2013 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries - Hips 1-346
Friday, October 25 & Saturday, October 26

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since August 15, 2013.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     GD Cruise For Gold Colt Allthatglittersisgold MacKenzie Beth Yoder Standardbreds    
2     Bust The Lane Colt Jailhouse Jesse Maiden Lane Midland Acres Inc., Agent for    
3     Supernatural Luck Colt Swan For All Snipnstar Luckiana Farm    
4     Ultimate Encore Colt Encore Encore Southwind Ultima Schwartz Boarding Farm    
5     DL Power Colt Power Play Maleficent Dale Wittmer    
6     Fireisgone OUT Colt Shadyshark Hanover Magic Moments Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for    
7     Northersisterkatie OUT Filly Real Desire Major's Sister Northern Lane Farm  
8     Nan's Queen Filly Swan For All Nantucket Harbor David Wayne Yoder, Agent for    
9     GW's Honkytonk OUT Colt Power Play Smart Router Pond A Acres, Agent  
10     GW's Dixie Filly Shadyshark Hanover Mapua Magic N Pond A Acres, Agent    
11     McKenna Ivy Filly Jenna's Beach Boy McCardle Valley Ivy Lane Farm    
12     Glamorous Stick Filly Big Stick Lindy What A Lady Black Creek Farm    
13     Incredible Image Colt Rockin Image Choo Choo Double R Farm, Agent for    
14     Matina's Jewel Filly Elegant Man Matina Vita Maple Lane Farm, Agent for    
15     Docthethird Gelding Whitefish Falls Michelles Beauty Wagler Farms    
16     Msladytab Filly Mr Cantab Beldame Hanover J R Stoll Farm    
17     Always A Vision Filly Always A Virgin Michelle's Choice Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent    
18     Jailhouse Mickey Colt Jailhouse Jesse Mickey Lavec Midland Acres Inc.    
19     Blow The World A Kiss Filly Shadyshark Hanover Mighty Passion Chapel Ridge Farm    
20     Always Poppin Colt Always A Virgin Poppy Lustre N Pond A Acres    
21     Icanglide Filly Mr Cantab Miss Glider Legacy Lane Farm    
22     Victorious Money Filly ABC Garland Big Z Money Homestead Acres    
23     Jailhouse Point Colt Jailhouse Jesse Montauk Point Midland Acres Inc.    
24     Sticky Pine Filly Big Stick Lindy Ms Piggy Pine Black Creek Farm    
25     Maggy Mae Mae OUT Filly Real Desire Maggy's Art Midland Acres Inc.  
26     Northern Captain Joe Colt Rockin Image Northern Lei Ann Northern Lane Farm    
27     Jesse's Luke Colt Jailhouse Jesse Story Book Land Oakwood Farms    
28     On The Virg Colt Always A Virgin Modern Bobbi In Law Stables    
29     Totally True Colt Total Truth True To Blue Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent    
30     Rock Proof Colt Rockin Image Ronnae Bow In Law Stables    
31     Fantasy Rocket Gelding Airzoom Lindy Montana's Maple Fantasy Acres    
32     Different Strokes Filly Real Desire Odds On Anglia Legacy Lane Farm    
33     Ms Warden Filly Jailhouse Jesse Ms Andover Hanover Legacy Lane Farm    
34     Sweetascantab Gelding Mr Cantab Music In Motion J R Stoll Farm    
35     Ashley'spieceofart OUT Filly Artist's View Ashley's Pride Willis H. Miller, Agent for  
36     Bluebird Rambo Colt Swan For All My Command To You Bluebird Meadows    
37     Sunburst Powerplay Filly Power Play My Taylor's Ham Sunburst Meadows    
38     Rock It On Out Filly Rockin Image On Your Feet BB Shady Lane Meadows    
39     Queenofherbs Filly Big Stick Lindy Myherbal Thanover Bluebird Meadows, Agent for    
40     Always Mindy Filly Always A Virgin Marks-Mindy David Wayne Yoder, Agent for    
41     Rockin Machine Colt Rockin Image Onawish Hanover Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
42     Power Billy Colt Power Play Nevada Dream Maple Lane Farm, Agent for    
43     Rock My Image Colt Rockin Image New Bolera Newfound Stables    
44     Pacific Fish Gelding Whitefish Falls Pacific Rockette Wagler Farms    
45     Bluebird Escalade Colt Swan For All Fancy The Look Bluebird Meadows    
46     Cantab Deluxe Colt Mr Cantab Northern Goddess Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for    
47     Savoya Shark Colt Shadyshark Hanover Savoya Hanover Wilt Standardbred    
48     Unofficial Business Colt Real Desire Nuzzle Hanover Midland Acres Inc.    
49     Canadian Rocker Filly Rockin Image O Panada David Wayne Yoder    
50     A G Herb Colt Here Comes Herbie Shutter Hanover Black Creek Farm, Agent for    
