2013 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries - Hips 1-346
Friday, October 25 & Saturday, October 26

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since August 15, 2013.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Bluebird Cadillac Colt Swan For All Fancy The Look Bluebird Meadows    
2     Woodside Pansy Filly Mr Cantab Faux Fur Hanover Woodside Farm  
3     Pet Shark Colt Shadyshark Hanover Pacific Destiny In Law Stables  
4     Starlit Roseann Filly Mr Cantab Foreign Victory Starlit Stables  
5     Sinister Filly Panspacificflight Fox Valley Fussy Farrier Acres, Agent  
6     Mystical Comfort Filly Dali Fox Valley Nanners Ivy Lane Farm    
7     Sonic Ivy Colt Palone Ranger Fox Valley Sarong Ivy Lane Farm    
8     Blitz Around Town Colt Keystone Blitz Girl Around Town RND Standardbreds  
9     ABC Super Doctor Gelding ABC Garland GMS Super Missle Maple Lane Farm, Agent for Marlin Graber Jr.  
10     Judge-M-All Colt Jailhouse Jesse Flanery Hall Double Spring Farm    
11     Scooter Colt I Scoot Hanover Gofastorshipsewana Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Wilbur Lengacher  
12     Golden Gate Ivy Colt Cincinnati Kid Golden Pleasure Slabach Bro. Standardbreds  
13     Mardor Starz Tab Filly Mr Cantab Four Starz Glide JR Stoll Farm, Agent for Lester Marner  
14     Swangracefullchick Filly Swan For All Grace Elizabeth K.E.M. Standardbreds  
15     Bluebird Passion Filly Mr Cantab Green Bay Smackers Bluebird Meadows    
16     Townline Sharkie Gelding Shadyshark Hanover Fox Valley Naomi Townline Stable  
17     Glory Pine Filly Guida Muscle Grumpy Pine Luckiana Farm  
18     Halle Shark Filly Shadyshark Hanover Halle Go Lightly RND Standardbreds  
19     Mystical Babe Filly Swan For All Glide N Seek Ivy Lane Farm    
20     KTL's Lucky Strike Colt Mr Cantab Hamster Dance Hoosier Standardbred Farm  
21     Dream Mayor Colt Dr. McDreamy Mayoress Hanover Triple Lane Stables    
22     ABC All Heart Filly ABC Garland Greathearted Starlit Stables  
23     unnamed 0LM56 Colt Jeremes Jet Help Me Nadia Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent  
24     Victor All Colt Valley Victor Lady Jane Hall Double R Farm, Agent for Glen Hershberger  
25     Hollywood Ace Filly United Ace Hey Georgie Girl Stanley W. Miller  
26     Bluebird Rocknroll Colt Rockin Image Hanna's Delight Bluebird Meadows    
27     Soul Image Filly Rockin Image Hey Soul Sister Homestead Acres, Agent for Ernie Hochstetler    
28     Shoot The Shark Colt Sand Shooter High Season Schwartz Boarding Farm  
29     Chromatic Glow Filly Keystone Blitz Chingsloosechange Double R Farm  
30     First Flight Filly Panspacificflight Lucky Flo Legacy Lane Farm  
31     Karefree Kara Filly Shadyshark Hanover Jazzy Justice David Wayne Yoder    
32     Earl's Super Bowl Gelding Earl Of Stormont Havanna's Glider Glider Stables  
33     Skyway Heartache Filly Always A Virgin Heavy Duty Booty Slabach Bro. Standardbreds  
34     Lady Dah Dah Filly He's A Demon Illiad's Lady Schwartz Boarding Farm  
35     Sugar Crush Filly Always A Virgin Hourglass Figure Rhys A. Helt and Danielle Merkel  
36     Golds Shooter Colt Mr Cantab Hunting For Gold Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for William Wagler  
37     Rendition Filly Rockin Image Incredible Kitty Farrier Acres, Agent  
38     Hysterical Boy Colt Dali Hysterical Lady Schwartz Boarding Farm  
39     Don't Ya Filly Swan For All CERT K.E.M. Standardbreds  
40     The Power Unit Filly Lump Sum Viking Sirroco Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Willis Graber  
41     Ideal Practicality Colt Jailhouse Jesse Ideal Secret Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for John Miller  
42     Ideals Flyin Faylon Colt Panspacificflight Ideal Soul Jacob L. Miller, Agent for Clarence Gingerich  
43     Mr. Blitz Gelding Keystone Blitz Nantucket Harbor David Wayne Yoder, Agent for John R Miller  
44     Little Miss Herbie Filly Here Comes Herbie It's My Time JR Stoll Farm, Agent for Terry D. Wagler  
45     Big Boy Logan Colt Here Comes Herbie Bills Little Dolly Luckiana Farm  
46     Inca Ivy Filly Palone Ranger Iva Miracle Ivy Lane Farm    
47     Truth Is Grey Filly Total Truth Jade Hall Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent  
