2013 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries - Hips 1-346
Friday, October 25 & Saturday, October 26

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since August 15, 2013.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Quality Closer Colt Quality Western A Blissful Finale Hickory Ridge Farm    
2     Absolute Lucky Filly Mr Cantab Absolute Resolve Wagler Farms    
3     Elegant Assured Filly Elegant Man Adele's Victory Double R Farm    
4     Spring Wardrobe Filly Wearable Art Adena Springs Hickory Ridge Farm    
5     Topville Cheetah Filly Dali Topville Celerity Topville Acres    
6     Lock Her Up Filly Jailhouse Jesse Rhonda T Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent for D. Ackerman Stables Inc.    
7     Shesablackswan Filly Swan For All Again Again Slabach Bros Standardbreds, Agent for Mervin J. Miller    
8     Shawinigan Lad Colt Keystone Savage All The Extras Schwartz Boarding Farm, Agent    
9     CAS Art Project Colt Wearable Art Allamerican Cameo Hickory Ridge Farm    
10     Art I Sweet Filly Panspacificflight Art With Heart Peninsula Farm Inc., Agent for Gardner Farms Inc.    
11     Rockitville Colt Mr Cantab Forenoon Jubilee Steve Yoder    
12     Itsgood To Be Me Colt Swan For All Anna Nicole Don Niccum    
13     The Big Year Colt Panspacificflight Aristocracy KEM Standardbreds    
14     WH Dali Bay Colt Dali Ashleys Pride Willis H Miller    
15     Accolade Filly Valley Victor Armbro Accolade Peninsula Farm Inc    
16     Wontyoutakemyhand Filly Geartogear Armbro Vamoose Chapel Ridge Farm    
17     Hoosier Bingo Colt Harley D Hanover Artificial Sweetner Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Fair Meadow Farm, & Harley Schwartz    
18     Jazzie Babe Filly Dontgetinmyway Babes Cast Homestead Acres, Agent for Tom Giannini & Bill Ploetz    
19     Dali Bar Filly Dali Bananih Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Rosebud Bloodstock    
20     Favaas Colt Real Desire Because I Said So Straight A Stable    
21     ABC Big Shot Gelding ABC Garland Ulexia Boko Perry Coblentz    
22     Flightondaway Colt Panspacificflight Baroque Hanover In Law Stables, Agent    
23     Skyway Buford Colt Cincinnati Kid Battle Star Slabach Bros Standardreds    
24     Cantescapemydesire Colt Real Desire Beach Escape Keith Hollendonner    
25     Rockin Cougar Colt Rockin Image Alexa Hall Homestead Acres    
26     Skyway Boozer Gelding Swan For All Beach Living Slabach Bros Standardreds    
27     Skyway Billy Gelding Dontgetinmyway Beach Town Beauty Slabach Bros Standardreds    
28     Donttakemysunshine Filly Dontgetinmyway Future Forecast Schwartz Boarding Farm    
29     Student Nurse Filly Dr McDreamy Benns Shelby David A Yoder    
30     Miss Rock Niverous Filly Rockin Image Cartniverous Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent    
31     Envious Filly Real Desire Best Place For Art In Law Stables    
32     Berwyn Luck Colt Here Comes Herbie Bills Little Dolly Luckiana Farm    
33     Totally Blue Filly Total Truth Blue Nile Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Perry Yoder    
34     Guidas Longlegs Filly Guida Muscle Bluebird Longlegs Woodside Farm, Agent for David R. Miller    
35     Don't Dali Around Filly Dali Armbro Kerosene Schwartz Boarding Farm    
36     Bluebird Roanoke Filly Always A Virgin Bluebird Waneda Bluebird Meadows    
37     Ucanttuckymein Colt Pinetucky Blueridge Chava Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Raymond Raber    
38     White Glance Filly Whitefish Falls Catcha Glance Wagler Farms    
39     Bojenngles Ivy Gelding Jennas Beach Boy Bogo Ivy Lane Farm    
40     JNM Jessecombo Filly Jailhouse Jesse Bonina Martz Creek Farm, Agent for JNM Stables    
41     JR Mcdreamy Colt Dr McDreamy Sally Hanover David A Yoder  
42     Star Struck Faith Filly Mr Cantab Celebrity Faith Woodside Farm    
44     Brandons Way Gelding Dontgetinmyway Bright Bono David Wayne Yoder, Agent for Daryl Lehman    
45     Topville Awesome Filly Swan For All After Dark Topville Acres    
