2013 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries - Hips 1-346
Friday, October 25 & Saturday, October 26

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since August 15, 2013.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Shnitzledosomethin Colt Fred And Ginger Summer N Sand Luckiana Farm    
2     Final Hustle Filly Senator Hall Hustlindia John M. Bontrager    
3     Allnetalldatime Filly Net Ten Eom The End Shady Lane Meadows    
4     Rockin Gem Filly Rockin Image Three Sparkles RND Standardbreds    
5     Skyway Three Ball Gelding Net Ten Eom Touched By Ted Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
6     Herb's Girl OUT Filly Here Comes Herbie Thy's Ballad Black Creek Farm    
7     Model Filly Rockin Image Modern Way In Law Stables    
8     Imageofarocker OUT Colt Rockin Image Timeless Artist Black Creek Farm    
9     Gorgeous Rockstar Colt He's Gorgeous Anais Hanover Rockstar Meadows    
10     Topville Chrome Gelding Always A Virgin Topville Celerity Topville Acres    
11     Skyway Torpedo Colt Swan For All The Magic Of Paris Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
12     Give My Regards To OUT Filly Encore Encore Tintern Ruddick Stables  
13     Silver Star Finale Colt Net Ten Eom Fox Valley Godiva Silver Star Stable    
14     Fist Fighter Colt Sand Shooter True To Blue In Law Stables    
15     Needajo Filly Real Desire Ultimate Best Straight A Stable    
16     Defensive Lineman Colt Rockin Image Trulyrosa Freedom Hill Farms    
17     Tyrone Colt Elegant Man Tsarina John M. Bontrager    
18     Guccio's Star Colt Guccio Ultimate Star Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
19     Jesmach Tina Filly Net Ten Eom Twin Oaks Tess Straight A Stable    
20     J J Desire Filly Real Desire Two Jacks Meadow Brook Farm    
21     Ten O'clock Sumware Filly Net Ten Eom Western Miss Maple Lane Farm    
22     Jim's Perfect Ten Colt Net Ten Eom Jackie's Gem Luckiana Farm    
23     Low Fiftys Gelding Pilgrims Chuckie Uncommon Scents Rollin Acres    
24     GD Party Girl Filly Always A Virgin Delightful Party Yoder Standardbreds    
25     Joanna's Passion Gelding Net Ten Eom Unspoken Passion Maple Lane Farm    
26     Super Tab Filly Mr Cantab Super Lil Double Spring Farm    
27     Winnerscirclebound Colt Guccio Wham Hanover Luckiana Farm    
28     On Duty Gelding Rockin Image Lady Luck Killean In Law Stables    
29     Speedy Joy Riding Filly All Speed Hanover Village Joy Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
30     Rockthehalls Colt Power Play Mamiesnightmare Shady Lane Meadows    
31     Willingly A Virgin Filly Always A Virgin Will Panout In Law Stables    
32     Skyway Willie Colt Jeremes Jet Watching Ellie Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
33     Doodles Yankee Filly All Speed Hanover West Coast Yankee Double R Farm    
34     Indy Rose Filly Real Desire Western Missy In Law Stables    
35     Ms Dazzling Herbie Filly Here Comes Herbie Zorgwijk Jade Black Creek Farm & Misty Ridge Farm    
36     Rock The Baby Filly Rockin Image Ya Baby Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
37     Western Ten Filly Net Ten Eom Western Wine Maple Lane Farm    
38     Good Faith Filly Shadyshark Hanover Keeping Faith Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Fair Meadow Farm & Harley Schwartz    