48     Skyway Jaguar Colt Jailhouse Jesse Jamie Hall Slabach Bro. Standardbreds  
49     Truth About Love Filly Total Truth Jazzy Hall Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent  
50     Skyway Jasmine Filly Shadyshark Hanover Jds Lady Lynn Slabach Bro. Standardbreds  
51     All About Passion Filly Always A Virgin Gentle Artist David Wayne Yoder  
52     Sunset Dream Filly Jailhouse Jesse Jbo's Sis Sunset Acres  
53     So Sophisticated Filly Shadyshark Hanover Just Call Me Best Chapel Ridge Farm  
54     Merockin Colt Rockin Image JNB N Me Shady Lane Meadows  
55     Katie Long Leggs Filly Swan For All Katie Katie Katie Slabach Bro. Standardbreds, Agent for Charlene Freppel & Mike Molitor  
56     Shady's Mercedes Colt Shadyshark Hanover Keepen Posted Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Paul Schmucker  
57     Sunset Kid Gelding Jailhouse Jesse Kandy Angus Sunset Acres  
58     Blissful Pansy Filly Sand Shooter Kennan's Mama Homestead Acres    
59     Earl's Overdrive Gelding Earl Of Stormont Keystone Charity Glider Stables  
60     Real Tempting Filly Real Desire Keystone Temptress Schwartz Boarding Farm  
61     Kissin Country Filly Mr Cantab Kiss Dot Com JR Stoll Farm  
62     Angel Or Dali Filly Dali Kissed By An Angel Slabach Bro. Standardbreds, Agent  
63     American Image Filly Rockin Image L Dees Lourdes Bluebird Meadows    
64     Valley Of Fun Colt Valley Victor Just Having Fun Legacy Lane Farm  
65     Just Plain Sticky Colt Big Stick Lindy Just Plain Denise Double Spring Farm    
66     Rockandroll Jesse Colt Jailhouse Jesse Lady Madonna K.E.M. Standardbreds  
67     Swan Handicap Colt Swan For All Hetties Lavec Double R Farm  
68     Dreamy Megan Filly Dr. McDreamy Lady Megan John P. Whetstone    
69     Swan In A Lifetime Filly Swan For All Lifelong Victory Starlit Stables  
70     Sometime Everytime Colt Shadyshark Hanover Danger Woman RND Standardbreds    
71     Like A Gem Filly Keystone Blitz Ladylike Volo Double R Farm  
72     Lifes For Real Colt Shadyshark Hanover Life's Ticket In Law Stables  
73     Meadowbrook Thunder Colt Rockin Image Lake Hills Susie Meadowbrook Farm    
74     Bluebird D Train Filly Swan For All Little Revenue Bluebird Meadows    
75     Jesmach Speaker OUT Filly Keystone Blitz No Conversation Straight A Stables, Agent for Harvey Fry  
76     Comotioninthesand Filly Sand Shooter Locamotion Baby Schwartz Boarding Farm  
77     Cantab Calling Gelding Mr Cantab London Calling Woodside Farm, Agent for Matthew Troyer  
78     Mystical Bay Filly Panspacificflight Long Island Icetea Ivy Lane Farm    
79     Flight Of Siam Colt Panspacificflight Lotus Of Siam Martz Creek Farm    
80     Arthur Luck Colt Here Comes Herbie Allie Jane Luckiana Farm  
81     My Design Filly Mr Cantab Lovely Star Chapel Ridge Farm  
82     Can't Touch This Filly Rockin Image Fox Valley Monika Legacy Lane Farm  
83     Shady Bay Colt Shadyshark Hanover Lula's Filly Oldfield Farm, Inc., Agent    
84     Shooter In The Creek Colt Sand Shooter Lye Creek Betty Schwartz Boarding Farm  
85     GD Cruise On Filly Panspacificflight Mackenzie Beth Gerald C. Yoder  
86     Majors Shadow Colt Shadyshark Hanover Majors Sweetheart Luckiana Farm, Agent for Nathan Lehman  
87     Impressive Karen Filly Keystone Blitz Make Me Over Martz Creek Farm, Agent for Hilltop Farm  
88     Miss Tootsie Hall Filly Mr Cantab Malibu Hall Pond A Acres  
89     Mr. Blitzer Colt Keystone Blitz Malaver Pond A Acres, Agent for David Schmucker  
90     WF Abby Filly Keystone Blitz Malerina Martz Creek Farm    
91     Miss Ponda Filly Shadyshark Hanover Miss AJ Ponda Pond A Acres  
92     Fritas Shooter Colt Sand Shooter Margarita Frita Martz Creek Farm    
93     Martz Blitz Colt Keystone Blitz Martz Creek Bev Martz Creek Farm    
94     Topville Serena Filly Big Stick Lindy Shaken Not Stirred Topville Acres  
95     Flight On Board Filly Sand Shooter Miss Sassy's Filly Schwartz Boarding Farm  
96     Dream With Music Filly Dr. McDreamy Hear The Music Triple Lane Stables    
97     McKinley Ivy Colt Jennas Beach Boy McCardle Valley Ivy Lane Farm    
98     Cash Drift Filly Rockin Image Modern Bobbi In Law Stables  
99     Megaswan Colt Swan For All Megavite RND Standardbreds    
100     Muscles Flight Gelding Guida Muscle Mensa Hanover Mervin L. Miller  
101     Jessie Elaine Filly Jailhouse Jesse Metallic E Chapel Ridge Farm  