46     Daliz Daffodil Filly Dali Celestial Hanover Schwartz Boarding Farm    
47     Surprise Angle Filly Harley D Hanover Broadway Surprise Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Fair Meadow Farm, & Harley Schwartz    
48     Pinetree Colt Pinetucky Bumblebzannie JR Stoll Farm, Agent for David W. Wagler    
49     Buttonupitsthelaw OUT Colt Panspacificflight Buttons N Bows Schwartz Boarding Farm    
50     Blue Water Cantab OUT Filly Mr Cantab Blue Water Fly Hoosier Standardbred Farm & Double D Farm    
51     Chings ABC Filly ABC Garland Call Me Ching RND Standardbreds    
52     Skyway Calypso Filly Jailhouse Jesse Christy Rae Slabach Bros Standardreds    
53     Always A Bluebird Filly Always A Virgin Candemonium Bluebird Meadows    
54     Speed Of Stormont Filly Earl of Stormont Cardinal Speedy Maple Lane Farm - Agent    
55     Cinder Lane Rocket Colt Always A Virgin Cinder Best Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent for Elaine Lauf    
56     Holy Hall Filly Holy Guacamolie Carolling Hickory Ridge Farm, Agent  
57     Super Stick OUT Colt Big Stick Lindy Super Lill Double Spring Farm    
58     The Flight Cleared Filly Panspacificflight Clearly Clout Schwartz Boarding Farm    
59     JL Betterncash Gelding Pinetucky Cash Fall JL Farms    
60     Lionsgate Colt Real Desire Cannes Festival Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent for Robert Burgess    
61     TL Cash Card Gelding Above The Bar Catch A Prayer Triple Lane Stables    
62     Certainly Colt Jailhouse Jesse CERT KEM Standardbreds    
63     All Time Achiever Filly Quality Western Continental Time Hickory Ridge Farm    
64     Dontchangemyway Colt Dontgetinmyway Change of Plans RND Standardbreds    
65     Slot Receiver Colt Swan For All Zig N Zag Sunrise Farm    
66     Crown Me King Gelding Southwind Elian Crown Royal Hall Perry Coblentz    
67     Dalisference Filly Dali Pansference Schwartz Boarding Farm    
68     Coach Kelly Colt Swan For All Chevie Alwaysthere Legacy Lane Farm    
69     H-and-N Letsrace Filly LCB China Shop Harley Schwartz    
70     Can't Touch Her Filly Rockin Image Can't Quit Smiling Cornerstone Stock Farm    
71     Cover Girl Ivy Filly Guida Muscle Chrinoline Hanover Ivy Lane Farm    
72     Starlit Dance Filly Mr Cantab Dancesations Starlit Stable    
73     Townline Daliscard Filly Dali Christies Card Townline Stable    
74     DL Garland OUT Filly ABC Garland Christyisawinner Dale Wittmer    
75     Bluebird Lucky Pat Filly Southwind Elian Deb's Dalliance Bluebird Meadows    
76     Mr Good Tab Gelding Mr Cantab Cindy's Prayer Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Golden Acres    
77     Fancy Flight Filly Panspacificflight Classy's Noblelady Swiss Boarding Farms LLC    
78     Firstrateagitator Colt Quality Western Defiant G Hickory Ridge Farm    
79     Pacing Star Gelding LCB C'mon Get There Menno N. Schwartz    
80     Stephs House Filly Jailhouse Jesse I Like Stephanie Double Spring Farm    
81     Bluebird Image Colt Rockin Image Colette Bluebird Meadows    
82     Damaged Meatloaf Colt Lotsa Credit Collier St. Jacquie Chapel Ridge Farm    
83     Diamond Desire Ivy Gelding Real Desire Diamonique Mindale Ivy Lane Farm    
84     Realeewantowin Colt Real Desire Michelle Lee Keith Hollendonner    
85     Rockin Good Filly Rockin Image Do Me Good Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent    
86     Ganacho Cheez Filly Ganache Cron Law Chapel Ridge Farm    
87     Dontcrossmyway Colt Dontgetinmyway Crossing Jordan RND Standardbreds    
88     Townline Elianskid Gelding Southwind Elian Crow Child Townline Stable    
89     Striking Blitz Colt Keystone Blitz CSI Mudslide Sally Martz Creek Farm    
90     Jumpinthejailhouse Colt Jailhouse Jesse Illiad's Lady Schwartz Boarding Farm    
91     Spontaneous Dreams Filly Geartogear Dashers Girl Chapel Ridge Farm    
92     American Virgin Colt Always A Virgin Fly Fly Judith KEM Standardbreds    
93     Skyway Dante Colt Panspacificflight Daten Time Slabach Bros Standardreds    