39     KLS Sing For Sue Filly Mr Cantab Hamster Dance Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
40     BB Rocks Filly Rockin Image Yankee Pankee BB Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
41     Carley Filly Rockin Image Wimple Hanover Freedom Hill Farms    
42     Legal Desire Colt Real Desire Barely Legal Legacy Lane Farm    
43     Miss Premier Filly Guccio World Premiere Pond A Acres    
44     Skyway Athena Filly Rockin Image All Over You Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
45     Can't Tag Me Gelding Mr Cantab Yankee Frilly Silver Star Stable and David L. Mullet    
46     Rose Run Toni Filly Jeremes Jet A And G's Finest Martz Creek Farm    
47     Always Curious Filly Always A Virgin A Loskoz Bluegrass Homestead Acres    
48     Definitely Guccio Filly Guccio Armbro Definition Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
49     New York Style Colt Shadyshark Hanover Account Rep Chapel Ridge Farm    
50     Jim Sandman Colt Guccio Ackbro Ms Perfect Pond A Acres    
51     Over Speeding Filly All Speed Hanover Adriana G Maple Lane Farm    
52     Spanish Desire Filly Real Desire Spanish Rosey Lyndar Stables    
53     Topville Martini Filly Guccio Miss Tequila Topville Acres    
54     Gratia Filly Jailhouse Jesse Aida Ruddick Stables    
55     All About Jesse Filly Jailhouse Jesse All About Fun Midland Acres, Inc.    
56     Letitrock Colt Rockin Image Artha Rae Legacy Lane Farm    
57     Watchmenahnah Filly Real Desire Sportstown Legacy Rockstar Meadows    
58     Muscular Babe Filly Guccio Andover Babe Black Creek Farm & Maumee River Stables    
59     Herbies Legacy Colt Here Comes Herbie Andover Fist Black Creek Farm & Misty Ridge Stables LLC    
60     The Golden Prize Filly Allthatglittersisgold Peachy Yankee Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
61     Ernest T Bass Colt Jailhouse Jesse Anna Nicole Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
62     Mile Hiigh Peyton Gelding Swan For All Aucune Hanover David Wayne Yoder & Daryl Lehman    
63     Courageous Colors Filly Net Ten Eom Audacity Maple Lane Farm    
64     Ponda's Network Colt Net Ten Eom B J's Sunrise Pond A Acres    
65     Sei Unica Filly Guccio Bankers Girl Black Creek Farm & Misty Ridge Stables LLC    
66     Guccio's Big Star Colt Guccio Bar Nancy Black Creek Farm    
67     Willieontime Gelding Swan For All Myherbal T Hanover Mast Standardbreds    
68     All About Annie Filly Always A Virgin Stans Ann Legacy Lane Farm    
69     Big Goose Filly Guccio Benns Champion Pond A Acres    
70     Margies Swan Filly Swan For All Benns Margie Cornerstone Stock Farm    
71     Always Persevere Filly Always A Virgin Stonebridge Nugget Scott Lester    
72     Woodside Bradley Gelding Guccio Cantabs Chorine Woodside Farm    
73     Green Beans Filly Always A Virgin Saras Lucky Charm In Law Stables    
74     Real Net Worth Gelding Net Ten Eom Binding Desire Maple Lane Farm    
75     Bo Bo Ginger Filly Fred And Ginger Blue Starlett Luckiana Farm    
76     Ginger Moon Filly Fred And Ginger China Gal Ruddick Stables    
77     Miss Tabitha Filly Mr Cantab Breath Of Fire Double Spring Farm    
78     Bettors Luck Colt Guccio Bubbles N Caviar Luckiana Farm    
79     Bee Chuckie B Gelding Pilgrims Chuckie Bumblebzannie Rollin Acres    
80     Meadowbrook Grace Filly Swan For All Chips Goddess Meadow Brook Farm    
81     Bluebird Monday Filly Net Ten Eom Cam Sunday Bluebird Meadows    
82     Cinnamon Stick Colt Jailhouse Jesse Cantab Me Mast Standardbreds    