102     Mister Desire Colt Real Desire Latest Design John McGill  
103     Rose Run Rollie Colt Big Stick Lindy Lilyad Martz Creek Farm    
104     Shakeitformegear Filly Geartogear Mighty Passion Chapel Ridge Farm  
105     Miracle Cantab Filly Mr Cantab Miracle Sprout Rollin Acres  
106     No Cigarettes Filly Swan For All Miss Glider Legacy Lane Farm  
107     Mr. Dali Colt Dali Miss Intuition Schwartz Boarding Farm  
108     Sunset Sara Filly Rockin Image Miss Sweetness Sunset Acres  
109     Unbreakable Brass Colt Harley D Hanover Movie Legend Hoosier Standardbred Farm  
110     Whitewater Cantab Filly Mr Cantab Miss Whitewater Hoosier Standardbred Farm  
111     Luv Bites Filly Panspacificflight Modern Way In Law Stables  
112     Speed Dreamin Gelding Dr. McDreamy Moira Hall John Bontrager  
113     Imageofnangel Filly Rockin Image Nanny's Angel Rockstar Meadows  
114     Shot Of Sweet Love Filly Sand Shooter Monartchist David Wayne Yoder    
115     Fantasy Doc Colt Dr. McDreamy Montana Maple Triple Lane Stables    
116     Shady Jack Colt Shadyshark Hanover Mrs Jack Daniels Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Eli Bontrager    
117     Northernranger Ivy Colt Palone Ranger Naraculous Ivy Lane Farm    
118     Miraculous Herbert Colt Here Comes Herbie Ms Andover Hanover Legacy Lane Farm  
119     Ponda's Lexus Filly Big Stick Lindy Muscle Cars Pond A Acres  
120     Shady Stella Filly Shadyshark Hanover She's Stella K.E.M. Standardbreds  
121     Sweetashoney Filly Mr Cantab Music In Motion JR Stoll Farm  
122     Bluebird Command Filly ABC Garland My Command To You Bluebird Meadows    
123     Pacman Lee Colt Panspacificflight Presidential Payne Luckiana Farm  
124     Keeponrockin BB Colt Rockin Image On Your Feet BB Shady Lane Meadows  
125     Mr. Isolde Gelding He's A Demon Isolde Hall David Wayne Yoder, Agent for John R Miller  
126     Swanandonlyluv Filly Swan For All Livnluvn Bluegrass Straight A Stables  
127     Glamour's Star Filly Shadyshark Hanover Northwest Passage Maple Lane Farm, Agent for Mervin Hilty  
128     Chill Bumps Filly Swan For All First Lady Two In Law Stables  
129     Flight To Nova Colt Panspacificflight Nova Scotia Schwartz Boarding Farm  
130     She's A Free Shark Filly Shadyshark Hanover I Am Free K.E.M. Standardbreds  
131     Double D Angel Filly Mr Cantab Paloma Hanover Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Delmar Wagler  
132     Canadian Flight Filly Panspacificflight O Panada David Wayne Yoder  
133     Jesmach Erma Filly Swan For All OakieDokie Hanover Straight A Stables, Agent for Harvey Fry  
134     Swift Image Filly Rockin Image Pembroke Swifty Maple Lane Farm  
135     Odds On Favorite Colt Panspacificflight Odds On Anglia Legacy Lane Farm  
136     Painted Truth OUT Colt Total Truth Paint The Sky Blue Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent  
137     Pine Stick Colt Big Stick Lindy Pine Career Double Spring Farm    
138     Rule The World Colt Always A Virgin Pan Of Iniquity Chapel Ridge Farm  
139     Ideal Passion Filly Panspacificflight Pandelabra Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for John Miller  
140     Ideal Tsunami Filly Swan For All Pink Ballon Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for John Miller  
141     Daliz Big Boy Colt Dali Pansference Schwartz Boarding Farm  
142     Always A Chance Filly Always A Virgin Apache Raindrop Rhys A. Helt and Danielle Merkel  
143     Neck N Neck Filly Elegant Man Pass On By Chapel Ridge Farm  
144     Sling Shot Suzy Filly Sand Shooter Make It Cozy Schwartz Boarding Farm  
145     Ponda's Rockin Boy Colt Rockin Image Poppy Lustre N Pond A Acres  
146     Sand In Mexico Filly Sand Shooter McKenna Benz Schwartz Boarding Farm  
147     Matrix Of Luck Colt Rockin Image My Taylors Maid Luckiana Farm  
148     Come Sea Julie Filly Mr Cantab Pauline Hall Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for William Wagler  
149     Trotnswan Gelding Swan For All Pebble Link Maple Lane Farm  
150     Alwaysyourway Colt Always A Virgin Penny Artcade Shady Lane Meadows  
151     Pretty Swanderfull Colt Swan For All Pretty New Woodside Farm  
152     Big Game Fool Colt I Am A Fool Pennys Fortune Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Wilbur Lengacher  