94     Catmanshooter Colt Sand Shooter Debo Frederick C. & Carolyn K. Shiery    
95     Mardor Lady Tab Filly Mr Cantab Four Starz Glide JR Stoll Farm, Agent for Lester Marner    
96     Mr Protab Colt Mr Cantab Delphini Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Delmar Wagler    
97     Rockin Me Baby Colt Rockin Image Design Two Scoot Maple Lane Farm    
98     Swan On One Colt Swan For All Divine Miss J Homestead Acres & Cornerstone Stock Farm    
99     Donna Blitz Filly Keystone Blitz Donna Do You Wanna Swiss Boarding Farms LLC    
100     Big Dee Colt Big Stick Lindy Just Plain Denise Double Spring Farm    
101     Townline Dali Gelding Dali Donnas First Shark Townline Stable    
102     Faithful Amy Filly Panspacificflight Byfaith Valaree Schwartz Boarding Farm    
103     Ocean Motion Colt Whitefish Falls Electric Elegance Chapel Ridge Farm    
104     Chocolate Mint Filly Real Desire Electric Skyline Homestead Acres    
105     Topville Celestial Filly Rockin Image Topville Cyberwave Topville Acres    
106     ABC Special Filly ABC Garland Glow Worm Menno N. Schwartz    
107     Jennas Promise Ivy Gelding Jennas Beach Boy Empty Promises Ivy Lane Farm    
108     Worldofsunnytimes Colt World of Rocknroll E Q Three Double R Farm, Agent for David W. Nissley    
109     Rockin Snowman Colt World of Rocknroll Evening Snow Martz Creek Farm    
110     Image Of Felicia Filly Rockin Image Keepyourpansoff Cornerstone Stock Farm    
111     Chip Air Ivy Gelding Airzoom Lindy Fancy Chipper Ivy Lane Farm    
112     WH Ben Ryan Colt Dali Fanfare Hanover Willis H Miller    
113     Swanderfull Leah Filly Swan For All Faux Fur Hanover Woodside Farm    
114     ABC Winner Gelding ABC Garland Fillyofbigdreams Perry Coblentz    
115     Bluebird Delight Filly Rockin Image Hanna's Delight Bluebird Meadows    
116     Captain Megan Filly Swan For All Fiona Kemp Legacy Lane Farm    
117     Gu Gu Goosebumps Colt Swan For All First Lady Two In Law Stables    
118     Earl's Susie Q Filly Earl of Stormont Havanna's Glider Glider Stables    
119     Whitefishflight Colt Panspacificflight Fishen Mermaid Frederick C. Shiery & Steve Brannan    
120     Ideal Baker Filly Chief Silverheels Miss Baker Lady Schwartz Boarding Farm, Agent    
121     Hoosier I Scoot Colt I Scoot Hanover Flask N Melvin Schwartz    
122     Fashion Queen Filly Dali America's Sweetie Peninsula Farm Inc., Agent for Gardner Farms Inc.    
123     Catch The Wave Colt Jennas Beach Boy Hruby's n Emeralds Peninsula Farm Inc., Agent for Gardner Farms Inc.    
124     Swan Locomotive Colt Swan For All Lady Like Volo Double R Farm    
125     Mrs Lady Cantab Filly Mr Cantab Four Ds Woodside Farm, Agent for David R. Miller    
126     Im The Real Lady Filly Real Desire Hysterical Lady Schwartz Boarding Farm    
127     Administrator Colt Dr McDreamy Fox Valley Click David A Yoder    
128     Friseur Grey Lady Filly Whitefish Falls Friseur Bluegrass Maple Lane Farm    
129     Gia's Tucky Colt Pinetucky Gia Hall Dale Wittmer    
130     Pacific Mel Colt Panspacificflight L Dees Rosemel Schwartz Boarding Farm    
131     Skyway Gladiator Colt World of Rocknroll Glowing Gem Slabach Bros Standardreds    
132     Godiva Ivy Filly Guida Muscle Golden Pleasure Ivy Lane Farm    
133     Townline Gal Filly Sand Shooter Good Morning Gal Townline Stable    
134     Bluebird Glide Colt Swan For All Gracious Me Bluebird Meadows    
135     Ideal's Salena Jo Filly Panspacificflight Ideal Soul Jacob L. Miller    
136     Divine By Design Filly Radar Sign Great Divine Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for David Schwartz    
137     Bluebird Muscles Colt Swan For All Green Bay Smackers Bluebird Meadows    
138     Pleasing Paisley Filly Panspacificflight Presidential Payne Luckiana Farm    
139     Dirty Dancer Colt Geartogear Hawaii Connection Chapel Ridge Farm    
140     Northern Niagara Colt Panspacificflight Majors Sister Northern Lane Farm  
141     AKA Clyde Filly Elegant Man Head Cheerleader Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent for Pebble Creek Farms Inc., Durand MI.    