51     Golden Paradise Filly Allthatglittersisgold Paradise Island Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
52     Swan Street OUT Filly Swan For All Occupy Wall Street Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
53     Swadini Filly Swan For All Deliteful Debbie Straight A Stables    
54     Ideal Charm Filly Sing Jesse Sing Hastings Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for    
55     American Sweet Pea Filly Shadyshark Hanover Pan Of Iniquity Chapel Ridge Farm    
56     Gorgeous For Real Colt He's Gorgeous Pansference Schwartz Boarding Farm    
57     He's A Popper Colt He's Gorgeous Pop Queen Yoder Standardbreds    
58     Tucky's Jack Colt Pinetucky Pauline Hall Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for    
59     Shakinloose Colt Shadyshark Hanover Penny Artcade Shady Lane Meadows    
60     Mister Belief Colt Total Truth Miss AJ Ponda Pond A Acres    
61     Almostamemorynow Colt Always A Virgin Penny's Fortune Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for    
62     Pickin Up Speed Filly Airzoom Lindy P L Diamond Luckiana Farm    
63     Rockin Racer Filly Rockin Image Portia Blue Chip In Law Stables    
64     Always Present Colt Always A Virgin Power of Presence Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
65     Swan Chase Colt Swan For All Precisionist Oakwood Farms    
66     Scootinouttahere Colt Elegant Man Seductive Lady Luckiana Farm    
67     Pretty Image Filly Rockin Image Prettyasapageant Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for    
68     Sherry Baby Filly Swan For All Princess Royalty Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent for    
69     Woodside Amos Gelding Elegant Man Pretty New Woodside Farm    
70     Skyway Pandora Filly Jailhouse Jesse Priscilla's Jewel Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
71     Lakeside Ms Priss Filly Always A Virgin Queen Spartan Woodside Farm, Agent for    
72     Dark Desire Colt Real Desire Prime Suspect Midland Acres Inc.    
73     Rachie Blitz Filly Keystone Blitz Rachie Bug Martz Creek Farm    
74     W F Blitz Gelding Keystone Blitz Raquel Victory Martz Creek Farm, Agent for    
75     Northern Angle Colt Always A Virgin Smoke It Out Northern Lane Farm    
76     Bumblebzbuzz Gelding Pinetucky Bumblebzannie Rollin Acres    
77     Rockin BB Filly Rockin Image Yankee Pankee BB Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
78     Passionate Power Filly Power Play Real Cool Lady Maple Lane Farm    
79     Meadowbrook Tiger Colt Shadyshark Hanover Rain Dance Jessica Meadow Brook Farm    
80     Intothelight Filly Swan For All Rightru Thetunnel Legacy Lane Farm    
81     Gorgeous Filly Filly He's Gorgeous Rock Me Santilli Legacy Lane Farm    
82     One Fast Swan Colt Swan For All Rapid Rail Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
83     Real Rocknrol Colt Real Desire Roknrol Bluegrass Black Creek Farm, Agent for    
84     Doctor Jesse Colt Jailhouse Jesse Rompaway Doczella Midland Acres Inc.    
85     All This Commotion Gelding Pinetucky Valley Valentine Starlit Stables    
86     Limited Edition Colt Rockin Image Modern Way In Law Stables    
87     Skyway Retha Filly Always A Virgin Roses For Mom Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
88     Skyway Rhythm OUT Filly Swan For All Redeposit Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
89     Virgins Best Man Colt Always A Virgin Sachet Hall David Wayne Yoder    
90     Hoosier Rikki Filly Shadyshark Hanover Ripreza Hanover Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
91     unnamed Colt Always A Virgin Sapphire Classic Victory Hill Farm  
92     Goin Down Rockin Colt Rockin Image Savanna's Love Chapel Ridge Farm    
93     Big Stick Carol Filly Big Stick Lindy Carolyn's Fortune Double Spring Farm    
94     The Party's Rockin Colt Rockin Image Pandemonious Wilt Standardbred    
95     Icecreampaintjob Colt Shadyshark Hanover Scruuppti Chapel Ridge Farm    
96     JD's Lady's Journal Filly Panspacificflight Artistic Ideal Jacob L Miller    
97     Mr Ranger Colt Palone Ranger Major's Sweetheart Luckiana Farm    
98     Sensible Art Colt Artist's View Sensuous Girl Dale Wittmer    
99     Rock Is Sweet Filly Rockin Image Sweet Electric Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
100     Firstup Filly Rockin Image Sand Pleasure In Law Stables    
101     JJ Ailhouse Colt Jailhouse Jesse Flanery Hall Double Spring Farm    