153     Youda Shark Colt Shadyshark Hanover Perfect Secret In Law Stables  
154     Bluebird Magician Colt Swan For All Deb's Dalliance Bluebird Meadows    
155     Image of Blitz Colt Keystone Blitz Psychic Image Pond A Acres, Agent for David Schmucker  
156     Peppermint Candy Filly Whitefish Falls Platonic Chapel Ridge Farm  
157     GD All Credit Colt Swan For All Playtown Hanover Gerald C. Yoder  
158     Suwandstar Colt Mr Cantab Primacy Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for William Wagler  
159     Rockalina Filly Rockin Image Queen Caroline In Law Stables, Agent for Karl Miller  
160     Skyway Cobra Colt Here Comes Herbie Christy Rae Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
161     Skyway Private Colt Rockin Image Princess Kanata Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
162     Topville Camaro Filly Rockin Image Topville Celerity Topville Acres  
163     Meadowbrook Linda Filly Shadyshark Hanover Rain Dance Jessica Meadowbrook Farm    
164     What A Princess Filly He's A Demon Princess Ray Meadowbrook Farm, Agent for Royal Crest Stables    
165     Skyway Platinum Colt Swan For All Priscilla's Jewel Slabach Bro. Standardbreds    
166     Flight Of Desire Gelding Panspacificflight Promise Me Desire Slabach Bro. Standardbreds, Agent  
167     Ticket To Fly Filly Panspacificflight Rebid Sunrise Farm  
168     Proven Image Colt Rockin Image Proven Pro Legacy Lane Farm  
169     Guide Em Colt Guida Muscle Queen Mum Straight A Stables, Agent for Larry Miller Jr.  
170     Rapid Rufus Colt Panspacificflight Rapid Reanne Schwartz Boarding Farm  
171     You Me And Rosie Filly Swan For All Red Rose Kosmos Schwartz Boarding Farm  
172     Thirdsandsthecharm Colt Sand Shooter Real Fortunate Martz Creek Farm, Agent for Hilltop Farm  
173     Sunset Mike Gelding Swan For All Red Mile Lane Sunset Acres  
174     Skyway Toxic Colt Rockin Image Touched By Ted Slabach Bro. Standardbreds  
175     Angel In My Way Filly Dontgetinmyway Ron's Blue Angel Schwartz Boarding Farm  
176     Vicky's Girl Filly Elegant Man Rockome Vicky Schwartz Boarding Farm  
177     Ms Cinderella Filly Panspacificflight Ronnae Bow In Law Stables  
178     The True Blitz Colt Keystone Blitz Rose Run Gina Martz Creek Farm    
179     Blitzin Image Filly Keystone Blitz Rose Run Image Maple Lane Farm, Agent for Marlin Graber Jr.  
180     We Desire Filly Real Desire Baby Mc Homestead Acres, Agent for Glenby Farms    
181     Royal Truth Filly Total Truth Royal Gala Dean Yoder  
182     Shady Grace Filly Shadyshark Hanover Sachet Hall David Wayne Yoder, Agent for Lakeview Stables    
183     Sand Demon Gelding He's A Demon Sand Whisper Dusty Rosa Farm  
184     Ben Blitz Colt Keystone Blitz Sandy Hook Sara RND Standardbreds  
185     Vicious Lies Colt Mr Cantab Rumours Chapel Ridge Farm  
186     Stormont's Legacy Filly Earl Of Stormont Stone Cold Fox Schmucker Farms  
187     MM Special Edition Colt Rockin Image Sardi Hanover Slabach Bro. Standardbreds, Agent for Mervin J. Miller  
188     Andy Cracker Colt Shadyshark Hanover Sand Happy Life John McGill  
189     Martz Creek Lori Filly Keystone Blitz Score Gracefully Martz Creek Farm  
190     Swan On The Sea Colt Swan For All Sea Urchin Hanover Woodside Farm  
191     Rat A Tat Herbie Colt Here Comes Herbie Secret Choice Bluebird Meadows    
192     Loves Long Gone Filly Shadyshark Hanover Savanna's Love Chapel Ridge Farm  
193     Sakima Colt Guida Muscle Seductive Lady Luckiana Farm  
