2019 Hoosier Classic Yearling Sale Results - Hips 1-370 - Friday, October 25 & Saturday, October 26 - 10 a.m. Start Time each session

Please note: video links were provided by third-party vendors in advance of the sale. If links are broken, it is as a result of vendors taking down videos and is out of the control of Hoosier Classic Sale Company.

Hip Name (Sex Color) Sire-Dam Consignor Buyer Price
76     Sleazy Rolls (br.f.)  Time To Roll - Sleazy Does It Martz Creek Farm, Agent Henry Graber, Monroe, IN $10,000
77     Stormin Justin (b.c.)  Rockin Image - So Long My Love Luckiana Farm Mark Evers, Lebanon, OH $65,000
78     Coulditbeme (br.f.)  Rockin Image - Some Cotton Swiss Boarding Farms, LLC Doug Rideout, Winchester, IN $10,000
79     JK She's Gordjus (br.f.)  JK Endofanera - Gordjus Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Serenity Stables Erv Miller, Agent, Wind Gap, PA $10,000
80     Miracle Music (br.c.)  Swan For All - Sound Of Music Double R Farm, Agent for Sam Lambright Out
81     Pacific's Last Dance (b.f.)  Panspacificflight - Southwind Diana Jacob L Miller Ernie Gaskin, Agent, Anderson, IN $10,000
82     RJ Sports Image (b.c.)  Rockin Image - Sports Anchor RND Standardbreds Ora Miller, Goshen, IN $5,000
83     Rockin Legacy (b.f.)  Rockin Image - Sportstown Legacy Rockstar Meadows Dean Eckley, Greenville, MI $10,000
84     Rockinonthestage (b.c.)  Rockin Image - Stage Review Swiss Boarding Farms, LLC Richard Nash, Sharpsville, IN $10,000
85     Virgo (b.g.)  Always A Virgin - Star Of The Show Luckiana Farm, Agent Dylan Davis, Viola, DE $13,000
86     Claycrestdominator (br.g.)  Swan For All - Stonebridge Sonata Double R Farm, Agent for Norman Bontrager Tom Pollack, Venetia, PA $35,000
87     Maddie K (b.f.)  JK Endofanera - Straight Fuel In Law Stables Out
88     Brookview Belucky (b.f.)  Whom Shall I Fear - Summer Audit Brookview Farms LLC Ryan Raber, Agent, Montgomery, IN $4,000
89     Somethingbeautiful (b.f.)  Always A Virgin - Summer N Sand Luckiana Farm Dylan Davis, Viola, DE $30,000
90     Loveatfirstglance (b.c.)  Rockin Image - Lady Juno Luckiana Farm Melissa Essig, Agent, Alexandria, IN $37,000
91     Binary Boy (b.c.)  Mr Web Page - Swan Lady Black Creek Farm LeWayne Miller, Agent, Anderson, IN $12,000
92     D Swan On Call (br.c.)  Swan For All - Swedish Babe Legacy Lane Farm, Agent Ora Miller, Goshen , IN $18,000
93     Sweetbutnoluv (b.f.)  Time To Roll - Sweetnsinful Pond A Acres Perry Smith, Crete, IL $12,000
94     PMs CruiseToVictory (b.c.)  Swan For All - Swishnflick Lyndar Stables, Agent for Purple Martin Stables Alvin Miller, Agent, Bunker Hill, IN $36,000
95     Rockin Jewel (b.f.)  Rockin Image - Synergy Seelster Homestead Acres Keith Miller, Arthur, IL $12,000
96     Real Lady Sadie (b.f.)  Always A Virgin - Lady Mystique In Law Stables Aaron Miller, Anderson, IN $10,000
97     Mr Tee (b.g.)  Whom Shall I Fear - Teagan John Bontrager Saundra Peavyhouse, South Lyon, MI $13,000
98     Frontier Romance (b.c.)  Rockin Image - The Face Of Love Newfound Stables The Kales Company, Anthony Lombardi, Bloomfield Hills, MI $20,000
99     MJR Moejoe (br.c.)  Whom Shall I Fear - Define A Decade Oakwood Farms, Agent for Marvin Raber Kenny Collierr, Ellery, IL $6,000
100     Fox Valley Tempt (b.c.)  Time To Roll - Theladyappealstome Walker Standardbreds Ken Rucker, Muncie, IN $24,000

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