142     Skyway Hero Colt Sand Shooter Heavy Duty Booty Slabach Bros Standardreds    
143     Ivarealdesire Ivy Gelding Real Desire Iva Miracle Ivy Lane Farm    
144     Dangerous Dave Colt Jailhouse Jesse Hello Rosie Menno N. Schwartz    
145     unnamed OUT Filly Always A Virgin Help Me Nadia Peninsula Farm Inc    
146     Rockincredible Colt Rockin Image Janet's Jewel Peninsula Farm Inc., Agent for Gardner Farms Inc.    
147     Hetties Secret Colt Keep It A Secret Hetties Lavec Double R Farm    
148     Shootemoutofseason Colt Sand Shooter High Season Schwartz Boarding Farm    
149     Golden Pro Tab Gelding Mr Cantab Highspeed Rail Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Golden Acres    
150     Rock Me Missy OUT Filly Rockin Image Marks Mindy David Wayne Yoder, Agent for John R Miller    
151     MG's Summer Angel Filly I Scoot Hanover Hillcrest Sweetie Hillcrest Farm LLC.  
152     Airzoom Holly Filly Airzoom Lindy Holly's Pretty Legs Double R Farm    
153     Skyway Hurricane Filly World of Rocknroll Honey Harbour Slabach Bros Standardreds    
154     Shot Caller Colt Real Desire Jen U Win BB Cornerstone Stock Farm    
155     Y Not Smile Filly Whitefish Falls Three Mile Smile Wagler Farms    
156     Misty Morninglight Filly Dontgetinmyway I'm Not Bashful Eugene Yoder    
157     Improper Invasion Colt Garth Vader Improper Hall Hickory Ridge Farm    
158     Evergreen Kiss Filly Panspacificflight Incredible Kiss KEM Standardbreds    
159     Incredible Joey Gelding Harley D Hanover Incredible Suprize Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Fair Meadow Farm, & Harley Schwartz    
160     Mr Color Chip Colt Swan For All Miss Color Chip Swiss Boarding Farms LLC    
161     Stick With It Colt Big Stick Lindy Its Your Deal RND Standardbreds    
162     Mr Sauterelle Colt Mr Cantab J H Sauterelle Double Spring Farm    
163     Impossible Image Filly Elegant Man Jammies Image Schwartz Boarding Farm    
164     Jans Julie Three Filly Panspacificflight Jans Julie Too Sunrise Farm    
165     Kool Kid Colt Justice Hall JN Jasmin Double R Farm    
166     Rip Roarin Aaron Gelding Rockin Image Jazzy Justice David Wayne Yoder    
167     ABC Lady Filly ABC Garland JBO's Sis Sunset Acres    
168     Lucky Sabana Filly Guida Muscle Seductive Lady Luckiana Farm    
169     Just For A Victory Colt Valley Victor Just Having Fun Legacy Lane Farm    
170     Jackson's Image Colt Rockin Image Miss Yankee Doodle Homestead Acres    
171     Hoosier Frankie Colt Harley D Hanover Johnathans Penny Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Fair Meadow Farm, & Harley Schwartz    
172     ABC Sports News Gelding ABC Garland Just For Sport Woodside Farm, Agent for Willard Schrock    
173     Tilliseenhim Colt Geartogear Just To See You Smile Chapel Ridge Farm    
174     Kandy King Colt Cincinnati Kid Kandy Angus Sunset Acres    
175     Justdal Ivy Gelding Dali Justcallmeval Ivy Lane Farm    
176     H-and-N Karensgogo Colt Harley D Hanover Karens Pick Harley Schwartz    
177     Always About Tiger Gelding Ganache Kash's Prayer Maple Lane Farm    
178     Katye's On The Go OUT Filly Valley Victor Katie Hall Peninsula Farm Inc    
179     Hoosier McCoy Colt Harley D Hanover Keeping Faith Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Fair Meadow Farm, & Harley Schwartz    