194     Sexy Shark Filly Shadyshark Hanover Sexy Kim Ernest G. Bontrager  
195     Win From Within Filly Dontgetinmyway Savanna's Magic Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for David Schwartz  
196     Townline Smiley Gelding Keystone Blitz Shadowofyoursmile Townline Stable  
197     News Stand Colt Quality Western Maya Hickory Ridge Farm, Agent  
198     Jesmach Genesis Filly Rockin Image Shalana Hanover Straight A Stables, Agent for Harvey Fry  
199     Meadowbrook Kruiser Colt Shadyshark Hanover See Life Meadowbrook Farm    
200     Vivacious Vickie Filly Valley Victor Shesabigin Straight A Stables  
201     Dali Treasure Colt Dali Smacker Lips Schwartz Boarding Farm  
202     MR Fearfullflight Colt Panspacificflight Stasias Girl Ivy Lane Farm, Agent for Menno Eicher    
203     Smokin Cantab Colt Mr Cantab Smokey Bear Hoosier Standardbred Farm  
204     A Fine Image Colt Rockin Image So Fine F.C. Shiery    
205     Skyway Spyder Colt Rockin Image So Very Happy Slabach Bro. Standardbreds  
206     Comeandjoinme Colt Jailhouse Jesse She's A Mamiac Shady Lane Meadows  
207     Fantasy Blitz Colt Keystone Blitz Solid Pine Triple Lane Stables    
208     Jack's A Rockin Colt Rockin Image Jackies Gem Luckiana Farm  
209     I'm Saving Myself Filly Always A Virgin Speedy Sign Slabach Bro. Standardbreds, Agent    
210     Mr. Now Colt Mr Cantab Nowerland G Girl Dave M. Yoder  
211     Fire Flight Gelding Panspacificflight Miss Yankee Doodle Homestead Acres    
212     Lush Desire Filly Real Desire Amaretti Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent  
213     Legal Image Colt Rockin Image Barely Legal Legacy Lane Farm  
214     Addicted Colt Swan For All Silhouette Star Cornerstone Stock Farm  
215     Gotta Go Andy Colt Rockin Image Stans Ann Legacy Lane Farm  
216     Special Swagger Colt Dr. McDreamy Star Swagger David A. Yoder  
217     Jailhouse Favors Filly Jailhouse Jesse Small Favors Oldfield Farm, Inc., Agent    
218     unnamed 7L872 Filly Always A Virgin Sapphire Classic Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent  
219     Sal's Stormy Big Gelding Justice Hall Stormont Ruby Double R Farm, Agent for Sam Lambright  
220     All About Cheering Filly Sand Shooter Park Lane Cheer Dean Yoder    
221     Dream Kitchen Colt Dr. McDreamy Sue's Kitchen Triple Lane Stables    
222     Elegant Son Gelding Elegant Man Sugar Chip John Bontrager  
223     Lill Stick Colt Big Stick Lindy Super Lil Double Spring Farm    
224     Straightasanarrow Filly Rockin Image Straight Fuel In Law Stables  
225     Rum Shots Ivy Colt Real Desire Sure Shot Ivy Lane Farm    
226     Sunset Girl Filly Swan For All Swing Wing Hanover Sunset Acres  
227     Summers Image Filly Rockin Image Summer In Fiji Schwartz Boarding Farm  
228     Imalittlevicky Filly Pinetucky Tillie Vic JR Stoll Farm  
229     Philoumene Filly Quality Western Princess Kiara Hickory Ridge Farm, Agent  
230     Skyway Razor Colt Swan For All Redeposit Slabach Bro. Standardbreds  
231     Southern Blaze Gelding Pinetucky Summer In The City JR Stoll Farm  
232     Angel Man Colt He's A Demon Twin B Angel RND Standardbreds  
233     Miss Alexandra Filly Mr Cantab Ugotlucky Townline Stable, Agent for Orville Verhoff  
234     Swananna OUT Filly Swan For All Susanna Coe RND Standardbreds  
235     DL Elegant Colt Elegant Man Un Aperitif Dale Wittmer  
236     Shark's Upfront Filly Shadyshark Hanover Upfront Heidi Hoho Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Jason Graber  
