2023 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries
Yearlings Sired by JK Endofanera

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since July 31, 2023.

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Hip Name Sex Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
10     Meadowbrook Amy Filly Rocksann Meadowbrook Farm    
11     Over Manned OUT Colt Sand Pleasure In Law Stables
26     Bluebird Emma Filly Sealark Hanover Bluebird Meadows    
29     Manwiththeplan Colt Secluded Beach Legacy Lane Farm    
39     Blessed Beginning Filly She's Glorious In Law Stables    
42     Lights On Him Colt She's Lights Out Swiss Boarding Farms    
58     Macroforce Filly St Helena Legacy Lane Farm    
60     Done In Seven Colt Star Of The Show In Law Stables    
64     Someday Someway Filly Storm Point Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent    
65     JK Party Colt Street Party Shady Lane Meadows, Agent    
75     Ponda Ferarri Colt Sweetnsinful Pond A Acres    
76     One Sweet JK Filly Sweetsgetintheway Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
81     JK's Summer Express Filly Tell Me It's Summer Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
86     Book The Fight Colt Black Jack Pat Luckiana Farm    
87     This JK Rocks Colt This Peach Rocks Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
91     Topville Caitlyn Filly Topville Cadillac Topville Acres    
93     Ezra Tony OUT Colt Transit Hanover Homestead Acres, Agent for Newfound Stables
102     Shipshe Chrome Colt Up Front Cruiser David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
103     Bale Or Swift Filly UP Front Kellie Jo Legacy Lane Farm    
108     Skyway Van Gogh Colt Verbosa Hanover Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
109     Bluebird Earlybird Filly Virgin Girl Bluebird Meadows    
115     Hopeyaliketheshow Colt Don't Forget Wilt Standardbred    
127     Starlit Millertime Colt Zinderella RND Standardbreds, Agent for Starlit Stables    
129     Martz Jak Colt A And G's Finest Rollin Acres, Agent for Martz Creek Farm    
140     Vel Sharp Looking Filly Kaks Shark Attack Schwartz Boarding Farm    
147     JK's Terror Filly Angel Or Terror Woodside Farm, Agent for Kevin Beechy    
148     Bluebird History Colt Angels Touch Bluebird Meadows    
150     Brother Toney Colt Angiesmiki Hanover David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
151     Big JK Colt Anna D Eden Standardbreds    
152     Angee Jo Filly Annie's Delight Integrity Stables    
173     Momaigotbadnews Colt Best Boss Legacy Lane Farm    
175     JK Business Colt Bettor Business Wittmer Standardbreds    
176     Bold Era Colt Big Easy Hanover Integrity Stables    
185     Betterlikethis Colt Brown Magic Woman Integrity Stables    
188     Sizesevenround Colt Campanile Shady Lane Meadows    
202     Giant Surprise Colt Miss Lizz Oakwood Farms    
203     JK Doitagain Colt Chaxiraxi Hanover Rockstar Meadows, Agent for James Graber    
210     Cheers To That Filly Petrona Blue Chip Wilt Standardbred    
220     Foxy Beach Filly Dance Obsession Yoder Standardbreds    
236     Do Me Best Filly Do Me Good Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
249     Delightfulend Colt Elizabeth Bluechip Luckiana Farm    
253     Beachofanera Colt Exotic Beach Yoder Standardbreds    
262     Setting The Stage Filly Balinska Hanover Lyndar Stables    
265     Manwithaplan Colt Mystical MJ David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
269     Little Miss Renegade Filly U R It BB Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Ernest Graber    
278     Brookview Fancy Filly Get Your Armor Brookview Farms    
282     JK's Girl Filly Girl Boss Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
285     Lucifermorningstar Colt Goldstar Mysti Mast Standardbreds, Agent    
287     Gotthis BB Colt Gotthisone Hanover Rockstar Meadows    
292     Shellyonthebeach Filly Seashell Hanover Rockstar Meadows    
305     Son Of Era Colt Ideal A Little Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Equine Acres    
309     In Era's Image Filly Image Of Felicia RND Standardbreds, Agent for Leon Bontrager    
321     Aneraofclowns Filly Jiggles The Clown Integrity Stables, Agent    
322     Westedge Went West Filly JK Musicofthenite West Edge Acres    
338     Magical Rainbow Filly LaFiesta Shady Lane Meadows, Agent    
347     Fastlane Rebel Colt Love To Roll Meadowbrook Farm, Agent for Fast Lane Stables    
348     Bluebird Dynasty Colt Love You Always Bluebird Meadows    
361     RJ Wine Chip Colt May Wine Blue Chip RND Standardbreds    
363     Everendofera Filly McEver Wittmer Standardbreds    
377     This Girl Can Sing Filly Monkeys Can Sing Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent    
400     Hemeraville Filly Odds On Hemera Black Creek Farm    
402     Woodside Iofatiger Colt Beach Story Woodside Farm