83     Always A Carnival Colt Always A Virgin Carnivalocity Legacy Lane Farm    
84     Dark Alley Freddie Colt Fred And Ginger Dark Alley Sally Schwartz Boarding Farm    
85     Rapid Hoofbeats Colt Guccio Rapid Rail Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
86     Always About Me Filly Always A Virgin Cartniverous David Wayne Yoder    
87     Woodside Beauty Filly Swan For All Celebrity Faith Woodside Farm    
88     Napoli Filly Guccio Daylon Mission Black Creek Farm    
89     Silver Star Chip Gelding Guccio Centerfold Lady Silver Star Stable    
90     Skyway Clarissa Filly Guccio Cerulean Viking Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
91     Rough Company Colt Rockin Image Cha Cha Ching Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
92     Bluebird Ballerina Filly Swan For All Deb's Dalliance Bluebird Meadows    
93     Virgin OUT Colt Always A Virgin Chevie Majestic Legacy Lane Farm  
94     Skyway Convincer Colt Guccio Christy Rae Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
95     Senator Susie Filly Senator Hall CJ's Susie John M. Bontrager    
96     Gucelia Filly Guccio Deliteful Debbie Straight A Stable    
97     Criminalact Filly Swan For All Claire Hall Shady Lane Meadows    
98     Credit Fraud Filly Jailhouse Jesse Classic Credit Midland Acres, Inc.    
99     Bluebird Recon Colt Net Ten Eom Colette Bluebird Meadows    
100     It's Yuuuge Colt Rockin Image Armbro Maureen Cornerstone Stock Farm    
101     College Krystal Filly Mr Cantab College Credit Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
102     Fun And Flighty Filly Panspacificflight Cool And Clouty Schwartz Boarding Farm    
103     Cosmic Power Colt Rockin Image Cosmic Grace Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
104     Demi Ivy Filly Jeremes Jet Diamonique Mindale Ivy Lane Farm    
105     Fiftydallarbill Colt Swan For All CR Dixie Chick Chapel Ridge Farm    
106     Custom Cantab Filly Mr Cantab Custom Model Hoosier Standardbred Farm & Fair Meadow Farm    
107     Chuckdance Colt Pilgrims Chuckie Dance Girl Dance Martz Creek Farm    
108     Declan Ivy Gelding Jeremes Jet Dropitlikeitshot Ivy Lane Farm    
109     GW's Golden Dancer Filly Allthatglittersisgold Dance Hall Pond A Acres    
110     Shades Of Summer Colt Shadyshark Hanover Dashers Girl Chapel Ridge Farm    
111     Skyway Shockwave Filly Rockin Image Sheryl's Beach Gal Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
112     Northern Ashlee Filly Guccio Duchess Hall Black Creek Farm    
113     Ten Hoss Power OUT Filly Net Ten Eom Deferred Comp Boss Hoss Stables, Faron Parr  
114     Like A G Ten Filly Net Ten Eom Defiant G Swiss Boarding Farm LLC    
115     GD Western Joe Colt Real Desire Western Whirl Yoder Standardbreds    
116     Em El Paso Filly Guccio Em El Cash Pond A Acres    
117     Delphis Cantab Colt Mr Cantab Delphi Jolene Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
118     Kismet Herbie Filly Here Comes Herbie Destiny Calls Black Creek Farm & Jack D. Johnson    
119     Rocking Destinys Colt Guccio Destinys Prayer Black Creek Farm    
120     Hoosier Gold Colt He's Gorgeous Flask N Swiss Boarding Farms LLC    
121     Admiral Dewey Colt Elegant Man Dewey Dally Ruddick Stables    
122     West Edge Allstar Gelding All Speed Hanover My Yiddisha Mama Newfound Stables    
123     Big Jackpot Colt Big Stick Lindy Domina Black Creek Farm    
124     Flip Flop Fred Colt Fred And Ginger Flip Flop Summer Schwartz Boarding Farm    