237     Bluebird Synergy Colt Rockin Image Day Lily Hanover Bluebird Meadows    
238     Pic Kup Tab Gelding Mr Cantab Sweet Ermine Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Golden Acres  
239     ABC Sweet Annie Filly ABC Garland Valley Valentine Starlit Stables  
240     Handover The Art Filly Wearable Art Vee Vee Hanover Chapel Ridge Farm  
241     Desire On Top Colt Real Desire Top The Charts Rockstar Meadows  
242     Elegant Eileena Filly Sand Shooter Velvet Eileen Schwartz Boarding Farm  
243     Ponda's Ponder Colt Geartogear Very Fast Hanover Pond A Acres  
244     Elegant Express Filly Elegant Man VG Eagle Express Chapel Ridge Farm  
245     Rock Star Hero Colt Rockin Image Second Term Rockstar Meadows  
246     Topville Cadillac Filly Rockin Image Topville Cyberwave Topville Acres  
247     Topville Avatar Gelding Swan For All After Dark Topville Acres  
248     Chest Rockwell Colt Panspacificflight Bolero Takara Cornerstone Stock Farm  
249     Blueyed Cantab Filly Mr Cantab Blue Water Fly Hoosier Standardbred Farm & Delmar Wagler  
250     Uncommon Muscles Filly Guida Muscle Uncommon Scents Rollin Acres  
251     Ponda's Slide Colt Big Stick Lindy Victory Slide Pond A Acres  
252     Arealsurprize Filly Real Desire Incredible Suprize Hoosier Standardbred Farm  
253     Just Like Honey Filly Pinetucky Warrawee Honey Starlit Stables  
254     Sal's Shark Speedy Colt Shadyshark Hanover West Coast Yankee Double R Farm, Agent for Sam Lambright  
255     Head Strong Colt Shadyshark Hanover Western Missy John McGill  
256     Party Jammer Gelding Panspacificflight Westopia Homestead Acres, Agent for Ernie Hochstetler    
257     GD Bomb Giggity Colt Shadyshark Hanover Western Whirl Gerald C. Yoder  
258     Will Rock Rite Colt Rockin Image Wilfully Dunnrite In Law Stables  
259     Willie Ivy Colt Guida Muscle Wolf's Tamara Ivy Lane Farm    
260     Greater Victory Gelding Valley Victor Wired Legacy Lane Farm  
261     Swan Filly Filly Swan For All Yadubist Bluegrass In Law Stables  
262     Tipontab Colt Mr Cantab Zorgwijk Delighted Hoosier Standardbred Farm  
263     Rockem' Again Colt Rockin Image Don't Toy With Me Oldfield Farm, Inc.    
264     LA Rockin Daydream Colt Rockin Image Daylon Choice Topville Acres, Agent for Devon Slabach  
265     Skyway Dominator Colt Total Truth Daten Time Slabach Bro. Standardbreds  
266     Twin Maple Blitzen Gelding Keystone Blitz Alltheway Alice J Maple Lane Farm, Agent for Marlin Graber  
267     Lee's Captain Colt Dali Life's Avance Luckiana Farm  
268     Katie Baby Filly Panspacificflight Real Lady Katie Cornerstone Stock Farm  
269     JL Looks Matter Filly Pinetucky American Breeze JL Farms  
270     Sixty Minute Man Colt Swan For All Anna Nicole Slabach Bro. Standardbreds, Agent    
271     White Footed Reed Gelding Whitefish Falls Almahurst Redirect Wagler Farms  
272     JJ Always On Time Colt Big Stick Lindy Another Banner Rockstar Meadows  
273     Carver Hall Colt Jailhouse Jesse Shannon Hall Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent  
274     Shadys Finest Filly Shadyshark Hanover Arcatraz David Wayne Yoder, Agent for Lakeview Stables  
275     Pacific Fly Boy Colt Panspacificflight Arthion Hickory Ridge Farm  
276     Martz Creek Shooter Filly Sand Shooter Arts Castle Martz Creek Farm    
277     Timerunswild Colt Geartogear As The Sun Sets Chapel Ridge Farm  