102     Townline Shelly Filly Elegant Man Shadowofyoursmile Townline Stables    
103     Sonny D Colt Always A Virgin Sara's Lucky Charm In Law Stables    
104     Topville Silknsatn Filly Big Stick Lindy Shaken Not Stirred Topville Acres    
105     Adorable Lil Girl Filly He's Gorgeous She Can Dance Schwartz Boarding Farm    
106     Fomor Colt Big Stick Lindy Score One For Chip Pond A Acres, Agent for    
107     JD's Kari Lynn Filly Panspacificflight JD's Hot Bunny Jacob L Miller    
108     Handoverthetab Gelding Mr Cantab Sheesh Hanover Rollin Acres    
109     Meadowbrook Sharla Filly Shadyshark Hanover See Life Meadow Brook Farm    
110     Bankin In The Red Colt Jailhouse Jesse She's Not Red Midland Acres Inc.    
111     Power Stroke Colt Power Play Shipps Daydream Maple Lane Farm    
112     Twinmaplesevenplay Gelding Power Play Seven Point Maple Lane Farm, Agent for    
113     Bold Gold Colt Allthatglittersisgold Shocking Schwartz Boarding Farm    
114     Herbies Wild Child Colt Here Comes Herbie Msnaughtybynature Black Creek Farm & Maumee River Stables    
115     Woodside Abigail Filly Rockin Image Shared Account Woodside Farm    
116     ABC Kid Colt ABC Garland SJ's Valentine Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
117     Always An Artist Colt Always A Virgin Skymeadow Artist Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
118     She's Even Hotter Filly Always A Virgin She's So Hot Wilt Standardbred    
119     Please Rock Colt Rockin Image Small Pleasures Amos Schwartz    
120     Dancininthepines Filly Pinetucky Dancesations Starlit Stables    
121     GW's Lucky Bet Colt Sand Shooter Show Faith Pond A Acres, Agent    
122     Piccaroe Colt Panspacificflight Presidential Payne Luckiana Farm    
123     Tea Party Tuff Filly Real Desire So Tuffian Keith Hollendonner    
124     Topville Carmelita OUT Filly Always A Virgin Topville Cyberwave Topville Acres    
125     Katie's Rockin Show Filly Rockin Image Side Show Ruddick Stables, Agent    
126     Soft Desire Filly Real Desire Soft Towel In Law Stables    
127     JD's Chasin Jason Colt Panspacificflight Southwind Diana Jacob L Miller    
128     Shame On The Moon Colt Rockin Image Silveresque Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent for    
129     Cozy Upto The Bar Filly He's Gorgeous Make It Cozy Schwartz Boarding Farm    
130     No Disguises Filly Shadyshark Hanover Star Struck Lover Chapel Ridge Farm    
131     Sizzlen Hot Herbie Colt Here Comes Herbie Six Red Black Creek Farm    
132     Bluebird Jesse Colt Jailhouse Jesse Bluebird Swandrful Bluebird Meadows    
133     Turnitdownforwatt Filly Shadyshark Hanover Static Flow Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for    
134     Mr Handsome Rocks Gelding Rockin Image Solaris Boss Hoss Stables, Faron Parr    
135     Rockin The Baby Filly Rockin Image Miss Liz Oakwood Farms    
136     Straight Image Filly Rockin Image Straight Fuel In Law Stables    
137     See About Me Colt Always A Virgin Sorcha Bluestone Victory Hill Farm, Inc., Agent    
138     Onceapondatime Colt Big Stick Lindy Striking Vintage Pond A Acres    
139     Power Way Filly Power Play Subway Series Rockstar Meadows    
140     His Name Is Swan Colt Swan For All Hernameissylvia Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
141     Power Boost Colt Power Play Sugar Chip John Bontrager    
142     Greathearted Tucky Gelding Pinetucky Greathearted Starlit Stables    
143     Rockstarzz Badboy Colt Rockin Image Sportstown Legacy Rockstar Meadows    
144     Golden Egg Gelding Mr Cantab Sweet Ermine Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for    
145     Endless Request Colt Shadyshark Hanover The End Shady Lane Meadows    
146     Stephanie's Lady Filly Big Stick Lindy Stephanie Rocks Pond A Acres    
147     Herbie's Dream Colt Here Comes Herbie Thys Ballad Black Creek Farm    
148     Midwest Elite Filly Swan For All La Marchesa Wilt Standardbred    
149     Shebarocking Filly Rockin Image Trinity Islands Victory Hill Farm    
150     Always Have Faith Filly Always A Virgin Steuben Baywatch Bluebird Meadows, Agent for    
151     Silver Star Excell OUT Colt Always A Virgin Excuse Me Hanover Silver Star Stable  
152     Swan Victoria Filly Swan For All Ladylike Volo Double R Farm    
153     Princess Oshie Filly Always A Virgin Stonebridge Nugget Scott Lester    
