2019 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries
Yearlings Sired by Rockin Image

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since July 24, 2019.

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Hip Name Sex Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
2     Never Omega Colt Odds On Alpha Chapel Ridge Farm    
16     JKNR Rockin Colt Guarding The Gold Bluebird Meadows    
19     Play Me Rock Colt Play Good Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
21     Pop Kaitlyn Filly Pop Queen Yoder Standardbreds    
22     GD Pop A Top Filly Poppie's Pride Yoder Standardbreds    
23     Sun Chip Colt Portia Blue Chip In Law Stables    
27     Certifiable Colt Psychotic Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
34     Attitudes Rocking Colt Has An Attitude Paul R Lengacher    
37     Bluebird Rock Me Up Filly Rev Me Up Bluebird Meadows    
49     Over Manned Colt Sand Pleasure In Law Stables    
50     All Gears On Filly Sara's Lucky Charm In Law Stables    
56     Ultimaroca Colt Ultimate Best Straight A Stable    
70     Rockinstorm Colt Penny's Fortune Shady Lane Meadows    
77     Stormin Justin Colt So Long My Love Luckiana Farm    
78     Coulditbeme Filly Some Cotton Swiss Boarding Farms, LLC    
82     RJ Sports Image Colt Sports Anchor RND Standardbreds    
83     Rockin Legacy Filly Sportstown Legacy Rockstar Meadows    
84     Rockinonthestage Colt Stage Review Swiss Boarding Farms, LLC    
90     Loveatfirstglance Colt Lady Juno Luckiana Farm    
95     Rockin Jewel Filly Synergy Seelster Homestead Acres    
98     Frontier Romance Colt The Face Of Love Newfound Stables    
101     Rosa's Image Filly Goddess's Rosa Misty Ridge Stables LLC    
108     Southern Roadtrip Colt Dixiegirl Freedom Hill Farms    
114     Rockinsomewhere Colt Secluded Beach Straight A Stable    
120     My Golden One Colt My Taylor's Maid Luckiana Farm    
122     Dr Isaacson Colt Singit Like Aretha Legacy Lane Farm    
123     Meadowbrook Jenny Filly Windsong Jacoba Meadowbrook Farm    
129     Royal Chief Colt Yes We Did Homestead Acres    
130     Rock Worthy Colt A Loskoz Bluegrass Homestead Acres    
142     Always Rockin Gelding Always Wearable Maple Lane Farm    
144     Sick For It Colt She's Glorious David Wayne Yoder    
145     Rockin Ranae Filly Angel From Above David Wayne Yoder    
150     Rock Of Art Colt Artsy Cafe Ruddick Stables    
151     Rockin Artsy Filly Artsy Princess Homestead Acres    
156     Rock This Town Colt Little Maeve Sunrise Farm & Frontier Farms    
162     Rockin Jazzabell Filly Bells Are Ringing David Wayne Yoder    
163     GD Rockin Best Filly Bestofbothworlds Yoder Standardbreds    
165     Better Rock Colt Bettor Business Lloyd Wittmer    
167     Bettors Image Filly Bettor Thoughts Rockstar Meadows    
170     Modern Twist Colt The Sleazy Princess Lyndar Stables    
172     Skyway Brittney Filly Blazing Blaire Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
178     Rockin Luke Colt Campanile Hanover David Wayne Yoder    
183     Always A Carnival Filly Carnivalocity Legacy Lane Farm    
185     Skyway Chief Colt Cat Race Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
188     Rockin Arlene Filly Top Choice Hanover David Wayne Yoder    
195     Rockin Langford Colt Overwhelming Lyndar Stables    
208     Rockinwithpride Filly Grandiose Gal Oakwood Farms    
210     Jesmach Diamond Gelding Delirium Straight A Stable    
218     Rock Me Good Colt Do Me Good Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
219     Honor's Image Filly Do Me Honor Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
240     EL's Rocker Colt Frequent Flyer Pleasant View Stables    
242     Ollies Rockin Colt My Girl Maddie David Wayne Yoder    
247     Label Rocker Colt Therese Killean Legacy Lane Farm    
284     Rockin Rampage Colt JK Cameo RND Standardbreds    
287     Rockin Fire Colt Black Diamonds Jeff S. Jones    
288     GD Rockin Kay Filly Kayla's Dream Yoder Standardbreds    
297     Sparkling Dawn Filly Sunflower Luckiana Farm    
302     Rockin Dandy Colt Miss Liz Oakwood Farms    
326     Sassy Q Filly Maeve Q In Law Stables    
339     Ever Rocking Filly McEver Lloyd Wittmer    
348     Rockin Maverick Filly Miss Maverick Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
355     Bluebird Miken Colt Day Lili Hanover Bluebird Meadows    
361     Gypsy's Special Filly Mystical Gypsy Oakwood Farms    
367     Carbon Cider Filly Nutmegs Cider Luckiana Farm