Maple Lane Farm, Agent    
353     Candy's Image Rocks Colt Rockin Image Cantankerous Shady Lane Meadows    
354     Fly Ray Fly Gelding Jailhouse Jesse Flying Rae Robert C Sidley    
355     Sunburst Overtime Filly Time To Roll Fox Valley Backoff Black Creek Farm, Agent for Sunburst Meadows    
356     Illini Georgia Filly Swan For All Fox Valley Pic University of Illinois    
357     So Foxy Filly Bluto Fox Valley Click Slabach Bros Standardbreds, Agent    
358     Glittafa Dayz Colt Riggins Fox Valley Dazzle University of Illinois    
359     Jesse's Poet Filly Jailhouse Jesse Fox Valley Poetry Schwartz Boarding Farm, Agent    
360     Bad Boy Jesse Colt Jailhouse Jesse Fox Valley Tryst Schwartz Boarding Farm, Agent    
361     Foxy For All Filly Swan For All Foxy N Diamonds Schwartz Boarding Farm, Agent    
362     Swan Beauty filly Swan For All Graceful Way Oakwood Farms    
363     Full Color Image Filly Rockin Image Full Color Camo Maple Lane Farm    
364     Gia Guccio Colt Guccio Gia Hall Lloyd Wittmer    
365     Always A Diva Filly Always A Virgin Gentle Artist David Wayne Yoder    
366     Metis As Always Filly Always A Virgin Metis Blue Chip Newfound Stables    
367     Reo Rocks Colt Rockin Image Give Me An Amen Legacy Lane Farm, Agent    
368     Energy Vessel Colt Always A Virgin Barely Legal Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Equine Acres    
369     Vel Miss Panther Filly Panther Hanover Goa Girl Schwartz Boarding Farm    
370     Gordjus Ways Filly Rockin Image Gordjus Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Serenity Stables    
371     Golden Genes Colt Big Stick Lindy Golda Plumsted Black Creek Farm, Agent for Marlin Detweiler    
372     Ultimate Power Colt Whom Shall I Fear Ultimate Star Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
373     Frontier Stylish Filly Whom Shall I Fear AB's Extra Credit Newfound Stables    
374     May Baby Filly Guccio Free Wheeling Oakwood Farms