154     One Hour Power Colt Power Play Trottingnstriking Maple Lane Farm    
155     Pace Setter Colt Rockin Image O K's Syannara Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent    
156     Always A Fiji Colt Always A Virgin Summer In Fiji Schwartz Boarding Farm    
157     Jack's Desire Colt Real Desire Two Jacks Midland Acres Inc.    
158     DL Stick Colt Big Stick Lindy Un Aperitif Dale Wittmer    
159     Near Chepstow Colt ABC Garland Tintern Ruddick Stables, Agent    
160     Hoosierockstar Colt Shadyshark Hanover Top The Charts Rockstar Meadows    
161     Skyway Uneek Filly Power Play Uphoria Hanover Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
162     Pops Pool Room Colt Panspacificflight Trust My Heart Schwartz Boarding Farm    
163     Van Gogh Ivy Colt He's Gorgeous Valley Electric Ivy Lane Farm    
164     Return To Sender Filly Pinetucky Lukes Hothothot Starlit Stables    
165     Jesmach Beauty Filly He's Gorgeous Twin Oaks Tess Straight A Stables    
166     Skyway Victoria Filly Shadyshark Hanover Vegas Date Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
167     What A Flight Colt Panspacificflight Velvet Eileen Schwartz Boarding Farm    
168     Ponda's Speed Shark Filly Shadyshark Hanover Very Fast Hanover Pond A Acres    
169     Double A Goldrush Colt Elegant Man Casual Chick Double A Acres    
170     Bold Mission Filly Swan For All Viking Topaz Black Creek Farm, Agent for    
171     Hold The Gold Colt Allthatglittersisgold Village Joy Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
172     Daliocity Colt Dali Viva Velocity Wilt Standardbred, Agent for    
173     Mystical Darling Filly Swan For All Wallstreet Darling Ivy Lane Farm    
174     Always In The Hunt Colt Always A Virgin Tyber Song Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
175     Vitamins For All Colt Swan For All Vitamin M Wilt Standardbred    
176     Herbie's Foxy Kate Filly Here Comes Herbie We Love Kate Black Creek Farm & WRL Stables    
177     Sals Rockin Misty Filly Rockin Image West Coast Yankee Double R Farm    
178     Pacific Image Colt Rockin Image Will Panout In Law Stables    
179     Durango Man Colt Shadyshark Hanover Western Galore Chapel Ridge Farm    
180     Rocketgirl Filly Total Truth Western Missy In Law Stables    
181     Perfect Stick Filly Big Stick Lindy Ackbro Ms Perfect Pond A Acres    
182     W H The Realtor OUT Colt Real Desire Western Riddler Willis H Miller  
183     Lolli Drops Filly Real Desire Westopia Homestead Acres, Agent for    
184     Sweeter n Sweet Tea Filly Panspacificflight Alexa Hall Homestead Acres    
185     Shrinkwrap Colt Shadyshark Hanover What A Keepsake Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
186     She Likes The Nite Filly Here Comes Herbie Meet Me At Midnite Black Creek Farm & Misty Ridge Stable    
187     Skyway Allstar Colt Always A Virgin All Over You Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
188     Wired For Victory Colt Valley Victor Wired Legacy Lane Farm    
189     Jessesoutajail Colt Jailhouse Jesse Yadubist Bluegrass In Law Stables    
190     Andoverthehill Colt Big Stick Lindy Andover Babe Black Creek Farm & Maumee River Stables    
191     Powerfrill Ann Filly Power Play Yankee Frilly Silver Star Stable and David L Mullet    
192     Yankee Pine Filly Pinetucky Yankee Tanya Rollin Acres    
193     Swan Defined Filly Swan For All Armbro Definition Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
194     Sunny Girl Filly He's Gorgeous Yankee Vegas In Law Stables    
195     JD's Chancey Gal Filly Panspacificflight Designer Gal Jacob L Miller    
196     Townline Flyinlady Filly Palone Ranger Youcanifuwant Townline Stables    
197     Hoosier Albert Colt Mr Cantab Zorgwijk Delighted Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
198     Jesse's Student Colt Jailhouse Jesse A Student Hall Black Creek Farm, Agent for    
199     Nothinbutawinner Colt Pinetucky Gia Hall Dale Wittmer    
200     Topville Aceman Gelding Swan For All After Dark Topville Acres    
201     Gorgeous View Colt He's Gorgeous Armbro View Schwartz Boarding Farm    
202     On Probation Colt Jailhouse Jesse Aida Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent for    
203     Lake Of Gold OUT Filly Allthatglittersisgold Lake Hills Melody Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