125     Powerful Donna Filly Power Play Donna Do You Wanna Swiss Boarding Farm LLC    
126     Townline Ginger Filly Fred And Ginger Donna's First Shark Townline Stables    
127     Dreaming Of Gold Colt Bands Gold Chip Dream Cabernet Black Creek Farm    
128     Bluebird Cherry Filly Rockin Image Bluebird Regal Bluebird Meadows    
129     GD Lone Survivor Filly Guccio Dubai Angel Yoder Standardbreds    
130     Rockin EJ Colt Rockin Image E J Copperstone Ruddick Stables    
131     Gamblin Girl Filly Power Play Edith Maple Lane Farm    
132     Olivia Marie Filly Real Desire Fox Valley Evanna Jeff S. Jones    
133     Jessi Joanna Filly Net Ten Eom Eicarl's Jessi Swiss Boarding Farm LLC    
134     Mr Fox Gelding Mr Cantab Stone Cold Fox Schmucker Farms    
135     Rockin Showdown Colt Rockin Image Electric Showcase Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
136     Praline's Image Filly Rockin Image Fox Valley Praline Freedom Hill Farms    
137     Rock Explosion Colt Rockin Image Electric Sparkle Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
138     Woodside Barbie Filly Guccio Ellette Hanover Woodside Farm    
139     Enchanting House Filly Jailhouse Jesse Enchanting Lady Midland Acres, Inc.    
140     Always Artistic Filly Always A Virgin Gentle Artist David Wayne Yoder    
141     Chuckie Me Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Enlighten Me John M. Bontrager    
142     Too Tall Jones Gelding Guccio Evil Cnivel Cornerstone Stock Farm    
143     Evita's Maggee Sue Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Evita De Vie Rollin Acres, Agent    
144     Woodside Blessing Filly Guccio Glorydays Hanover Woodside Farm    
145     Ten Beaches Later Colt Net Ten Eom Fancy Miss Pond A Acres    
146     Bluebird Cantab Colt Mr Cantab Fancy The Look Bluebird Meadows    
147     Fashion Designer Colt Guccio Figlietta Hanover Black Creek Farm    
148     Ron's Eom Colt Net Ten Eom Rons Blue Angel Schwartz Boarding Farm    
149     Dual Image Colt Rockin Image Final Duel Rockstar Meadows    
150     Bouquet Of Power Filly Guccio Flower Bouquet Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
151     Woodside Blake Gelding Guccio Four D's Woodside Farm    
152     Desert Five Filly Rockin Image Desert Flower Homestead Acres    
153     Cantaglide OUT Colt Mr Cantab Four Starz Glide Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
154     Townline Fred Gelding Fred And Ginger Fox Valley Adios Townline Stables    
155     Sunburst Cruze Colt Always A Virgin Fox Valley Backoff Black Creek Farm    
156     Rockin Millie Filly Rockin Image Gravity Cornerstone Stock Farm    
157     Agamemnon Colt Encore Encore Fox Valley Elvira Schwartz Boarding Farm    
158     Silver Star Tyson Gelding Swan For All Tough Broad Silver Star Stable    
159     Townline Virgin Filly Always A Virgin Fox Valley Naomi Townline Stables    
160     Got The Groove Colt Guccio Grooveykindaluv Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
161     Sedrick Ivy Colt Fred And Ginger Fox Valley Sarong Ivy Lane Farm    
162     Foxy Net Filly Net Ten Eom Foxy Angel Martz Creek Farm    
163     Cantab's Lucy Filly Mr Cantab Free Wheeling Oakwood Farms    
164     Truth Above All Filly Real Desire Have No Secrets Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
165     Kick It Out Colt Always A Virgin Gala Gal Cornerstone Stock Farm    
166     Do The Wiggle Now Colt Net Ten Eom Get The Scoop Chapel Ridge Farm    
167     Pass The Gin Filly Fred And Ginger Pansference Schwartz Boarding Farm    