180     Pinecountry Filly Pinetucky Kiss Dot Com JR Stoll Farm    
181     WH Cat Tracker Colt Total Truth Koko Queen Willis H Miller    
182     Renegade Colt Arts Chip L Dees Sushi Sunrise Farm    
183     Scooters Lady Filly I Scoot Hanover Lady Dreamer Hillcrest Farm LLC.  
184     Secret Flier Gelding Keep It A Secret Forest And Jenny Double R Farm    
185     Striking Dreamer Gelding Dr McDreamy Lady Megan John P. Whetstone    
186     Earls April Saint Filly Earl of Stormont Lady Saint WRL Stables    
187     Lady Silverheels  OUT Filly Chief Silverheels Lady Susan B Schwartz Boarding Farm, Agent  
188     Twosoxon Twosoxoff Filly Valley Victor Kay Express Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent for Marlin Yoder    
189     Lightning Strong Filly Livestrong Lightning O Dube Hickory Ridge Farm    
190     Shessoserene Filly Palone Ranger Lindalufrmkalamzoo Peninsula Farm Inc    
191     Bluebird Reverend Colt Swan For All Little Revenue Bluebird Meadows    
192     ABC Slip Up Filly ABC Garland Looming Favorite Perry Coblentz    
193     Earl's Big D Colt Earl of Stormont Keystone Charity Glider Stables    
194     Mattjesty Strings Filly His Mattjesty Love Strings Hickory Ridge Farm, Agent  
195     Mr. Sharpshot Gelding Mr Cantab Lovely Star Chapel Ridge Farm    
196     Lucky Flight Colt Panspacificflight Lucky Flo Legacy Lane Farm    
197     Suzie Falls OUT Filly Whitefish Falls Lucky Girl Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Melvin Miller  
198     Nora Rockwell Filly Palone Ranger Norma Rockwell Double R Farm, Agent for Glen Hershberger    
199     Roll With Jesse Colt Jailhouse Jesse Lukes Danielle Maple Lane Farm    
200     Bust The Rust Colt Jailhouse Jesse ML Jezebel Menno N. Schwartz    
201     Gidg's Image Filly Mr Cantab Madam Gidg Lester Knepp    
202     Skyway Majesty Filly Dontgetinmyway Magical Pride Slabach Bros Standardreds    
203     McSwanee Filly Swan For All So Sexy KEM Standardbreds    
204     Townline Shadow Filly Southwind Elian Shadowofyoursmile Townline Stable    
205     Bluebird Lookngood Filly Rockin Image Lookngoodcharlene Bluebird Meadows    
206     Flight Away Filly Panspacificflight Mark's Art Schwartz Boarding Farm    
207     Always About Jesie Filly Jailhouse Jesse Mathers Rodney Maple Lane Farm    
208     Glorianna Filly Guida Muscle Grumpy Pine Luckiana Farm    
209     EL Elian Gelding Southwind Elian McGuffey Lane Menno N. Schwartz    
210     Bye Flight Bye Filly Panspacificflight Lye Creek Betty Schwartz Boarding Farm    
211     Payday Ivy Filly Palone Ranger Twin B Snicker Ivy Lane Farm    
212     Metros Melody Filly Metropolitian Melodys Diamond Eicher Farms    
213     Miss Swanderful Filly Swan For All Mensa Hanover Mervin L Miller    
214     Imacantabtoo Colt Mr Cantab Merciful Heaven Hoosier Standardbred Farm & Fair Meadow Farm    
215     Mystical Sand Colt Sand Shooter My Mystic Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent for Parkstone Farm    
216     Sand Swan Colt Swan For All CQ Yankee Mast Standardbreds    
217     Mighty Garland Gelding ABC Garland Midnight Hooray Lester Knepp    
218     Real Temptation Colt Real Desire Keystone Temptress Schwartz Boarding Farm    
219     Always Gorgeous Filly Always A Virgin Miss Gorgeous RND Standardbreds    
220     GD Skyliner Colt Panspacificflight Mackenzie Beth Gerald C Yoder    
221     Sweet Baby Ray Colt Panspacificflight Miss Sassys Filly Schwartz Boarding Farm    
222     Tuckysshiningstar Filly Pinetucky Miss Whitewater JR Stoll Farm, Agent for Kenny Raber    
223     Cozy Flight Filly Panspacificflight Make It Cozy Schwartz Boarding Farm    
224     Girls R Pretty Filly Sand Shooter Modern Way In Law Stables    
225     Night Rider Ivy Gelding Real Desire Naraculous Ivy Lane Farm    
226     Molly Z Man Colt Elegant Man Molly Plus Schwartz Boarding Farm    
227     Barely A Trace Colt Panspacificflight Monartchist David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
228     Dollys Girl Filly Dali Miss Intuition Schwartz Boarding Farm    
229     Moonlit Tapestry Filly Dali Moonlit Flash Morrow Lands Farm    
230     Southern Moonshine Colt Always A Virgin Native Lady Homestead Acres    
231     Figerofigerofigero Colt Garth Vader NF Figlietta Hickory Ridge Farm    
232     Talk Big OUT Colt Rockin Image Modern Bobbi In Law Stables  
233     Twin Maple Candace Filly Ganache NF Royal Ridge Maple Lane Farm, Agent    
234     Cantad Kid Colt Mr Cantab Nila Domarr Hoosier Standardbred Farm & Fair Meadow Farm    
235     First Class Colt Panspacificflight Platinum Card Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent for Pebble Creek Farms Inc., Durand MI.    