278     Roxette Colt Rockin Image Artha Rae Legacy Lane Farm  
279     Aresta Bluetone Colt Keystone Blitz Asestra Bluestone Pond A Acres  
280     Awesum Flight Colt Panspacificflight Awesumptuous Oldfield Farm, Inc.    
281     Martz Creek Liby Filly Keystone Blitz Beccas Best Martz Creek Farm    
282     WH Sharkspridenfire Colt Shadyshark Hanover Ashley's Pride Willis H. Miller  
283     Swan For Belle Colt Swan For All Belle Dejour LA Pond A Acres, Agent for David Schmucker  
284     Lucky McDreamy Colt Dr. McDreamy Benns Shelby David A. Yoder  
285     My Pacific Darling Filly Panspacificflight Darling Katherine Schwartz Boarding Farm  
286     Sunset Cherry Filly Panspacificflight Alexa Hall Homestead Acres    
287     Shadyshark Lady Filly Shadyshark Hanover Audacity Maple Lane Farm  
288     Mystical Beach Colt Real Desire Beach Beauty Ivy Lane Farm    
289     So Shanelle Filly Panspacificflight Somebody's Artist Luckiana Farm  
290     Kangaroo Court Colt Mr Cantab Cron Law Chapel Ridge Farm  
291     Chino Gelding Keystone Blitz BL Edelweiss John Bontrager  
292     Desirable Diedra Filly Real Desire Because I Said So Straight A Stables  
293     Blazing Tabby Filly Mr Cantab Blazing Caviar Rollin Acres  
294     Double A Tomahawk Colt Guida Muscle Blue Waters Double A Acres  
295     Yeainorite Filly Shadyshark Hanover Lofty Widget Rockstar Meadows  
296     JNM Big Flying Arrow Filly Big Stick Lindy Bo Nina Martz Creek Farm  
297     Meadowbrook Beauty Filly Sand Shooter Borabora Jana Meadowbrook Farm    
298     Dalis Cruzinradar Gelding Dali Bow Koo Bucks David Wayne Yoder, Agent for Lakeview Stables    
299     Hoosier Hailey Filly Panspacificflight Dame Crombie Hoosier Standardbred Farm  
300     Noon Hour Filly Keystone Savage Afternooner Oldfield Farm, Inc.    
301     Mister Dynamite Colt Shadyshark Hanover Bright Bono David Wayne Yoder    
302     Earl's Last Shot Filly Earl Of Stormont Broadway N Vine Schmucker Farms  
303     Double D Abigail Filly Mr Cantab Delphini Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Delmar Wagler  
304     Brookies Gal Filly Brother Lost Soul Brookie B Quik JR Stoll Farm  
305     By By Shooter Colt Sand Shooter Byfaith Valaree Schwartz Boarding Farm  
306     Jailhouse Mamie Filly Jailhouse Jesse Cacamamie Maple Lane Farm  
307     Skyway Blossom Filly Rockin Image Buckle Bunni Slabach Bro. Standardbreds  
308     Secret Swan Gelding Swan For All Call Me Ching RND Standardbreds  
309     Uptown Virgin Filly Always A Virgin Call Now RND Standardbreds    
310     Glance At A Boy Gelding Jennas Beach Boy Catch A Glance Wagler Farms  
311     Good Shark Filly Shadyshark Hanover Do Me Good Oldfield Farm, Inc., Agent for Engle Equine    
312     Shady's Dream Boy Colt Shadyshark Hanover Canes Z Tam Maple Lane Farm, Agent for Raymond Graber  
313     Desert Sunset Filly Swan For All Cantab Me Mast Standardardbreds    
314     Faith In Herbs Colt Here Comes Herbie Celebrity Faith Woodside Farm  
315     Speedy Blitz Colt Keystone Blitz Cardinal Speedy Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Edwin Schwartz  
316     JL Money Order Colt Mr Cantab Cashfall JL Farms  
317     Skyway Premier Filly Shadyshark Hanover Princess Ballet Slabach Bro. Standardbreds  
318     Double A Jubilee Filly Cincinnati Kid Casual Chick Double A Acres  