168     Guccio's Big Boy Colt Guccio Holdersteady Black Creek Farm    
169     Mystical Valey Filly Swan For All Glide N Seek Ivy Lane Farm    
170     Townline All Good Gelding Always A Virgin Good Morning Gal Townline Stables    
171     Ten Derizer OUT Filly Net Ten Eom Goody Goody Boss Hoss Stables, Faron Parr  
172     My Smokin Hot Wife Filly Swan For All Kay Express Lyndar Stables    
173     Gottorock Colt Rockin Image Gottogetoutmore Newfound Stables    
174     JKNR Virgin Gold Colt Always A Virgin Guarding The Gold Bluebird Meadows    
175     Whynottonight Colt Always A Virgin Halle Go Lightly RND Standardbreds    
176     Finally Fair Time Colt Always A Virgin Keep It Fair Schwartz Boarding Farm    
177     Call Me West Gelding Net Ten Eom Halvah Heaven Maple Lane Farm    
178     Whyjimmywhy Colt Mr Cantab Whybabywhy Hoosier Standardbred Farm & Delmar Wagler    
179     Ikaria Filly Sand Shooter Hardiecrombie Schwartz Boarding Farm    
180     Lottery Pick Colt Real Desire Ichiban Blue Chip In Law Stables    
181     There's A Reason Filly Shadyshark Hanover Hawaii Connection Chapel Ridge Farm    
182     Fast Forward Speed Filly Guccio Hernameissylvia Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
183     Shadysharksrollon Colt Shadyshark Hanover Karen's Pick Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
184     Call Me Real Filly Real Desire Hey Soul Sister Homestead Acres    
185     Red Hot Italian Filly Guccio Six Red Black Creek Farm    
186     Fantasy Dream Gelding Dr. McDreamy Merry Legs Hanover Fantasy Acres    
187     Woodside Brenda Filly Rockin Image Iowa Hanover Homestead Acres    
188     Ideal With Ten Filly Net Ten Eom Ideal Miss Maple Lane Farm    
189     Can't Be Wrong Filly Rockin Image Intelligence Homestead Acres    
190     DL's Chrome Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Un Aperitif Lloyd Wittmer    
191     JD's Va Va Vernz Gelding Panspacificflight JD's Mandalynn Jacob L. Miller    
192     JD's Battery Bank Filly Panspacificflight Southwind Diana Jacob L. Miller    
193     Dream Dealin Filly Swan For All It's Your Deal RND Standardbreds    
194     Swansea Colt Swan For All Jen Kevin H. Kline & Santiago Gutierrez    
195     Lilbigboy Colt Guccio Jesse Nice Girl Homestead Acres    
196     Powerproblem Filly Power Play Jesses St Val Shady Lane Meadows    
197     First Swan Filly Swan For All Keystone Charity Glider Stables    
198     MJG Wildwood Rose Filly Mr Cantab Jolie Blue Chip Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
199     All Speed Rising Filly All Speed Hanover Joy Rising Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
200     Five Star Herbie Colt Here Comes Herbie JR's Star Black Creek Farm    
201     Desired By Ladies Colt Real Desire Lady Shuffle Midland Acres, Inc.    
202     Competitive Edge Colt Guccio Just One Amigo Legacy Lane Farm    
203     Reddy Red Filly Guccio Just Watch Me Legacy Lane Farm    
204     Midnight Jasper Filly Swan For All J N Jasmin Double R Farm    
205     Rockin In the Hills Colt Rockin Image Lake Hills Melody Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
206     Net Desire Gelding Net Ten Eom K J Hannah Chapel Ridge Farm    
207     Delighted Image Colt Rockin Image Kandy's Delight Cornerstone Stock Farm    
208     Dancing Devil Colt Swan For All Lasting Beauty Victory Hill Farm    
209     Atottalsuprize Colt Shadyshark Hanover Incredible Suprize Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Fair Meadow Farm & Harley Schwartz    