204     KZ Bermuda Beach Gelding Jenna's Beach Boy Article Wagler Farms    
205     Allied's Superstar Colt Elegant Man Allied Schwartz Boarding Farm    
206     Amazing Racer Colt Elegant Man Amy Kane Luckiana Farm    
207     Swine Desire Colt Real Desire Baby Mc Bennett Farms Inc.    
208     Artistic Shark Colt Artist's View Angel Shark Maple Lane Farm    
209     Annie Savoy Filly Swan For All Anna Nicole Slabach Bro. Standardbreds, Agent    
210     Jess Vibrant Colt Jailhouse Jesse Just One Amigo Legacy Lane Farm    
211     GD Jean N Mike Filly Always A Virgin Appealing Bow Yoder Standardbreds    
212     Falls For Me Filly Mr Cantab Armbro Niagara Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for    
213     Hoofin It Colt Jailhouse Jesse Benediction Lindy Midland Acres Inc.    
214     Black Cotton Colt Always A Virgin Golda McEir In Law Stables    
215     Midnight Escapade Colt Sand Shooter Artoday Freedom Hill Farms    
216     Shakeapuddin Filly Swan For All Body Surfing In Law Stables    
217     Ponda's Bluestone Colt Big Stick Lindy Asestra Bluestone Pond A Acres    
218     Jailhouse Assets Filly Jailhouse Jesse Ok's Noble Asset Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent    
219     Forevernalways Colt Always A Virgin JNB n Me Shady Lane Meadows    
220     Ajessia Filly Jailhouse Jesse Atia Straight A Stables    
221     Banker's Big Boy Colt Big Stick Lindy Banker's Girl Black Creek Farm & Misty Ridge Stable    
222     I Am Golden Colt Allthatglittersisgold Ravishing Hall Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
223     Magic Desire Filly Real Desire Cartniverous David Wayne Yoder, Agent for    
224     Mystical Bikini Filly Real Desire Beach Beauty Ivy Lane Farm    
225     Martz Mime Colt Keystone Blitz Beccas Best Martz Creek Farm    
226     Mystical Cup Colt Swan For All Caseys Lil' Lane Ivy Lane Farm    
227     Belles Queen Filly Power Play Belle DeJour L A Pond A Acres, Agent for    
228     Littlebaybabe Filly He's Gorgeous Catch A Glance Wagler Farms    
229     GMO Proud Colt Jailhouse Jesse Benn's Janer Bennett Farms Inc.    
230     Doodle's Sunshine Filly Always A Virgin Miss Yankee Doodle Homestead Acres    
231     Meadowbrookcharlie Colt Swan For All Chip's Goddess Meadow Brook Farm    
232     Bettergetgoin Filly Rockin Image Blue Starlett Luckiana Farm    
233     Swift Star Colt ABC Garland Star Swagger David A Yoder    
234     Front Yard Baby Filly He's Gorgeous Cmybest Legacy Lane Farm, Agent    
235     JNM Elegantcruiser Colt Elegant Man Bo Nina Martz Creek Farm    
236     Richess Desire Colt Real Desire Bow Koo Bucks David Wayne Yoder    
237     Skyway Deuce Colt Shadyshark Hanover Daten Time Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
238     J L Mr Whirlwind Gelding Mr Cantab British Columbia Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for    
239     Skyway Banker OUT Colt Total Truth Buckle Bunni Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
240     Bluebird Eclipse Filly Rockin Image Day Lily Hanover Bluebird Meadows    
241     Love Like Lacey Filly Jailhouse Jesse Quando Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent    
242     Shesonthisflight Filly Panspacificflight Byfaith Valaree Schwartz Boarding Farm    
243     Mission Delegate Filly Here Comes Herbie Daylon Mission Black Creek Farm    
244     Caclyn Katie Filly Power Play Cacamamie Maple Lane Farm    
245     Countryatheart Filly Jailhouse Jesse Call Me Ching RND Standardbreds    
246     Treacherous Virgin Colt Always A Virgin Audacity Maple Lane Farm    
247     Attention Please Gelding Rockin Image Deal Offthe Bottom David Wayne Yoder    
248     Always Uptown Gelding Always A Virgin Call Now RND Standardbreds    