319     Swancredit Colt Swan For All Nowerland Lightnin Dave M. Yoder  
320     Precious Touch Filly Mr Cantab Charcastic Dave M. Yoder  
321     I'm A Sand Mess Filly Sand Shooter Clearly Clout Schwartz Boarding Farm  
322     Magical Image Filly Rockin Image Chevie Majestic Legacy Lane Farm  
323     Mr Ponda Colt Mr Cantab Cheyenne's Destiny Pond A Acres  
324     Real Cool Desire Filly Real Desire Cool Jazz Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Nathan Miller & Marc Bontrager    
325     Hollys Blitz Time Filly Keystone Blitz Hollys Pretty Legs Double R Farm  
326     Good Opportunity Filly Mr Cantab Cindy's Prayer Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Golden Acres  
327     Uhavonemessage Filly Keystone Blitz Classic Twist Shady Lane Meadows  
328     Ponda's Credit Filly Keystone Blitz Credit Lady Pond A Acres  
329     Tap The Halls Filly Mr Cantab Cleo Hall Edwin Graber Jr. and Ernie E. Graber  
330     Bluebird Seismic Colt Rockin Image Colette Bluebird Meadows    
331     Ornamental Babe Filly Here Comes Herbie Dandalion Dust Bluebird Meadows    
332     Trudy Filly Swan For All Come On Maddy Schwartz Boarding Farm  
333     JL Sugar Cookie Filly Mr Cantab Cookie's n Milk JL Farms  
334     Midnight Mountain Colt Swan For All CQ Yankee Mast Standardardbreds    
335     Bluebird Brian Colt Swan For All Valley de Oro Bluebird Meadows    
336     Standnoutsideafire Filly Cincinnati Kid CR Campfire Girl Rockstar Meadows  
337     ABC Royalty Filly ABC Garland Crown Royal Hall Martz Creek Farm, Agent for Hilltop Farm  
338     Silver Star Victoria Filly Rockin Image Village Mimic Silver Star Stable  
339     BR Shady Shark Filly Shadyshark Hanover Cuzzin Mimi Luckiana Farm, Agent for Albert Stutzman Jr.  
340     Shooting Dart Filly Sand Shooter D Milan Dart Martz Creek Farm    
341     Waltz Filly Keystone Blitz Dance Girl Dance Martz Creek Farm    
342     Jolene's Pine Warrior Gelding Pinetucky Delphi Jolene Starlit Stables  
343     Starlit Sweetness Filly Mr Cantab Dancesations Starlit Stables  
344     Midnight Shark Colt Shadyshark Hanover Lady Quiara RND Standardbreds    
345     GD Shineingallnite Filly Total Truth Evening Forecast Gerald C. Yoder  
346     Babes Last Flight Filly Panspacificflight Babe Hall Schwartz Boarding Farm  
347     Skyway Moodie Gelding Shadyshark Hanover Allamerican Mona Slabach Bro. Standardbreds  
348     Dion Ivy Colt Palone Ranger Diamonique Mindale Ivy Lane Farm    
349     Topville Cavalier Gelding Shadyshark Hanover Topville Courteous Topville Acres  
350     Bluebird Joyride Filly Jailhouse Jesse Perfect Tradition Bluebird Meadows    
351     Solid As A Rock Colt Rockin Image Design Two Scoot Maple Lane Farm  
352     Jailhouse Dora Filly Jailhouse Jesse Dora Angus Maple Lane Farm  
353     Miss Mylana Filly Jailhouse Jesse Divine Miss J Homestead Acres and Cornerstone Stock Farm    
354     First Shark Filly Shadyshark Hanover Do Me First Oldfield Farm, Inc., Agent for Engle Equine    
355     Cincy Star Filly Cincinnati Kid Eastern Star Two Double Spring Farm    
356     Silver Star Elexus Filly Shadyshark Hanover Excuse Me Hanover Silver Star Stable  
357     Milly's Tilly Filly Total Truth Cambeth Oldfield Farm, Inc., Agent    
358     Storm Cat Colt Rockin Image Dragon Jessi F.C. Shiery    
359     Energizer Ivy Filly Real Desire Empty Promises Ivy Lane Farm