236     Jesmach Verbalizer Gelding Keep It A Secret No Conversation Double R Farm, Agent for Harvey Fry    
237     Absolut Brut Colt Always A Virgin Moselle Hanover Peninsula Farm Inc    
238     Vicki All Filly Valley Victor Lady Jane Hall Double R Farm, Agent for Glen Hershberger    
239     Steel Hearted Lady Filly Dali Northwest Passage Maple Lane Farm - Agent    
240     Northern Rocknroll Filly Rockin Image Northern Lei Ann Northern Lane Farm  
241     Addie Rose Filly Always A Virgin Major Philly KEM Standardbreds    
242     Faster Than A BB Colt Royal Art On Your Feet BB Shady Lane Meadows    
243     LA Guida Pleasure Filly Guida Muscle Our Pleasure Topville Acres, Agent for Devon Slabach    
244     Winning Guide Colt Guida Muscle Padre's Miranda Mast Standardbreds    
245     Ramblin Image Filly Rockin Image Ramblin Rosie Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent for Daryl Paddock    
246     Cheerful Memories Filly Panspacificflight Cherish The Memory Schwartz Boarding Farm    
247     Mister Indiana Colt Quality Western Our Miss Delaware Hickory Ridge Farm    
248     Just Treese Gelding Elegant Man Patrice Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent for Pebble Creek Farms Inc., Durand MI.    
249     Paulines Cindy Filly Pinetucky Pauline Hall Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for William Wagler    
250     Rocking Katie Filly World of Rocknroll Pembroke Swifty Maple Lane Farm    
251     Whatintheworld Filly Pinetucky Peace To The World Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Delmar Wagler    