249     Bluebird Cyclone Colt Power Play Little Revenue Bluebird Meadows    
250     Rockin Hot Lady Filly Rockin Image Deferred Comp Boss Hoss Stables, Faron Parr    
251     Cane's Miss Dream OUT Filly Artist's View Canes Z Tam Maple Lane Farm, Agent for    
252     Roses's On Tab Filly Mr Cantab Rose Run Flori Double Spring Farm    
253     Fabulous Five Filly Panspacificflight Desert Flower Homestead Acres    
254     Carrie's Desire Filly Real Desire Carries Standby Midland Acres Inc.    
255     Herecomesmybaby Filly Sing Jesse Sing V G Eagle Express Chapel Ridge Farm    
256     Ponda's Profile Colt Big Stick Lindy Destiny's Vision S Pond A Acres    
257     Olympic Swan OUT Colt Swan For All Celebrity Olympia Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
258     Handover Gorgeous Colt He's Gorgeous Celestial Hanover Schwartz Boarding Farm    
259     Modern Reflection OUT Gelding Rockin Image DGs Straightflush David Wayne Yoder, Agent for    
260     Skyway Cinderella Filly Swan For All Cerulean Viking Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
261     Dr Truth Colt Total Truth Cha Cha Ching Slabach Bro. Standardbreds, Agent for    
262     Dante Ivy Colt Real Desire Diamonique Mindale Ivy Lane Farm    
263     Safety Colt Jailhouse Jesse Chevie Alwaysthere Legacy Lane Farm    
264     Morgan With Merv Colt Rockin Image Chevie Majestic Legacy Lane Farm    
265     Oklahoma Rocker Colt Rockin Image Dixie Girl Freedom Hill Farms    
266     Big Trapp's Filly Big Stick Lindy Trapezius Schmucker Farms    
267     Mrs Powers OUT Filly Power Play Mentelle Park Glider Stables    
268     East To Cincy Filly Cincinnati Kid Eastern Star Two Double Spring Farm    
269     Skyway Celebrity Filly Power Play Christy Rae Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
270     Golden Tab Filly Mr Cantab Cindy's Prayer Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for    
271     Trot Man Trot Colt Elegant Man Fox Valley Flan Schwartz Boarding Farm    
272     Mr Startab Colt Mr Cantab Eurica Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
273     CF Jesse Filly Jailhouse Jesse Class Of The Field Midland Acres Inc.    
274     Classic Jesse Filly Jailhouse Jesse Classic Credit Midland Acres Inc.    
275     Swan Forever Colt Swan For All Ever A Lady Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
276     Gorgeous Flowerboy Colt He's Gorgeous Lasting Flower K Schwartz Boarding Farm    
277     Heartland Revenue OUT Colt Always A Virgin Cole-Lossal Glen Bauman  
278     Silver Star Taveta OUT Filly Power Play Tough Broad Silver Star Stable  
279     One Cool Flight Colt Panspacificflight Cool And Clouty Schwartz Boarding Farm    
280     Grace Rocks Filly Rockin Image Cosmic Grace Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
281     Kim's Desire Filly Real Desire Sexy Kim Ernest G. Bontrager    
282     Shark Fire Colt Shadyshark Hanover Crossfire N Pond A Acres    
283     Cuzzin Jessie Filly Sing Jesse Sing Cuzzin Weezie Chapel Ridge Farm    
284     Flashy Rockstar Colt Mr Cantab Flash Of Dignity Rockstar Meadows    
285     GW's Smarty Hall OUT Filly Mr Cantab Malibu Hall Pond A Acres  
286     Danger Invasion Filly Real Desire Danger Woman RND Standardbreds    
287     Skyway Fireball Colt He's Gorgeous Four-Fifty-Four Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
288     Super Jailbird Filly Jailhouse Jesse On The Muscle Straight A Stables    
289     Real Cool Artist Colt Artists View Design Two Scoot Maple Lane Farm    
290     Silver Star Fiesta Filly Rockin Image Fox Valley Godiva Silver Star Stable    
291     Calbay Filly Rockin Image Sand Happy Life In Law Stables    
292     Dee Flight On Time Colt Panspacificflight L Dees Rosemel Schwartz Boarding Farm    