210     Kamerns Mad Dash Colt Guccio Kash Bash Luckiana Farm    
211     Rose Run Tyler Colt Mr Cantab Lilyad Martz Creek Farm    
212     Swan Mama Filly Swan For All Little Rigs Oakwood Farms    
213     Rockin Player Colt Rockin Image Tia Maria Hanover Lyndar Stables    
214     Sarenwrap Filly Shadyshark Hanover What A Keepsake Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
215     Full Strut Filly Real Desire Latest Design In Law Stables    
216     Skyway Kianna Filly Guccio Kukla Hanover Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
217     Fred's Miracle OUT Colt Fred And Ginger L Dees Rosemel Schwartz Boarding Farm  
218     Au National Herbie Colt Here Comes Herbie Ljanearl Black Creek Farm    
219     Sevenswansaswimmin Filly Swan For All La Brea Hanover Ruddick Stables    
220     Senator's Reason Colt Senator Hall Teagan John M. Bontrager    
221     Locamotion Fred Colt Fred And Ginger Locamotion Baby Schwartz Boarding Farm    
222     Lightfootedlegend Gelding Mr Cantab Ladylike Volo Double R Farm    
223     Frills N Chills Filly Guccio Lady Lois In Law Stables    
224     Shezarealvirgin Filly Always A Virgin Lofty Widget Chapel Ridge Farm    
225     Magia Donna Filly Guccio Majic Trend Black Creek Farm & Hickory Hollow Stables    
226     Swan Chix Filly Swan For All Precisionist Oakwood Farms    
227     Virgin Speed Filly Always A Virgin Lady Mystique In Law Stables    
228     Ponda's Acura Filly Big Stick Lindy Lady Pat Pond A Acres    
229     Northern Angela Filly All Speed Hanover Major's Sister Black Creek Farm    
230     GW Wildflower Filly Guccio Malibu Hall Pond A Acres    
231     Cantabs Sweetlady Filly Mr Cantab Lady Saint Black Creek Farm    
232     Cantabs Master Colt Mr Cantab Ladyhattan Oakwood Farms    
233     Mr Spartacus Colt Mr Cantab Lasting Star Ruddick Stables    
234     Rockin Sally Filly Rockin Image Marks Mindy David Wayne Yoder    
235     Sharky's Michelle Filly Shadyshark Hanover Michelle's Beauty Wagler Farms    
236     Pro Girl Filly He's Gorgeous Laughing Pro Swiss Boarding Farms LLC    
237     Keen Cat Filly Always A Virgin Leda's Two Eleven Black Creek Farm    
238     Let Im Fly OUT Colt Power Play Let Er Rumble Maple Lane Farm    
239     Italian Muscle Filly Guccio Muscling In Black Creek Farm, Hickory Hollow Stables & Jesse Wittmer    
240     Lisa's Dream Filly Mr Cantab Lisa's Mission RND Standardbreds    
241     Victoryonthetrack Filly Jailhouse Jesse Louisa's Victory Midland Acres, Inc.    
242     Pocket DeGold Filly Guccio Lovin Soul Lyndar Stables    
243     Due Process Colt Swan For All Miss Imperial Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
244     Always Be Lucy Filly Always A Virgin Miss Lucy O Ivy Lane Farm    
245     Cornfield Party Filly Pilgrims Chuckie LW Galie Rachel Chapel Ridge Farm    
246     Lyon's Image Colt Rockin Image Lyon's Puddin Pie Luckiana Farm    
247     Ginger Paige Colt Fred And Ginger Maddison Paige N David Wayne Yoder    
248     Mr Teddy Colt Rockin Image Miss Yankee Doodle Homestead Acres    
249     Ramblin Time Colt Always A Virgin Magic Moments Chapel Ridge Farm    
250     Starlitbadmedicine OUT Colt Mr Cantab Warrawee Honey Starlit Stables    
251     Megaglide Gelding Mr Cantab Megavite RND Standardbreds    
252     Armani Code Colt Net Ten Eom Move On BB Maple Lane Farm    
253     Musetta Filly Always A Virgin Musette Mindale Cornerstone Stock Farm    
254     Miss Lady Halfmoon Filly Guccio Meghans Halfmoon Pond A Acres    
255     Mover N Shaker Colt Always A Virgin Ice Dancer Debbie Freedom Hill Farms    
256     Mickey J Colt Jailhouse Jesse Mickey Lavec Midland Acres, Inc.    
257     My Oscars Arockin Colt Rockin Image My Girl Maddie David Wayne Yoder    
258     Bulletproof Guccio Colt Guccio Miss Invincible Black Creek Farm    
259     LA Always Amartini Filly Always A Virgin Sapphire Martini Topville Acres    
260     Valiant Ivy Colt Jeremes Jet Valley Electric Ivy Lane Farm    
261     Markley's Majic Filly Jeremes Jet My Taylors Maid Luckiana Farm    
262     Rockin The Beach Colt Rockin Image Nina Coleada Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
263     Macy Brown Ivy Filly Shadyshark Hanover Molly Brown Ivy Lane Farm    
264     Ponda's Muscle Man OUT Colt Guccio Muscle Cars Pond A Acres    
