2021 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries
Yearlings Sired by Always A Virgin

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since August 4, 2021.

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Hip Name Sex Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
3     Dreaminthosedreams Colt Campanile Shady Lane Meadows    
5     Jesmach Crownroyal Gelding Can'ttakeitwithyou Straight A Stable, Agent for Harvey Fry    
7     Hot Lava Colt Carobbean Pacetry Black Creek Farm    
17     Modern Q Filly Maeve Q In Law Stables    
19     Fuel Injector Filly Straight Fuel In Law Stables    
22     Corona Baby Filly Circus Of Power Integrity Stables    
25     Rose's Virgin OUT Colt Classy Lane Rose Yoder Standardbreds, Agent for Hidden Acres Stable  
38     Bluebird Graf Filly Day Lily Hanover Bluebird Meadows    
52     Always Good Colt Do Me Good Victory Hill Farm, Agent    
53     Deebo Addai Filly Doc's Diva Luckiana Farm    
56     JN First Time Colt Dragon Damsel Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Nate Miller & Justin Yoder    
75     Always Floating Colt Float On By Straight A Stable, Agent for Larry Miller Jr.    
82     Lighting Streak Colt Fox Valley Sloan In Law Stables    
86     Topville Grandvirg Colt Glass In The Sand Topville Acres    
91     Incomparablevirgin Colt Goin Broke Maple Lane Farm, Agent for Nathan Eicher    
102     Always Has Avirgin Colt Has An Attitude Paul R. Lengacher    
105     Always In Flight Filly Hex Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Equine Acres    
136     GD Dream On Filly Kayla's Dream Yoder Standardbreds    
140     Pristine Beach Filly Keystone Wanda Black Creek Farm, Agent & Northern Lane Farm    
146     Lieutenant Waja Colt Lady Bones Homestead Acres, Agent    
147     Meadowbrook Jodie Filly Lady Lakers Meadowbrook Farm    
153     Poetic Glory Filly She's Glorious In Law Stables    
164     Shake Me Loose Filly Sand Pleasure In Law Stables    
179     Mcardleonavirg Filly Mcardle Direct Integrity Stables    
204     Ponda Treasure Filly Mystical Treasure Pond A Acres    
207     Spirited Case Filly Case Solved In Law Stables    
213     Heart Throttle Colt Odds On Adventure In Law Stables    
214     Little Jolena Filly Odds On Alpha Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Platnium Stables    
257     Always Amazing Colt Electric Sparkle Victory Hill Farm    
264     Bobmarshal Colt Secluded Beach Straight A Stable    
265     Classical Friskie Filly Sectionline Friskie Homestead Acres    
272     Always Shaky Filly Shaky Hanover Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Wagler Farms    
280     Alwaysanun Filly Singit Like Aretha Legacy Lane Farm    
298     Why Not Now Colt Star Of The Show In Law Stables    
302     Always Be Stormunn Colt Stormunn Misty Ridge Stables LLC    
318     The Grace Card Filly Where Are We Lyndar Stables    
319     Rocky Virg Gelding Thewayulooktonight Maple Lane Farm    
323     Topville Classical Colt Topville Cadillac Topville Acres    
332     Black Sheep Filly Twin B Heartland In Law Stables    
335     Canyouhearmenow Filly Tyra Shady Lane Meadows    
350     Personal Note Filly Art Critic Lyndar Stables    
371     Bluebird Alibi Filly Alibi Seelster Bluebird Meadows    
379     Anna Jo Filly Anna D Homestead Acres, Agent for Freeman Miller Jr    
385     Proven Point Filly Thesleazyprincess Lyndar Stables    
386     Art Imitation OUT Colt Art Frenzy Misty Ridge Stables LLC  
395     Awesome Rock Gelding Banderosa Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
398     Wired Too Well OUT Colt BC's Jesse Lyndar Stables  
402     Undisturbed OUT Filly Best Boss Legacy Lane Farm  
412     Bookworm Filly Bookie Integrity Stables