252     Bluebird Tradition Filly Swan For All Perfect Tradition Bluebird Meadows    
253     Delayed Flight Filly Panspacificflight SF Misty Schwartz Boarding Farm    
254     Jesse's Potion Filly Jailhouse Jesse Pine Potion Peninsula Farm Inc.    
255     Dalis Image Colt Dali Sleep Talk Swiss Boarding Farms LLC    
256     Pistopackinpiper Colt Panspacificflight Pipecreek Wendy Schwartz Boarding Farm    
257     Major Luck Colt Always A Virgin Matties Bing Bang Luckiana Farm    
258     Totally Platonic Gelding Total Truth Platonic Chapel Ridge Farm    
259     Undertaker Colt Rockin Image Portia Blue Chip In Law Stables    
260     Pretty Cantabulous Colt Mr Cantab Pretty Ann Woodside Farm    
261     Skyway Popatop Colt Rockin Image Princess Kanata Slabach Bros Standardreds    
262     Skyway Pleasure Filly Cincinnati Kid Priscilla's Jewel Slabach Bros Standardreds    
263     Pure Blitz Colt Keystone Blitz Pure Platinum Swiss Boarding Farms LLC    
264     Swollen Eyes Colt Valley Victor Queen Mum Straight A Stable, Agent    
265     Skyway Sonoma Filly Real Desire Specialty Item Slabach Bros Standardreds    
266     Ultimateimage Colt Rockin Image Quiet Angel In Law Stables, Agent    
267     Airzooms Image Colt Airzoom Lindy Psychic Image Maple Lane Farm, Agent for Paul Schmucker    
268     Big N Quick Filly Big Stick Lindy Rachie Bug Martz Creek Farm    
269     Flashy Cantab Colt Mr Cantab Real Cool Lady Maple Lane Farm    
270     Skyway Raptor Colt Swan For All Redeposit Slabach Bros Standardreds    
271     Always For Real Filly Always A Virgin Real Fortunate Martz Creek Farm, Agent for Hilltop Farm    
272     Swan Last Time OUT Colt Swan For All Red Mile Lane Sunset Acres  
273     Rockin Ringer Filly LCB Rockin Lady Martz Creek Farm    
274     Castle Flight Colt Panspacificflight O Narutac Castle KEM Standardbreds    
275     Talk To Me Filly Real Desire Sugar Mill Peninsula Farm Inc., Agent for Gardner Farms Inc.    
276     Rhi's Iscootlegacy Colt I Scoot Hanover Rhianna Seelster Hillcrest Farm LLC.  
277     Rockome Robin OUT Filly Big Stick Lindy Rockome Vicky Schwartz Boarding Farm    
278     After All Filly Jailhouse Jesse Afternooner Oldfield Farm Inc.    
279     Hoosier Pistol Colt Harley D Hanover Ripreza Hanover Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Fair Meadow Farm, & Harley Schwartz    
280     Jammin Jake Colt Palone Ranger JL Hurricane Mitch Luckiana Farm    
281     Gee Whiz Filly Panspacificflight Chee Chee Whiz Sunrise Farm    
282     Unbegreiflick Colt Mr Cantab Rosalie Chapel Ridge Farm    
283     Johnny Q Colt Quality Western Sepia Hanover Hickory Ridge Farm    
284     Genuine Blitz Colt Keystone Blitz Rose Run Gina Martz Creek Farm    
285     Image of Fiji Filly Rockin Image Summer In Fiji Schwartz Boarding Farm, Agent    
286     Skyway Rose Filly Panspacificflight Roses For Mom Slabach Bros Standardreds    
287     GD Shooter Colt Sand Shooter Bow Princess Di Gerald C Yoder    
288     JL Mrs Naturalgirl Filly Mr Cantab Seven Ahead JL Farms    
289     Bar Tiger Filly Above The Bar Sand Box Sammy Triple Lane Stables    
290     Whisper Stormont Filly Earl of Stormont Sand Whisper Dusty Rosa Farm    
291     Unnamed Colt Always A Virgin Sapphire Classic Peninsula Farm Inc    
292     Pacificator Colt Panspacificflight High Roller Cam Schwartz Boarding Farm    
293     Idontthankyoucan Colt I Am A Fool Sarandon Hall Chapel Ridge Farm    
294     Scene Master Colt Senor Glide Scene One Morrow Lands Farm    
295     Topville Brianna Filly Rockin Image Brite Eyes Hanover Topville Acres    
296     Sea Otter Colt Mr Cantab Sea Urchin Hanover Woodside Farm    
297     Marley's Guy Gelding Southwind Elian Malibu Marley Townline Stable    
298     He'smyluckystik Colt Big Stick Lindy Shes A Mamiac Shady Lane Meadows    
299     Palonestar Filly Palone Ranger She Deals Too In Law Stables, Agent    
300     Hes A Tucky Gelding Pinetucky Shes A Tuffy Starlit Stable    
301     Allrswannswanrall Colt Swan For All Shesabigin Straight A Stable    
302     Timesawasteing Colt Dali Smacker Lips Schwartz Boarding Farm, Agent    
303     I'llshowyall Colt Mr Cantab Showdownbound JR Stoll Farm    
304     Simply Rockin Colt Rockin Image Simply Beautiful Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent    
305     Tylers Rockit Colt World of Rocknroll So Fine Frederick C. Shiery & Steve Brannan    
306     Northern Dali Filly Dali Smoke It Out Northern Lane Farm  
307     Regal Swan Colt Swan For All Regal Manner KEM Standardbreds    
308     Skyway Spencer Colt Rockin Image So Very Happy Slabach Bros Standardreds    
309     Dr. Black Jack Gelding Dr McDreamy Solid Pine Triple Lane Stables    
310     Rocky Island Colt Rockin Image Trinity Islands Peninsula Farm Inc    
311     Sinfully Slick Gelding Elegant Man Songandaprayer Oldfield Farm Inc., Agent for Pebble Creek Farms Inc., Durand MI.    