265     Bluebird Mystical Filly Power Play My Command To You Bluebird Meadows    
266     Northern Skyway Colt Guccio Northern Miss Hall Black Creek Farm    
267     Western Tradition Filly Net Ten Eom My Last Wiggle Maple Lane Farm    
268     Bluebird Mario Colt Guccio My Sweet Shelia Bluebird Meadows    
269     Sunburst Glide Filly Guccio My Taylors Ham Black Creek Farm    
270     Northern Salina Filly Rockin Image Northern Lei Ann Black Creek Farm    
271     Townline Dodger Gelding Fred And Ginger Dollys Joy Townline Stables    
272     Martini Hour Colt Swan For All Barmaid Mast Standardbreds    
273     Dukes Glider Colt Guccio Nashotah Double R Farm    
274     Jesmach Oasis Colt Guccio Oakiedokie Hanover Straight A Stables and Harvey Fry    
275     Always A Rollin Colt Always A Virgin Rock N Roll Baby Newfound Stables    
276     Skyway Navigator Colt Swan For All NF Flyway Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
277     Jooner Colt Senator Hall Nordic Breeze John M. Bontrager    
278     Wish Upon A Rock Filly Rockin Image Onawish Hanover Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
279     Moe Rockwell Colt Net Ten Eom Norma Rockwell Double R Farm    
280     Shelby's Honor Colt Swan For All Benns Shelby David A. Yoder    
281     Playful Marianna Filly Power Play Off The Wall Maple Lane Farm    
282     Speeding Out West Colt All Speed Hanover Our May West Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
283     Always A BB Colt Always A Virgin On Your Feet BB Shady Lane Meadows    
284     Woodside Becky Filly Guccio One Way or Another Woodside Farm    
285     O So Easy Filly Swan For All Ostia Hanover In Law Stables    
286     ABS Real Deal Colt Real Desire Pacific Destiny In Law Stables    
287     Kristy's Ginger Gal Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Outback Kristy Rollin Acres    
288     On The Move Filly Jailhouse Jesse Over The Top Sunrise Farm    
289     Please Rock Me Colt Airzoom Lindy P L Diamond Luckiana Farm    
290     Swan's Showpiece Filly Swan For All Showpiece Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
291     He's A Gigalo Colt Panspacificflight Gigalo's Gal Schwartz Boarding Farm    
292     Island Of Rock Filly Rockin Image Paradise Island Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
293     Pebble's Misty Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Pebble Link Rollin Acres    
294     Shady Artical Filly Shadyshark Hanover Artical Wagler Farms    
295     Ten Mile Beach Gelding Net Ten Eom Pembroke Swifty Maple Lane Farm    
296     Netaccountpayable Filly Net Ten Eom Penny Artcade Shady Lane Meadows    
297     Yacht Club Filly Always A Virgin Penny's Fortune Chapel Ridge Farm    
298     Always Rockin Colt Rockin Image Portia Bluechip In Law Stables    
299     WH High Jension Colt Net Ten Eom Peteantnart Willis H. Miller    
300     Pop Speed Colt All Speed Hanover Pop Queen Yoder Standardbreds    
301     GD Limited Colt Real Desire Pot Limit Yoder Standardbreds    
302     Woodside Brooklyn Filly Guccio Pretty New Woodside Farm    
303     Poets Encore Filly Encore Encore Powerful Poet Schwartz Boarding Farm    
304     President Pete Colt Rockin Image Presidential Payne Luckiana Farm    
305     Beat The Heat Colt Rockin Image Prettyasapageant Lyndar Stables    
306     Letme Fly Low Colt Rockin Image Psychotic Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
307     Miss Primetime Mel Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Prime Time Miss Rollin Acres    
308     Teddy Brosevelt Colt Guccio Princess Royalty Cornerstone Stock Farm    
309     Beach Report Filly Net Ten Eom Pulse A Minute Maple Lane Farm    
310     WH Ten Strait Colt Net Ten Eom Pure Desire Willis H. Miller    
311     Jail King Colt Jailhouse Jesse Queen Mum Straight A Stable    
312     Skyway Quinton Colt Real Desire Queensplace Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
313     Carolina's Network Filly Net Ten Eom Carolina Girl Wagler Farms    
314     Alwaysinthfastlane OUT Filly Always A Virgin Sweet Electric Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
315     Rockin Hall Colt Rockin Image Ravishing Hall Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
316     Skyway Sweetie Filly Always A Virgin Southwind Matrix Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
