2021 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries
Yearlings Consigned by Chapel Ridge Farm

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since August 4, 2021.

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Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Pedigree Video
26     Swanpandemic Colt Swan In A Million Tiffy    
28     Jalen Is Cool* Colt Tellitlikeitis Cool Kid Hanover    
30     Secure Deposit* Filly Swan For All CR Dixie Chick    
41     DJ's Sazerac* Colt Rockin Image Delta Dawn Hanover    
59     Cinderlane Shark* Colt Shadyshark Hanover Dreamlikeme Ivy    
62     Rockin The Bay Colt Rockin Image EE Bay    
66     Morehelpforjosh* Gelding Helpisontheway Everything N More    
114     Rockinforreal Colt Rockin Image Iam Total For Real    
132     Lost In Luck Filly Luck Be With You BB Rocks    
165     Swandrethegoliath Colt Swan For All Magic Babe    
168     Count A Million* OUT Colt Swan In A Million Make It Count    
175     Mark This Swan* Colt Swan In A Million Market The Class    
191     Milliondollardream Filly Swan In A Million Motown Dream Girl    
195     Reckless Reviver* Colt Swan In A Million Muscle Up Hazel    
205     Nassau Princess Filly Real Desire Nassau Loop    
208     Mychecksrcountless* Colt Check Six Nominal Hanover    
210     Miss Chum Churm* Filly Swan In A Million Northern Courtney    
214     Little Jolena* Filly Always A Virgin Odds On Alpha    
246     Here Is Help* Colt Helpisontheway Rocher Kemp    
256     Safeintheharbor Filly Rockin Image Safe From Harm    
269     Captain Theo* Colt Helpisontheway Setubal    
272     Always Shaky* Filly Always A Virgin Shaky Hanover    
305     Walktowardthefire* Colt Helpisontheway Strong Tea    
309     High Horse Colt Crescent Fashion Swan Yankee    
321     Classy Swan Colt Swan In A Million Classy Volo    
336     BB's Bossman* Colt Tellitlikeitis U R It BB    
397     Joyful Shark Colt Shadyshark Hanover Joyful Western    
411     Surfing For A Million* OUT Colt Swan In A Million Body Surfing  
413     Aloysius Dream OUT Filly Luck Be With You Breathtaking  
* Indicates Agent yearling