293     Toodle Lu Filly Shadyshark Hanover Account Rep Chapel Ridge Farm    
294     Dewey Wins Colt Elegant Man Dewey Dally Ruddick Stables, Agent    
295     Donnas Dream Filly Power Play Donna Do You Wanna Maple Lane Farm, Agent    
296     Rockin Praline Filly Rockin Image Fox Valley Praline Freedom Hill Farms    
297     Always Giggling Filly Always A Virgin Giggles The Clown Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent for    
298     Always A Rocket Colt Always A Virgin E Q Three Double R Farm, Agent for    
299     Northern Jesse Jay Colt Jailhouse Jesse Ebbalutionary Northern Lane Farm    
300     Mr Swanson Colt Swan For All Gold Mine Ambrosio Homestead Acres, Agent for    
301     Powerfull Report Filly Power Play Edith Maple Lane Farm    
302     EJ's Image Filly Rockin Image EJ's Copperstone Ruddick Stables, Agent    
303     JKNR Got Gold Filly Shadyshark Hanover Guarding The Gold Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
304     Kaymar Chrome Filly Rockin Image Electric Flash Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent for    
305     Always Sparkles Filly Always A Virgin Electric Sparkles Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
306     Mr Power's OUT Gelding Power Play Havanna's Glider Glider Stables    
307     Topville Emerald Gelding Elegant Man Emma Rules Topville Acres    
308     Emma Ivy Filly Jenna's Beach Boy Empty Promises Ivy Lane Farm    
309     East Coast Express Colt Jailhouse Jesse Hollybrook Lane Midland Acres Inc., Agent    
310     GD Rock My World Colt Rockin Image Evening Forecast Yoder Standardbreds    
311     Ponda's Prospect Colt Shadyshark Hanover Fancy Miss Pond A Acres    
312     Hoosier Wiggles Filly Mr Cantab Hope Floats Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
313     Northen Victoria Filly Guida Muscle Northern Daisy Lone Star Stables    
314     Woodside Austin Gelding Power Play Faux Fur Hanover Woodside Farm    
315     Hustlemania Colt Elegant Man Hustlindia John Bontrager    
316     Graceful Gem Filly Elegant Man Ljanearl Black Creek Farm    
317     This Flight Rocks Filly Rockin Image Final Flight Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
318     Incredible Shark Colt Shadyshark Hanover Incredible Suprize Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
319     Business Hour Filly Rockin Image Lady Luck Killean In Law Stables    
320     Mr Super Jessy Colt Jailhouse Jesse Super V Begonia Pond A Acres, Agent    
321     Honey B Lucky Filly Rockin Image Honey's Luck Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
322     Miss Shady Filly Shadyshark Hanover Iseerightthrough U Chapel Ridge Farm    
323     Townline Master Gelding Palone Ranger Fox Valley Adios Townline Stables    
324     Sunburst Always Filly Always A Virgin Fox Valley Backoff Sunburst Meadows    
325     Swan Good Deal Colt Swan For All Its Your Deal RND Standardbreds    
326     Foxy Swan Filly Swan For All Fox Valley Click David A Yoder    
327     Foxy Gorge Colt He's Gorgeous Foxy Angel Martz Creek Farm    
328     India Ivy Colt Shadyshark Hanover Iva Miracle Ivy Lane Farm    
329     Wheels A Turning Filly Mr Cantab Free Wheeling Oakwood Farms    
330     Skyway Grand Slam Colt Real Desire Getting Legal Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
331     Dance Around Town Filly Power Play Girl Around Town RND Standardbreds    
332     Mystical Motor Colt Swan For All Glide-N-Seek Ivy Lane Farm    
333     Rock To The Top Filly Rockin Image Joy Rising Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
334     Muscular Herbie Colt Here Comes Herbie Glowing Muscles Black Creek Farm & Jack Johnson    
335     Can B Totalforreal Filly Total Truth Cantankerous Shady Lane Meadows    
336     Jazzy Image Filly Rockin Image Yeahyoureright In Law Stables    
