2022 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries
Yearlings Consigned by Chapel Ridge Farm

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since August 5, 2022.

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Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Pedigree Video
9     Cinder Luck* Colt Luck Be Withyou K J Hannah    
11     Swan Sweet Million Colt Swan In A Million Keep It Sweet    
37     Lynnly's Lucky Al Colt Swan In A Million Lucky Lynnly    
65     Magical Mission Colt Swan For All Mystical Wishes    
67     Nassau's Diamond Filly Real Desire Nassau Loop    
74     Goodwinphoria Filly Swan In A Million Northern Courtney    
112     Rockinonthevirg Colt Always A Virgin Rockin BB    
119     Safe Guard Filly Luck Be Withyou Safe From Harm    
139     Set Your Sail Colt Swan In A Million Setubal    
142     Lucky Shark* Gelding Luck Be Withyou Shaky Hanover    
144     Shady Maple Flyer* Colt Pilot Discretion Sheena Blue Chip    
194     Yonder Ketch Colt JK Endofanera U R It BB    
205     Mr Check Colt Check Six Western Kit    
225     Millions Scotty Colt Swan In A Million Above All Hanover    
251     Alexa Filly Helpisontheway Bags For All    
256     BB's Luck Filly Luck Be Withyou BB Rocks    
258     Mytimesawastin* Colt Pinetucky Beldame Hanover    
272     Instant Money Colt Swan In A Million Bride    
302     Certified Swan Colt Swan In A Million Classy Volo    
307     Strike It Rich Colt Swan In A Million Crazy Apple Jack    
319     Help Is Here Now* Colt Helpisontheway Deliteful Debbie    
323     Designated Freak* Colt Freaky Feet Pete Designated Drinker    
340     Ecrater Colt Shadyshark Hanover EE Bay    
348     Thisswansforme Filly Swan In A Million Falls For Me    
349     Fancy Karo* Colt Swan In A Million Fancy Dance    
355     Flashinamillion Filly Swan In A Million Flashy Lady    
386     Savanah Hall Filly Check Six Guidette Hanover    
395     Platinums Image* Colt Rockin Image Hold It Hanover    
403     Chase Colt Swan In A Million I Want Kandy    
* Indicates Agent yearling