312     Bad Boy Boomer Colt LCB Southwind Cactus Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Fair Meadow Farm, & Harley Schwartz    
313     GD Watt A Guy Colt Kilowatt Southwind Nolana Gerald C Yoder    
314     Westwindwilly Colt Keystone Savage Southwind Ultima Schwartz Boarding Farm    
315     Somehowsomewhere Filly Dali Some Cotton Swiss Boarding Farms LLC    
316     Spunkalator Colt Earl of Stormont Spunky's Dream Shady Lane Meadows    
317     Rockinonby Colt Rockin Image Stan's Ann Legacy Lane Farm    
318     Skyway Miracle Filly Guida Muscle Star Sheryl Slabach Bros Standardbreds, Agent for LaVern Lehman    
319     Shotthrutheheart Colt Whitefish Falls Star Struck Lover Chapel Ridge Farm    
320     Fools Desire Colt Real Desire Trinketsntreasures Morrow Lands Farm    
322     Churita Filly Airzoom Lindy Stonebridge Volare Ivy Lane Farm, Agent for Devon Chupp    
323     Kid Coby Gelding Cincinnati Kid Susanna Coe RND Standardbreds    
324     Sheatrottin Kid Filly Cincinnati Kid Stormont Ruby Double R Farm, Agent for Sam Lambright    
325     Dream Lady Filly Dr McDreamy Sue's Kitchen Triple Lane Stables    
326     Sugar Scootin Babe Filly I Scoot Hanover Sugababe Shady Lane Meadows    
327     Southern Carol Filly Southwind Elian Carolyns Fortune Double Spring Farm    
328     Jello Shots Ivy Gelding Jennas Beach Boy Sure Shot Ivy Lane Farm    
329     The Nonstop Kid Colt Cincinnati Kid Top Chip Peninsula Farm Inc., Agent for for W. Schwyhart    
330     Skyway Sensation Filly Southwind Elian Susquehanna County Slabach Bros Standardreds    
331     Marcus Colt I Scoot Hanover Suwanne Girl Frederick C. & Carolyn K. Shiery    
332     Hard Cold Cash Colt Dali Sweetly Western Maple Lane Farm, Agent for Paul Schmucker    
333     Palones Lass Filly Palone Ranger The Big Sow Woodside Farm, Agent for David R. Miller    
334     Topville Explosive Gelding Big Stick Lindy Emma Rules Topville Acres    
335     To The Limit Colt Panspacificflight Hoosier Vacation Alvin E Walther  
336     JL Here Comes Don Gelding Mr Cantab Tipptop Princes JL Farms    
337     Topville Corvette Gelding Sand Shooter Topville Courteous Topville Acres    
338     Real Shelia Filly Real Desire Van Ness Hanover Bluebird Meadows    
339     Skyway Trigger Colt Rockin Image Touched By Ted Slabach Bros Standardreds    
340     JNK Powerhouse Colt World of Rocknroll Townline Rosabelle Hillcrest Farm LLC, Agent  
341     Earl's Speeder Colt Earl of Stormont Trapezius Melvin J Schmucker    
342     Chewmakinmecrazy Filly Total Truth True To Blue In Law Stables    
343     Mad Dash Ivy OUT Gelding Palone Ranger M D Jewel Ivy Lane Farm  
344     Whitney's Star Filly Southwind Elian U Got Lucky Townline Stable, Agent    
345     Little More Honey Filly Guida Muscle Warrawee Honey Starlit Stable    
346     ABC Banker Gelding ABC Garland Bank On Cassina Perry Coblentz    
348     Aflightothevalley Filly Panspacificflight Valley Gal Amzy and Darrell Miller    
349     Handitoverlance Colt Livestrong Vee Vee Hanover Hickory Ridge Farm    
350     Wired For Victory Colt Valley Victor Wired Legacy Lane Farm    
351     Blexing Filly Keystone Blitz Vexing Martz Creek Farm    
352     Vickie Zoomer Filly Airzoom Lindy Victorious May Straight A Stable    
353     The Motor Cart Filly Pinetucky Viking Sirroco Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Willis Graber    
354     Gold Star Image Colt Rockin Image Village Mimic Gold Star Stable    
355     Gliding Jewel Filly Valley Victor Wave The Pennant Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Roman Miller, Jr.    
356     Triple Lane Ryan Colt Dr McDreamy Wenmars Lady Dia Triple Lane Stables    
357     Feel My Pain Colt Sand Shooter Yancee Morrow Lands Farm    
358     Yankee My Boy Colt Panspacificflight West Coast Yankee Double R Farm, Agent for Sam Lambright    
359     Beach Sun n Wine OUT Colt Jennas Beach Boy Western Wine Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent for Parkstone Farm    
360     Sugar Sweet Cherry Filly Rockin Image Westopia Homestead Acres    
361     Mystical Flight Colt Panspacificflight Wilfully Dunnrite In Law Stables    
362     Ruby's Big Stick Filly Big Stick Lindy Yankee Frilly David L. Mullet    
363     Pacific Pancake Filly Panspacificflight Yankee Vegas In Law Stables    
364     Deal Artist Colt Dali You Diehl RND Standardbreds