337     Kikikitty Filly Always A Virgin Kitty Katie Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent for    
338     Starlit Hotrod Gelding Mr Cantab Foreign Victory Starlit Stables    
339     Lucky Jewel Filly Rockin Image Jackie's Gem Luckiana Farm    
340     Her-b's Foxy Lady Filly Here Comes Herbie Lady Saint Black Creek Farm & WRL Stables    
341     Krisanda Liz Filly Rockin Image Halle Go Lightly RND Standardbreds    
342     Rockin Socks Filly Rockin Image Hannah's Dragon Boss Hoss Stables, Faron Parr    
343     All Swan Colt Swan For All All Drama Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
344     Bluebird Virtue Colt Always A Virgin Hanna's Delight Bluebird Meadows    
345     Ticket For Speeding Colt Always A Virgin Happy Tears Ruddick Stables, Agent    
346     Dynamic Change Filly Keystone Blitz Ching'sloosechange Double R Farm    
347     Extrano Rapido Colt Brother Lost Soul Hawaii Connection Chapel Ridge Farm    
348     unnamed Colt Always A Virgin Help Me Nadia Victory Hill Farm  
349     J R W Unwanted Colt Power Play Live In Love Maple Lane Farm, Agent for    
350     Speed For All Filly Swan For All Soxy Komos Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
351     Handsome Jesse Gelding Jailhouse Jesse Hetties Lavec Double R Farm    
352     Jinx Desire Filly Real Desire Hi Jinx Midland Acres Inc.    
353     Winning Rock Colt Shadyshark Hanover High Octane Shady Lane Meadows    
354     Shes Gorgeous Lady Filly He's Gorgeous Houlihan Black Creek Farm, Agent for    
355     Gorgeous Hunk Colt He's Gorgeous Hysterical Lady Schwartz Boarding Farm    
356     Woodside Alberta Filly Jailhouse Jesse Ideal Queen Woodside Farm    
357     What A Man Colt Elegant Man Illiad's Lady Schwartz Boarding Farm    
358     Gorgeous All Over Colt He's Gorgeous Cloverallover Schwartz Boarding Farm    
359     Overspent Colt Always A Virgin In The Red Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent for    
360     It's A Jesse Gelding Jailhouse Jesse It's A Big Deal Pond A Acres, Agent for    
361     Giddyupngogilmer Colt Swan For All Grumpy Pine Luckiana Farm    
362     Shellisshark Filly Shadyshark Hanover She Outranks You In Law Stables    
363     Skyway Jade Filly Rockin Image JD's Lady Lynn Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
364     Jodie's Dream Filly Here Comes Herbie Jodie Cat Black Creek Farm & Dale Wittmer    
365     Malibu To Broadway Filly Shadyshark Hanover Just Call Me Best Chapel Ridge Farm    
366     Legal Victory Filly Rockin Image Barely Legal Legacy Lane Farm    
367     Post It Note Filly Brother Lost Soul Keepen Posted Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for    
368     Almond's Delight Filly Always A Virgin Kennan's Mama Homestead Acres    
369     Singin Jesse Colt Sing Jesse Sing L Dees Maryann Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
370     Devilish Swan Filly Swan For All Devilish Lane Schwartz Boarding Farm    
371     Darling Cantab Filly Mr Cantab Figlietta Hanover Black Creek Farm    
372     Woodside Abner Gelding Power Play LW Galie Rachel Woodside Farm    
373     Alloverthelady Colt Swan For All Lady Comeover Rockstar Meadows    
374     Swan Snorts Filly Swan For All First Lady Two In Law Stables    
375     King Xerxes Colt Rockin Image Lady Mystique In Law Stables    
376     Lady JJ Filly Jailhouse Jesse Lady Of Troy Midland Acres Inc.    
377     Jesse's Jewel Filly Jailhouse Jesse Ladyhattan Oakwood Farms    
379     Lililikaty Filly Power Play Likaty John Bontrager    
380     Bluebird Express Colt Rockin Image Cam Sunday Bluebird Meadows    
381     Jesse V Colt Jailhouse Jesse Louisas Victory Midland Acres Inc.    
382     Powerful Angel OUT Filly Power Play Lukes Danielle Maple Lane Farm