317     Mr Bill Colt Mr Cantab Righthru The Tunnel Legacy Lane Farm    
318     The Queen Stick Filly Big Stick Lindy Queen of Queens Black Creek Farm    
319     Skyway Royalty OUT Filly Fred And Ginger Rock On By Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
320     Roknrol Freddy Colt Fred And Ginger Roknrol Bluegrass Black Creek Farm    
321     Jailhouse Doc Filly Jailhouse Jesse Rompaway Doczella Midland Acres, Inc.    
322     Red Rose Swan Filly Swan For All Red Rose Kosmos Schwartz Boarding Farm    
323     Always On Filly Always A Virgin Goa Girl Schwartz Boarding Farm    
324     Iangatha Colt Net Ten Eom Rosagatha Bluebird Meadows    
325     Between The Sheets Colt Always A Virgin Rosie The Rivetor Cornerstone Stock Farm    
326     Rock On Lady's Filly Rockin Image Rip Rockin Lady Newfound Stables    
327     Ruffles For Three Filly Net Ten Eom Rough Ruffles Martz Creek Farm    
328     Jewel Case Filly Rockin Image Ruby Delight Freedom Hill Farms    
329     I'm Coming Over Filly Mr Cantab Rumors Chapel Ridge Farm    
330     Spirit And Speed Filly All Speed Hanover New Bolera Newfound Stables    
331     Honeys Money Filly Guccio Sack Full Of Money In Law Stables    
332     Summer Rock Filly Rockin Image Sand Summer Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
333     Sandy Chuckie Gelding Pilgrims Chuckie Sandy Britches Rollin Acres    
334     DL's Tea Filly Guccio Rusty's Twizzted T Lloyd Wittmer    
335     Mr Nacho Colt Mr Cantab Santacruz Hanover Hoosier Standardbred Farm & Fair Meadow Farm    
336     Power Of Love Colt Net Ten Eom Savanna's Love Chapel Ridge Farm    
337     Somehowsomeday Colt Net Ten Eom Some Cotton Swiss Boarding Farm LLC    
338     Rockin Speed Colt Rockin Image Safta Perry Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
339     Hoosier Gracie Filly Mr Cantab Scottish Delight Hoosier Standardbred Farm & John L. Herschberger    
340     Guccio's Office Colt Guccio See You At The Office Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
341     Seeyouinlalaland Filly Guccio Servilia Luckiana Farm    
342     Gate Speed Filly Rockin Image Sand Pleasure In Law Stables    
343     Rockin Billy Colt Rockin Image Sexy Kim Ernest Bontrager    
344     Townline Big Smile Filly Big Stick Lindy Shadowofyoursmile Townline Stables    
345     Net Profit Colt Net Ten Eom She Deals Too Rockstar Meadows    
346     Topville Amberwave Filly Guccio After Dark Topville Acres    
347     GW Show Faith Filly Shadyshark Hanover Show Faith Pond A Acres    
348     Rockin Artist Filly Rockin Image Skymeadow Artist Victory Hill Farm, Inc.    
349     Toots Love Me Filly Guccio Tarport Lauren Luckiana Farm    
350     Miss Tabby Filly Mr Cantab Bernice G Hanover In Law Stables    
351     Shimmering Gold Filly Panspacificflight Society Brat Sunrise Farm    
352     Sweet Eyes Rosie Filly Rockin Image Somebodys Artist Luckiana Farm    
353     Southerntucky Filly Pinetucky Southern Maebelle Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
354     Woodside Banjo Colt Always A Virgin Shared Account Homestead Acres    
355     JD's Renaissance Filly Panspacificflight JD's Hot Bunny Jacob L. Miller    
356     Skyway Raptor Gelding Mr Cantab Redeposit Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
357     Carnival Destiny Filly Guccio Dazed By Lindy Lyndar Stables    
358     Skyway Dynamo Colt Panspacificflight Daten Time Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
359     B R Spect Ginger Filly Fred And Ginger Spectacular Cam Back Road Stables    
360     Wiggleitlk Pete Filly Shadyshark Hanover Top The Charts Rockstar Meadows    
361     Itza Knockout Colt Guccio Wired Legacy Lane Farm    
362     Rousey Filly Always A Virgin Silveresque Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
363     Letyourluvflow Filly Shadyshark Hanover Static Flow Chapel Ridge Farm    
364     Pinehouse Rock Filly Jailhouse Jesse Electric Pine Mast Standardbreds    
365     Swiss Marita Filly Mr Cantab Scarlet Hall Swiss Boarding Farm LLC    
366     Northern Man Gelding Elegant Man Northern Ladyluck Ditchy 20 Stable    
367     Mr Tellastory Colt Mr Cantab Story Book Land Oakwood Farms    
368     Star Spritzer Filly Airzoom Lindy Snipnstar Luckiana Farm    
369     Valerina Babe Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Valerina Vicky Back Road Stables